How to Carve a Turkey

You can carve a holiday-worthy turkey with these five easy steps.

Carving a Turkey Step by Step

Carving a turkey

  1. Start by placing your turkey on a large cutting board, preferably with a trough-like groove around the perimeter to catch the juices (which can be drizzled over the carved turkey on the serving platter).
  2. Remove the leg portions by pulling the drumsticks away from the body and cutting the joints between the thighs and body.
  3. Carve each entire breast half away from the breast bone and rib cage. Place the whole breast halves on the cutting board.
  4. Slice the breast halves crosswise (across the grain of the meat). If desired, cut wings off the turkey frame, cutting at the joints.
  5. Hold the leg portions on the cutting board with a large fork; cut through the joints to separate the thighs and drumsticks. Cut the meat slices away from the bones.