12 Mouthwatering Ways to Cook a Turkey

Don't leave this year's Thanksgiving turkey to chance. Try these top tips and recipes for a juicy and flavorful turkey -- guaranteed!

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Cider-Glazed Turkey

    For a bird that glistens and is bursting with flavor, brush on sticky glaze when the turkey is almost done cooking. Try this mixture of apple cider, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, and thyme.


    Injecting your turkey with seasoned liquid is a fantastic way to flavor the meat itself; here, we've used a flavorful mixture of honey, sage, garlic, and olive oil.


    If carving a whole turkey is intimidating, cook your bird in pieces. Fans of white meat will adore our easy preparation for juicy turkey breast. For guests who prefer dark meat, braise the turkey legs with pan gravy.


    Another way to ensure a juicy, flavorful bird is to brine your turkey. Most recipes call for brining the turkey for 8-12 hours, so make sure to plan ahead. Our basic brine recipe is a mixture of water, salt, sugar, thyme, bay leaves, and peppercorns.


    A homemade "crust" gives your turkey crunch and juiciness. Here, we've brushed the turkey with orange marmalade, then coated it with a mixture of spices and hazelnuts before roasting.


    Grill your turkey to infuse it with a distinct smoky flavor. For a festive Thanksgiving twist, rub butter, citrus peel, and garlic under the turkey skin before grilling.


    Roasting your turkey is the most traditional cooking method; when done correctly the turkey comes out a beautiful golden-brown with juicy meat. This turkey is roasted with onions and garlic inside the cavity.


    Marinating makes turkey extra moist; try this delectable marinade of cilantro, citrus juice, garlic, olive oil, and cumin.


    If you love the ease of grilling outdoors, this cooking method is worth a try. Whether you have a smoker, charcoal grill, or gas grill, we have simple directions for giving your turkey a smoky flavor. In this recipe we show you how to make stuffing on your grill, too.

Butter Under Skin

    Massaging butter under the skin of your turkey keeps the meat moist and juicy. Add herbs or spices for extra flavor.


    For turkey your guests will fight over, brush your bird with oil, and then rub a homemade spice mixture into the skin. This rub of coriander, paprika, black pepper, and chipotle pepper enhances the flavor of the smoked meat.


    If you crave extra crispy turkey, you can't beat deep frying. To avoid splatters, make sure your turkey is patted dry before lowering it into the hot oil. Here, we've rubbed spices under the skin and in the cavity for extra flavor.

More Great Thanksgiving Flavors

    Now that the main attraction is ready, find other great flavors to serve with your holiday bird.

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