Natural Fall Wreaths Made with Pumpkins, Corn Husks , Apples, and More

Create a bountiful wreath with a little help from nature. Made with pumpkins, corn husks, apples, and other natural adornments, these wreaths will look great from the beginning of fall through Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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Mini Pumpkin Wreath
Cornucopia Wreath

    Re-envision a cornucopia as a colorful fall wreath. Using wire and hot glue, attach leaves, miniature pumpkins, squashes, and gourds to a foam wreath form.

Indian Corn Fall Wreath

    Warm up a dark door with a natural fall wreath. Secure red silk leaves and miniature Indian corn (husks included) to a purchased twig wreath with hot glue or wire.

Spooky Gourd Wreath

    Don't just use gourds as cornucopia fillers; give them starring roles in your favorite fall wreaths! Slather green paint over a dried gourd and allow paint to dry. Carve in your favorite spooky face. Anchor your gourd to a simple twig wreath and garnish with wheat.

Oats-and-Gourds Fall Wreath

    We can practically hear the wind rustling through this natural fall wreath. Hot-glue sheaths of Northern sea oats onto a wreath form along with hollowed-out gourds planted with flowers. We used hens-and-chicks and pansies.

Nuts-and-Leaves Wreath

    Welcome fall with a splendid wreath made from leaves and nuts. Use hot glue to attach artificial leaves, walnuts, or other hard-shell nuts in a ring around the front of the wreath. Add hazelnuts to the inside center of the wreath to finish the look.

Sunburst Wreath with Corn Husks

    Mimic a bright, blazing sunburst with this wreath. Fold out the husks on ears of Indian corn so they point straight out from the tops. Hot-glue the ears to a straw wreath, and "fluff" the husks to complete the look.

Pinecone Wreath with Satin Ribbon

    This pinecone wreath is well-suited for hanging above a fireplace. Decorate the wreath with brown, amber, and gold ribbon for Thanksgiving. When the Christmas season arrives, replace the harvest-hue ribbons with red and green ones.

Citrus Wreath

    Oranges aren't commonplace in fall decor, but with their bold autumnal color, we don't see why not! Start by wiring oranges to a rectangular foam frame. Then fill in the bare spots with bittersweet berries, green yarrow, orange safflowers, and birch leaves. A sturdy silk ribbon supports the wreath and adds extra shine.

Gourd-and-Vine Wreath

    Choose colorful gourds with long necks, then attach them to a basic vine wreath with raffia or wire. Colorful berry sprays and a rustic raffia bow enhance the air of autumn elegance.

Pinecone-and-Kumquat Wreath

    A simply chic wreath of pinecones and kumquats adds a natural touch with a graphic twist to your mantel or door.

Gourd Wreath with Maple Leaves

    Weave real or artificial maple leaves onto a wreath frame, then wire on a cheery assortment of small gourds in shades of green and white.

Acorn Wreath

    Combine two natural elements to create a long-lasting fall wreath. Cover a wire or cardboard ring with moss. Hot-glue acorns to the moss-covered wreath; hang with a wide satin ribbon.

Heart-Shape Wreath

    This autumnal wreath can waltz into the holidays with ease. The rich red of these artificial apples smoothly transitions from harvest to Christmas.

Mini-Pumpkin Wreath

    Use a simple twig wreath or moss-covered wreath as the base for a simple circle of miniature pumpkins or pumpkin-shape gourds (real or artificial). A black ribbon gives it a Halloween look that can later be changed to another color or even raffia for Thanksgiving.

Vine Wreath with Large Gourds

    Combine simple fall embellishments, such as leaves, pumpkins, and gourds, with classy touches such as an orange bow to dress up a plain vine wreath. Decorate the lower half with leaves and twigs plus a focal point of large artificial pumpkins and gourds in the center. One loop and bow of metallic ribbon tops it off.

Corncobs-and-Flowers Fall Wreath

    This wreath looks like a beautiful autumn sun radiating fall color. Hot-glue dried corncobs and flowers onto a heavy cardboard form that's been covered with Spanish moss. Use sturdy U-shape wire to join the wreath with a spindly twig wreath.

Apple Wreath with Greenery

    Mounds of red apples contrast beautifully with shiny lemon-leaf greenery. Between the apples, add tufts of Spanish moss for another texture and to hide any gaps.

White Evergreen Wreath with Dried Fruits

    This evergreen wreath can make an early debut at Thanksgiving. Wire dried fruits, artificial berry sprigs, unshelled nuts, and cinnamon sticks together to form a harvest swag, then wire to an antiqued evergreen wreath. After Thanksgiving, remove the harvest swag and give the wreath a Christmas makeover.

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