Bistro Thanksgiving Menu

If you crave tradition, but thrive on new discoveries, take your holiday dinner to the next level with this bistro-inspired menu selection.

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    Herb-Roasted Capon with Carmelized Onions

    Rub capon or chicken with a mixture of dried herbs before roasting and serve with onion wedges and pearl onions caramelized in butter and balsamic vinegar.

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    Green Beans and Fennel

    Here, chopped, fresh fennel offers the delightful crunch of celery, but with a subtle licorice flavor. To crush fennel seeds, place them on a cutting board, then roll over them with a rolling pin.

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    Mixed Greens with Beets and Garlic Croutons

    Mesclun, the melange of young, tender greens was, until recently, the domain of gourmet markets and high-end restaurants. Today, you'll likely find it in the produce aisle of your supermarket.

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    Walnut-Sage Potatoes au Gratin

    Gruyere -- is it Swiss or French? Both countries have argued over the rights to the name, but there's no need to dwell on the issue! Instead, just savor the distinctive nutty, rich flavor the semihard cheese brings to the dish.

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    Pumpkin Creme Caramel

    Using a water bath when making these smooth, silky desserts is key in helping the custard cook slowly and evenly.

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