Simple Thanksgiving Candle Displays

Light up your Thanksgiving table with these bright ideas for quick and easy holiday candle displays. For safety, never leave a burning candle unattended. Many of our candle displays should only be lit for a short time; do not let the flame come close to flammable design elements.

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    Natural Floating Candle

    Fill your home with these gorgeous Mason jar floating candles decorated with submerged greenery and bright floating cranberries. Such an easy way to make a romantic lasting impression!

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    Lantern Display

    Get inspired by decades past and decorate your home using a beautiful lantern display. Tall white pillar candles are gorgeous in all-glass lanterns with dark metal frames. Aim for multiple lanterns for a cohesive centerpiece your dinner guests will love.

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    Shimmering Light

    Give your house a glam fall makeover with these glittery gold candles. A spritz of water before the first coat of paint makes the glass translucent enough for the flickering flame to shine through. Keep a few in the bathroom, where they're ready to use during a warm, relaxing bubble bath.

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    Evergreen Candle

    This idea is inspired by the beautiful nature right in your backyard. Grab the kids and head out for a scavenger hunt to collect the brightest, most luscious evergreen twigs you can find. Use spray adhesive to attach them to a tall glass candle holder for seasonal decor dressed to impress.

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    Elegant Candle Display with Acorns and Pearls

    Add a touch of elegance to an autumn element using luminous pearls. Glue acorns to a crafts-foam wreath, placing the caps squarely on its surface. Mix whole acorns and acorn caps for a natural look. Hot-glue large pearl beads to some of the acorn caps to add pops of pearly white to the rich brown ring.

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    Rustic Wood Candleholders

    Break out the power tools for this DIY project. These rustic candleholders are a bold but gorgeous statement to have in your home. We love the way the wax looks as it drips onto the log base.

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    Corn and Candles Display

    Elevate a basic pillar candle to Thanksgiving-worthy status. Hot-glue ears of decorative corn around a pillar candle and tie twine around the arrangement. For a more elegant look, substitute pretty satin ribbon for the twine.

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    Easy Votive with Nuts

    Easy can be impressive. Simply place a votive candle in a clear glass container and surround it with unshelled nuts. This go-anywhere decoration can be displayed on a table, buffet, or fireplace mantel. When Thanksgiving is over, remove the nuts and replace with jingle bells to ring in the Christmas season.

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    Autumn Candles Centerpiece

    Dress up plain pillar candles with colorful leaves for an elegant and understated display. Determine placement of leaves on each candle. Coat the backs of the leaves with decoupage medium and smooth into place on the candle. If necessary, use tacky white crafts glue to hold down the stems down. Cover the sides of the candle—including the leaves—with one or more coats of decoupage medium.

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    Glowing Autumn Leaf Votives

    Simple votive holders are transformed into beauty when fiery leaves are casually tied around them with string or twine.

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    Seasonal Bounty Centerpiece with Candles

    For a bright, seasonal centerpiece, tuck a trio of pillar candles into a branch from the yard. Fill the open spaces with gourds, pods, and berries.

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    Colorful Candle Spread

    Line up colorful votive cups on an antique bread tray and flank with fall branches. Expand beyond the expected Thanksgiving colors—yellow, orange, red, and brown—and add dark purple for a rich pop of color.

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    Fruit and Nuts Candle Display

    Pick a few finds from the supermarket produce aisle to create a colorful candle display for Thanksgiving. Hot-glue unshelled almonds around a candle and wrap with a length of twine. Place the candle on a decorative plate and surround with kumquats and an evergreen sprig. For extra holiday flair and fragrance, poke cloves into some of the kumquats.

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    Multicandle Fall Centerpiece

    Cast a soft glow over your Thanksgiving table with a multicandle centerpiece. Bundle together same-size and same-color pillar candles (we used nine) with a length of wide satin ribbon. Surround the base of the centerpiece with bittersweet or greenery.

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    Candle Centerpiece with Dried Beans

    Dried beans and lentils are affordable and versatile items to use for Thanksgiving decorating. For this arrangement, place a large pillar candle inside a large glass cylinder. Pour dried white beans into the cylinder around the candle, filling the container about 2 inches deep. Place the cylinder in a wide glass bowl and pour dried black beans around it. Surround the cylinder with white candles in glass votive cups.

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    Tall Thanksgiving Candle Display

    Shop architectural salvage stores for old finials, table legs, and porch posts to use as interesting candleholders. Longer posts can be cut into shorter pieces to make multiple candleholders.

    Editor's Tip: Add a spacer between the candle and the wooden base to reduce the risk of fire and prevent melted wax from discoloring the surface. Use an antique saucer to add a decorative element or a small round glass disk (or mirror) for a subtle touch.

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    Autumnal Hues Thanksgiving Table Candle Display

    For this colorful fall candle arrangement, start with a wide clear vase (ours is 12x8-1/4 inches). Nestle a smaller cylinder vase inside (ours is 11x4-3/4 inches) and insert a candle. Layer dried corn, burgundy cockscomb, pale green dried hops, and brown oak leaves between the two vases. To expand the display, fill 6-inch cylinders with similar layers and insert small pillar candles into them. Position small glass votive holders around the larger cylinders and add harvest-color votive candles.

    Editor's Tip: Be sure the candles extend well beyond the dried materials to prevent a fire hazard.

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    Autumn Candleholder

    This autumn-color centerpiece is perfect for the Thanksgiving table or any autumn gathering. Best of all, it looks great even without the candles lit. Simply fill a shallow bowl with dried corn kernels and dried beans. Nestle votive candles into the mixture until they are stable. Be sure the mixture isn't too close to the candlewicks.

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    Glowing Autumn Leaves

    Take nature-inspired decorating a step further by decoupaging leaves (real or artificial) onto glass votive holders.

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