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After planning a menu and inviting guests, the next step when throwing a fall party is setting the table. Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving, Halloween, or just a party to celebrate the season, we have a gorgeous fall table setting for every decorating style.

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    Use Contrast Colors and Scale

    A simple white tablecloth sets the stage for a dramatic, three-tiered fruit and flower arrangement. The combination of lime with burgundy, orange, and white is a gorgeous twist on classic fall colors. Draw eyes to the centerpiece with a bold table runner.

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    Make a Cheerful Fall Table

    Celebrate the season with a cheerful and outrageously easy table setting. Start with simple place settings – we used ivory and gray plates and basic glass tumblers. Then go wild with orange accents. Black rickrack and ribbons dress up a hatbox and large pumpkins for the centerpiece, and a teeny pumpkin at each place gives each guest a piece of cheer.  

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    Set a Spooky Tone

    Spooky stories are half the fun of the Halloween season, so give your fall table setting the mystique of an Edgar Allan Poe story. Accomplish the look with stacks of old books, warty pumpkins, and a sparse combination of gray and black plates. Add some fun and warmth with little accents, like a raven on the place card and a small journal as a party favor.

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    Modernize Your China

    Holidays like Thanksgiving are a great time to use heirloom china, but if you like a modern look, it can be tricky. The key is using updated elements for the rest of the table. Skip the tablecloth and fussy napkins, and use modern flatware and glasses. For a fall touch, decorate each place with a single white gourd.

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    Use Unique Pumpkins

    We love using real pumpkins and gourds as fall decorations, but why not try something different? Paper or velvet pumpkins still look right at home on a traditional table, but they add a subtle dose of whimsy. You can make a centerpiece arrangement like this one, or leave a small velvet pumpkin at each place.

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    Try Our Creative Centerpiece Ideas

    A gorgeous centerpiece is a great way to start when planning your fall table setting. Use our video to find a unique idea for your table.

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    Keep It Simple

    Love a clean look? Fill glass containers with faux-fruits and berries for an easy and elegant centerpiece. Round out the table with simple white dishes and adorable hanging berries on the chandelier.

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    Make an Easy, Rustic Table Setting

    Mix modern, natural, and rustic elements to create this elegant fall table setting. Streamlined plates contrast the earthy woven place mat and napkin ring. A colorful runner of autumn leaves is an easy way to bring in fall color.

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    Use a Monochrome Palette

    A monochromatic palette is always a modern look, and if table setting usually overwhelms you, it’s a great way to start. Just choose your color (we love fall’s signature orange), and then use neutrals like ivory or white to keep the look from overpowering. Not crazy about orange? Try pairing deep chocolate or a shade of lime or sage with stark white.

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    Create a Classic Fall Table Setting

    We love the mix of rustic burlap, graphic napkins, and simple stoneware dishes at this fall table. A hollowed gourd used as a candle holder at each place is an easy, DIY idea that completely upgrades the look.

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    Set Up a Family-Style Meal

    The best way to set up your fall table? Food first! Simple china place settings make way for the real stars of the party. Without having to leave the table for seconds, guests can linger over dinner, dessert, and conversation. This is also a great option if you have limited kitchen space.  

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    Make Your Own Place Mats

    If you’re short on fall decorations, make them yourself with this easy place mat idea. Use two pieces of linen, one two inches longer and wider than the other. Adhere them with iron-on backing, and fold the edge of the large piece around the smaller one. Glue on linen-covered buttons as a utensil guide.

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    Have Fun with the Kids' Table

    If you have a kids' table to decorate, use a large pinecone and some paper feathers to make a tom turkey centerpiece that kids will love. Kids can use your less precious dishes, but feel free to use more color and creativity here. For example, a fringed roll of craft paper makes a cute table runner, but it also doubles as a coloring sheet.

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    Mix Unexpected Styles

    Rather than follow a traditional theme, try mixing two looks. This table features a homespun arrangement of corn cobs and wheat, but these elements are contrasted by the feminine, rosy colors elsewhere on the table. The unexpected mix works well because the colors are in the same overall family.

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