Easy Thanksgiving Tabletop Crafts

These Thanksgiving table crafts are the perfect addition to your dinner table. Whether it's a feast for the whole family or a simple Thanksgiving lunch for a few, easy embellishments can turn any meal into a festive holiday affair.

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    Get Corny

    Get inspired by the fall harvest season with these corn husk placeholders from Freutcake. Ears of corn spray-painted gold go from produce to Pinterest-worthy decor in minutes. Use a gold paint pen to scribble each name onto the husk for a country-glam vibe your guests will love.


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    Tabletop Greenery Garland

    Wow your guests with this stunning greenery garland. Create bundles of eucalyptus and other greens, and attach the bundles to each other with floral wire to create a long garland. You won't believe how quick and easy it is to create this beautiful tabletop look!

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    Showing Thanks

    These free printable napkin holders from Fantabulosity are perfect for a last-minute effort at impressing your guests. Sweet and to the point, these meaningful place cards do double duty corralling silverware and napkins for each plate.

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    Wine Cork Place Card

    Create a rustic tablescape with these adorable wine cork place cards. Cut a horizontal slit across the top of the wine cork and slide in a place card. To make the place card stand on its own, cut a thin slice from the bottom of the cork so it sits flat on the tabletop.

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    Stay Golden

    We're loving this gold-dipped feather place holder from Make Life Lovely. The glittery feather will complement your deep fall colors while giving the entire table a glam look to celebrate the season.

    Get the tutorial from Make Life Lovely

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    Fun with Words

    Not only are these name plates from Boxwood Clippings fun, but they also might spark a little competition as the night goes on. After everyone has found their seats, ask each family member to save their tray and letters for a post-dinner tournament. Winner gets the first slice of pie! 

    See more about this project from Boxwood Clippings

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    Cupcake-Liner Turkeys

    Attach small white cupcake liners to larger patterned liners to create a fun paper turkey. Glue to brown paper place cards and use markers to add the turkey's feet and your guests' names. 

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    Rosemary Wreaths

    Get creative with any extra rosemary sprigs that didn't quite make it into the main meal. These rosemary wreaths from Camille Styles are undeniably adorable and festive all holiday season. Place them on dinner plates or use them as napkin rings!

    See the full tutorial from Camille Styles

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    Clementine Place Card Holder

    Add a pop of traditional fall color with this adorable clementine place card holder. Cut a slit in the top of a clementine and add the place card. To prevent the card from becoming soggy, fold a piece of clear tape across the bottom of the card before inserting into the fruit. Tie the tabletop look together by adding orange slices to holiday sangria. 

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    Fall-Inspired Bottle Wrap

    Present your guests (or host) with a beautifully packaged bottle of cider. Wrap bands of linen around a sealed bottle. Hot-glue the overlapping edges of the fabric together. Tie the bottle with leather cord and embellish with a shock of wheat.

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    Acorn Pom Poms

    Create a fun fall napkin ring by attaching pom-poms and ribbon to the top of an acorn. This quick and easy craft is perfect for the kids! 

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    DIY Copper Napkin Rings

    Give your Thanksgiving table polished style with napkin rings made from copper tape. We share three how-tos in the instructions and patterns, below.

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    Turkey Bread Basket

    Cut feathers and a turkey body out of fabric, felt, or patterned paper, adding embellishments to finish off the bird. Attach the turkey pieces to a basket, line it with a coordinating napkin, and fill with bread or rolls to add a festive touch to the Thanksgiving dinner table. 

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    Seasonal Napkin Rings

    Make fancy seasonal napkin rings at a fraction of the cost of the store-bought versions. Tie rolled napkins with decorative ribbon, then tuck in sprigs of bittersweet.

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    Sweet Corn Candy Favors

    Satisfy a sweet tooth with these candy favors. Fill clear bags with harvest-color jelly beans, then nestle them inside corn husks (available at specialty grocery stores and most markets in autumn). Tie the ends of the husks with twine and add to place settings at your Thanksgiving table.

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