Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Kids love to lend a helping hand when it comes to decorating the table with easy Thanksgiving crafts. These easy-to-make Thanksgiving crafts ideas keep the spirit of the season front and center for children of all ages (and help hungry kids stay occupied until dinner is on the table). With place cards, centerpieces, decor, and more, these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids will get your home ready for the big day.

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Thanksgiving Favorites Made Gluten-Free!

Worried the holidays will wreck your gluten-free diet and leave you feeling deprived of all your favorite foods? Think again! It is so easy to transform Thanksgiving favorites into gluten-free delights. The best part is that everyone at your holiday table will devour these dishes! Use these simple tips, tricks, and recipes to make this your best Thanksgiving yet.

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The Easiest Thanksgiving Plan Ever

Here's how Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy plans his own Thanksgiving day. If you apply his timeline (hint: invite guests over at 3:00), you'll have your best Thanksgiving yet.

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Fried Stuffing Balls

No one will complain about leftover stuffing when you ball it up and fry it.

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How to Make a Table Setting with Lettered Tiles

Guests won't have to guess where they're seat is when you spell out their name with lettered tiles. Creating the craft on a clothespin means you can clip their place setting directly on their napkin.

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Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Appetizers

Overwhelmed with Thanksgiving dinner preparations? Get a head start by making delicious and easy appetizer recipes now. By doing a little cooking ahead of time, you can avoid the hassle on Thanksgiving Day. Our make-ahead appetizers include recipes that can be prepared the day before or up to six months ahead of the holiday.

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Thanksgiving Table Accents

Add a little something special to your Thanksgiving table with these holiday-inspired ideas.


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    • Mini Flower Arrangement

      Around the Thanksgiving table, set a mini arrangement at each place setting. Place blooms in mint julep cups, juice glasses, or small teacups. For an eclectic look, use assorted vessels rather than a uniform set.

    • Paper & Linen Wrap

      Present wine or cider bottles in elegant fall fashion. Cut a triangle shape out of brown crafts paper and wrap around a bottle. Secure the overlapping ends with double-sided tape. Follow with a wrapping of linen fabric and secure by tying a length of leather cording around the bottle. Finish the look with a paper tag printed with a holiday sentiment.

    • Easy Ribbon Decor

      Lengths of ribbon, printed with a Thanksgiving greeting, dance across the table for an easy table decoration that captures the season's sentiments.

      SOURCE Personalized ribbon, namemaker.com

    • Pinecone Place Cards

      Dinner guests feel ever so welcome with these natural place cards by their plates.

    • Silverware Companion

      Humble burlap shines as the star of these silverware packages. Cut a length of burlap about 6 inches wide and about 20 inches long. Lay the strip flat and fold the bottom 6 inches up to form the pocket. Whipstitch or glue the sides together (about an inch in from the edge) using fabric glue; fray the exposed edges. Fold over the top flap and glue a button in place. For dinner, fill with the necessary silverware and put a burlap package at each place setting.

      Editor's Tip: Silverware carryalls, like these, are especially handy when serving a Thanksgiving buffet. Guests can easily hold their plates without having to juggle several pieces of silverware as they go through the line.

    • Nature's Glow

      For designer holiday flair, decorate your table with these easy-to-make topiary centerpieces.

    • Golden Autumn Platter

      Decoupage the underside of a glass platter with leaves and tissue papers, allowing autumn splendor to shine through.

    • Orange Topiary

      A colonial-era classic, the fruit topiary is given a fresh twist with blood oranges and a metal French flowerpot.

    • Take Homes for Guests

      Decoupage leaves onto small paper favor bags and fill with wrapped candies to send home with guests. Bags made from decorative paper adds extra holiday flair.

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      Chair Decoration

      Take your cue from nature to decorate for Thanksgiving. Dress dining room chairs for the occasion with a large bow accented with twigs, pheasant feathers, and a nosegay of small white gourds and silk flowers.

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      Pinecone Chair Decoration

      Add elegance to natural finds with a shiny satin bow. Adapt this project for Christmas by using red ribbon instead of brown.

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      Two-Step Decorating

      This simple yet statement-making chair decoration can be completed with two supplies and in two steps. Place a burlap square over the back of a chair, then weave five wheat stalks into the burlap.

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      Holiday Charger

      For a charger with old-fashioned flavor, use fluted tart pans. Set plates inside the pans to makeover everyday dishes for a special occasion while still conveying down-home ambiance.

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      Wine Bottle Pocket

      A felt cuff adds seasonal appeal to chilled wine and cider bottles, and protects your table from drips and water rings. With pinking shears, cut a long rectangle from felt (cut a rectangle that wraps the bottle's circumference, plus a little extra for the seam allowance.) Fold the rectangle in half so the short sides are together. Stitch or glue the short sides together to form a pocket. Slip the bottle into the pouch, and tie with a ribbon. Cut leaf and acorn shapes from felt and thin cork, punch holes in the tops, and tie onto ribbon with thread.

      Editor's Tip: To skip the sewing or gluing, wrap the felt up around the bottom of the bottle and simply tie tightly with ribbon.

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      Old Becomes New

      Hunt down vintage linens (towels, napkins, place mats, etc.) with fall motifs, and drape them over the backs of your dining room chairs for a simple Thanksgiving decoration. Secure the linens with safety pins to prevent slipping.

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      Candle Bouquet

      Instead of standing candles solo in soldier-straight rows, casually group them in the same manner as you would fresh flowers in a vase.

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      Country Topiaries

      Turn miniature pumpkins into tabletop topiaries with a raffia bow as the finishing touch.

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      Golden Gourds

      Stack these painted gourds on a glass cake plate to create an elegant display.

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