Beautiful Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas for Your Table Display

Add fall flavor to your Thanksgiving table with elegant yet easy-to-make Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. From natural elements to candle displays, these centerpieces will be a highlight on your holiday table.

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Popular in Thanksgiving

Create a Pomegranate Centerpiece for a Thanksgiving Table

Use pomegranates and candles to make a quick centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.

What You Need:

  • 12-inch round straw wreath
  • brown raffia
  • 9 glittered artificial pomegranates
  • 2-inch-wide plaid ribbon
  • yellow-dyed prairie grass
  • 5/8-inch-wide sheer gold ribbon
  • 4-inch wooden florist's picks
  • Glass cake stand
  • 7 brass candleholders in a variety of heights
  • 8-inch tapered candles in burnt orange color
  • Candle putty (optional)

How to Make It:

  1. Wrap the straw wreath with several strands of brown raffia, knotting on the inside or bottom of the wreath.
  2. Press the pomegranate stems evenly spaced into the wreath.
  3. Wrap lengths of plaid ribbon around the wreath, covering the areas between the pomegranates.
  4. Break off a variety of lengths of prairie grass and press them into the wreath around the pomegranates. The prairie grass should overlap to create texture and add volume.
  5. Tie a variety of lengths of gold ribbon bows and affix them to the 4-inch wooden florist's picks.
  6. Press the florist's picks into the wreath form, filling in around the pomegranates and prairie grass.
  7. Place the decorated wreath onto the glass cake stand. Arrange the brass candleholders in the center of the wreath on the cake stand.
  8. Place the tapered candles into the candleholders. Use candle putty to hold them in place if necessary.
  9. Tie a plaid ribbon bow around the base of the cake stand. Note: For safety reasons, never leave burning candles unattended.

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