Free Thanksgiving Desktop Backgrounds for Your Computer

For a fun Thanksgiving countdown, give your computer screen holiday flair with these beautiful Thanksgiving-theme desktop wallpapers. You won't be able to wait for turkey and pie with our images of delicious-looking dishes and classic autumn scenes. To set an image as your desktop wallpaper, click the link that corresponds with the image you want to use, then right-click the large image and select Set as Background.
Food-Theme Wallpapers
apple and cranberry pie

Dress up your computer desktop with these yummy food-inspired Thanksgiving backgrounds.

Cranberry Apple Pie Wallpaper

This beautiful apple pie topped with colorful, sugar-sprinkled cranberries is a tasty treat for your computer desktop.

pumpkin pies

Trio of Thanksgiving Pies Wallpaper

If delicious desserts make up your favorite part of Thanksgiving, this free wallpaper is perfect for your computer desktop. Let the countdown to pie begin!

dinner prep

Salad Setup Station Wallpaper

Keep it light! Take a healthy twist on Thanksgiving with this beautiful shot of the salad station for your computer desktop.


Mouthwatering Thanksgiving Turkey Wallpaper

Prepare yourself for the big feast by using this tasty image as your computer's wallpaper. Looking at a juicy turkey all month will make you ready to get carving by Thanksgiving Day.

Pumpkin Pie

Lovely Fall Leaf Details Wallpaper

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a yummy pumpkin pie. Warm up at your computer with this fresh-from-the-oven dessert as your desktop wallpaper.


Colorful Cranberries Wallpaper

Add a touch of seasonal color with this background featuring a bowl full of cranberries. A Thanksgiving staple, the red fruit decks your computer desktop with festive flair.

green and purple table setting

Plum Thanksgiving Table Setting Wallpaper

The pretty jewel tones on this Thanksgiving table will make a beautiful background on your computer desktop and inspire the decor for your holiday table.

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