Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Kids love to lend a helping hand when it comes to decorating the table with easy Thanksgiving crafts. These easy-to-make Thanksgiving crafts ideas keep the spirit of the season front and center for children of all ages (and help hungry kids stay occupied until dinner is on the table). With place cards, centerpieces, decor, and more, these easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids will get your home ready for the big day.

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    "Thanks" Garland

    Dress any mantel or doorway with this quick and easy Thanksgiving craft. Just cut leaves from our free template (available below), then glue to ribbon or string along with store-bought glitter letters.

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    Cootie Catcher Kids' Game

    Remember playing this as a kid? We've remade it in Thanksgiving style where, instead of a fortune, you land on a holiday question or suggestion.

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    Downloadable Place Mats

    These activity-filled place mats feature a bracket-style vote-off of Thanksgiving favorites. Have the table shout out their favorite for each head-to-head. The winning food advances!

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    Thanksgiving Bingo

    Same Bingo rules, new Thanksgiving twist. Just add candies or nuts for marking their spots.

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    Thanksgiving Calendar

    Thanksgiving is a great time to celebrate what you and your kids are grateful for, and an easy way to do so is with a do-it-yourself daily thanks calendar. Attach mini crafts envelopes to a painted piece of foam core and place it in an inexpensive picture frame. Each day, have each family member write a note detailing what they are thankful for. Place in that day's envelope, then open the envelopes during Thanksgiving dinner.

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    Turkey Game and Place Mat

    A great way to lure kids to their seats while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared is to offer them a fun activity. To make this fun Thanksgiving craft, cut out two circles from construction paper for the body and head, and accent with paper to create the eyes, beak, and feet. Ask each child to create feathers and other details from paper scraps, googly eyes, chenille stems, and other small crafts items. Then use the decorated turkeys as charming place mats.

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    Mayflower Napkin Clip

    This cute Thanksgiving craft for kids will help keep in mind the history of the holiday. Print the pattern and assemble as shown. Transform the paper craft into a napkin clip by adhering a clothespin (clip side down) to the back of the crafts-stick mast. Clip the paper Mayflower to a bright blue cloth napkin to give the appearance that the ship is sailing.

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    Glove "Talking" Turkey

    The turkey on the table doesn't have to be the only bird present at Thanksgiving. Use markers to decorate white work gloves with turkey-feather designs. Cut out pieces of felt for the wings and beak. Glue the felt pieces and a button eye on the glove.

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    Thanksgiving Turkey Crayon Holder

    Turn this cute paper turkey into a crayon holder for the kids' table at Thanksgiving dinner. Using the pattern cutouts, punch two holes in the tail-feather pieces, and run a string through them before adhering the pieces to the body. Tie the turkey to a rubber band, and wind the band around a handful of crayons. Use the crayon bundle to support the turkey.

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    Tradition of Thanks

    Ask kids to write down what they're thankful for on leaves cut from paper. Then place them in a scrapbook and continue the tradition next Thanksgiving. As the compilation grows, you'll have a time capsule of memories to look back on year after year.

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    Pilgrim Hat Place Card

    This place card offers adults the perfect opportunity to discuss the history of Thanksgiving. To make, download and print the pattern. Cut a curved slit in the base of the hat and insert the top to give it dimension. Outline the hatband and buckle using a black pen, and use a silver gel pen to define the curve at the top of the hat. Use the black pen to write each guest's name.

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    Wreath of Thanks

    Kids will love creating a wreath that shows off their reasons to be thankful. Wrap a simple foam wreath with brown linen. Fray edges for a rustic tone, and secure the linen ends to the back of the wreath with glue or a pin. Print out the leaf patterns on decorative paper. Add each family member's name to a leaf using a printer, rub-on letters from the crafts store, or a marker. Cut out the leaves. Ask the kids to write words of thanks, and attach each leaf to the wreath with a decorative pin or a dab of crafts glue.

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    Turkey Place Card

    Kids will love making this simple and cute Thanksgiving craft. Download and print the pattern; cut out and assemble as shown using dimensional foam for a 3-D effect using decorative-edge scissors for feathers with texture. Write the name of each guest on the turkey's banner.

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    Thankful Feathers

    Help your kids create a centerpiece filled with Thanksgiving gratitude. To make the turkey, print out the head, beak, wattle, and feather patterns. Cut out and trace on decorative papers. Fold beak along dotted lines as indicated. Glue beak and wattle to head, using the photo as a guide. Add googly eyes from a crafts store. Glue to a large pinecone to form the turkey's body. Cut out feathers, crease lengthwise, and snip fringe edges. Encourage your child (and grown-up guests, too) to write their blessings on a tail feather. Tuck each feather into the pinecone body to create the turkey's colorful tail.

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