Cozy Fall Crafts

Decorate for fall with cozy throw pillows, inviting table toppers, and other cuddly autumn adornments. These easy-to-make crafts will transform your home into a harvest celebration.

By Jessica Anderson

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Blanket with leaf appliques
Fall Leaf Applique Blanket

    Scatter imitation suede leaves across boiled wool for a lovely seasonal throw.

Fall Felt Nut Bowl

    This felt nut bowl is practical and decorative for fall. To make it, cut two 10-inch squares of felt and woven cotton. Fold over the raw edges of cotton, pin them onto the felt, and stitch around the edges. Leave about 1-1/2 inches from each corner, fold the sides and make a stitch -- this will form the bowl. Gather each corner with an "X" sewn with embroidery thread.

    Editor's Note: Stow your nutcracker in a felt leaf-shape holder. Cut two leaf shapes out of felt, add decorative stitching to one, and sew them together, leaving an opening for the nutcracker to slide in.

Fall Felt Drink Coozie

    Decorate your coffee tumbler with fall flavor. Cut the provided pattern out of felt, and stitch on felt leaves and a button as shown. Add decorative stitching as desired. Use the pattern to cut a strip of gripping material. (This will ensure the felt doesn't slip.) Cut a small piece of elastic, form it into a loop, and sew it onto the back of the felt as you sew on the gripping material. Wrap the felt piece around your coffee tumbler.

Autumnal Decorative Orbs

    Recycle everyday items to create beautiful, coffee-table decor. Wrap foam or wooden balls with leftover scrapbooking supplies, old tape measures, and ribbon scraps. Display these easy-to-make decorative orbs in a pretty bowl.

Fall Felt Napkin Holder

    This charming fall scene dresses up your everyday napkin holder. Measure your napkin holder, and cut two pieces of felt slightly larger than those measurements. Cut the tree and leaves out of contrasting felt colors, and stitch them to your front piece. Attach front and back pieces by stitching around the two sides and top, leaving an opening at the bottom to slip onto the napkin holder.

Leaf Linen Fall Table Runner

    Drape this fall table runner on your dining room table. Apply iron-on backing to the back side of pretty fall-color linen. Trace garden leaves and hand-draw stem shapes onto the iron-on-backing side of the linen. Cut out the shapes, arrange them on a plain store-bought table runner, and then press them in place or secure them with tacky glue.

Felt Owl Ornaments

    These felt ornaments make us hoot! For each ornament, draw a simple owl pattern, and cut two owl shapes out of felt. Cut eyes and beak out of felt, and attach them to one of the owl shapes. Stack bottom owl shape, then ribbon, then front owl shape. Stitch the pieces together, catching the ribbon at the bottom center for the owl's feet and at each ear for easy hanging.

Fall Leaves Plate Decoration

    A felt oak leaf, layered on linen under clear glass, strikes a natural note for your tabletop. Attach iron-on backing to the linen and felt. Trace the inner circumference of your glass plate. Transfer the circle to the back of the linen; cut out. Sketch or trace a leaf shape onto the back of the felt; cut out. Use tacky glue to adhere the leaf to the circle. Layer under the plate. If you like, attach the fabric to the plate with spray adhesive.

    Editor's Tip: Mix it up. An assortment of oak, hickory, dogwood, beech, birch, and maple leaves will look great on your fall table.

Felt iPad Cover

    Protect your iPad from scratches with a little fall flavor. Cut two pieces of felt -- one 8x10 inches and the other 8x13 inches. Decorate the smaller piece with felt cutouts. Sew a button 2 inches from the top as shown. Sew an elastic band to the top of the larger piece. (This will allow you to close the case.) Lay the smaller piece atop the larger piece, and stitch the exposed seams together.

    Editor's Tip: Make a felt cover for your computer tablet or e-reader, too. Simply measure your device, cut your felt to size (The larger piece just needs to allow for a fold-over flap.), and follow the instructions above.

Felt Acorn Pincushion

    This nutty pincushion will put a smile on your face all season long! Cut two pieces of brown felt in the shape of an acorn and one contrasting color of felt in the shape of an acorn crown. We've provided patterns below. Attach the acorn crown to one of the brown acorn cutouts, adding stitching detail if you like. Stitch the front and back pieces together, leaving space to add stuffing. Stuff the acorn fully with wool or Poly-Fil [or: synthetic fiber], and sew the opening closed.

Felt Cutout Coasters

    These clever felt coasters are simple-to-make seasonal accents. On one end of a felt rectangle, cut a thumb notch and a window. Fold the rectangle in half, and stitch or glue sides together. Print fall words and designs - "harvest," "autumn," an acorn, leaves, etc. -- on cardstock. Cut the words or designs to fit in the cutout window. Slide the cardstock into the coaster.

Fall Candle Display

    Light up your fall table with this beautiful candle display. Measure the circumference of a plain glass pillar candleholder, and add a few inches. Cut three 2-inch-wide strips, each the same length as your measurement, from different colors of linen. Stack the strips atop one another, and glue one set of ends together with fabric glue. When the glue dries, tack the strips to a corkboard and braid. Glue the end of the braid, wrap the braid around the candleholder, and use crafts glue to keep it in place.

Felt Squirrel Trivet Cover

    Nothing could be cuter than this fall-themed trivet cover! Cut squirrel, acorn, and trivet patterns (provided, below) in felt colors of your choice. Stitch squirrel and acorn onto large felt piece. Fold and stitch the piece on three sides to create a darling trivet cover.

Fall Leaf-Shape Heat Therapy Pad

    Get the knots out of your neck and shoulders with this leaf-shaped heat therapy pad filled with dry rice.

Patchwork Quilt Fall Table Topper

    Liven up a simple glass-covered side table with quilted fall color. Cut one piece of plain linen the size of your tabletop, and apply iron-on backing to one side of the linen. Cut enough patchwork squares and rectangles from linen to fit the dimensions. Apply iron-on backing to each of the pieces. One by one, press the pieces on or use tacky glue to secure the linen patchwork rectangles and squares to the background fabric. When glue is dry, place the piece under the glass top on the table.

    Editor's Tip: Lay the linen patchwork rectangles and squares on the floor to create your pattern.

Fall Lap Quilt

    This stitched tree block quilt will keep you warm this fall.

Autumnal Linen Place Mats

    Deck out your dinner table with these autumnal place mats. Cut a 16x20-inch piece of brown linen and a 14x18-inch piece of orange linen, and apply iron-on backing to the back sides of both pieces. Using scissors, cut a 1/2-inch fringe around the perimeter of the brown fabric. With an iron, press 1 inch of the brown fabric up. Tuck the orange fabric inside the pressed-up fringed edges of the brown fabric, and glue inside the top edges. Cover two buttons with additional brown fabric, and glue to the place mat as a utensil guide.

    Editor's Tip: When applying fabric to the buttons, apply iron-on backing to fabric first to prevent glue from seeping through.

No-Sew Miniature Fall Wreaths

    Lightweight wreaths work as chair decor, window hangings, or as a door pick-me-up. Purchase a small wooden wreath form -- around 6 inches in diameter -- from a crafts store. Use glue to cover the buttons with fabric. Secure the buttons to the wreath form with a hot-glue gun. Glue a length of ribbon to the back of the wreath to create a loop for hanging.

    Editor's Tip: When applying fabric to the buttons, apply iron-on backing to fabric first to prevent glue from seeping through.

Fall Embellished Slippers

    Keep cozy this fall in embellished slippers. Cut tea bag and mug patterns (provided below) out of felt. Hand-stitch cutouts onto slippers, and use bold embroidery thread to embellish the tea bag.

Maple Leaf Pillow Embellishment

    An oversized maple leaf will make your pillow pop. Enlarge a leaf on a copier to make a pattern, cut it out of wool felt, and attach it to a pillow cover using iron-on fusible backing. Finish with a blanket stitch around the edges.

Felt Rose Pillow Embellishment

    This stunning pillow is as cozy as it is beautiful. To construct a rose, cut a 10-to-11-inch circle out of felt. From the outside edge, draw a 2-inch-wide spiral into the center, and cut along the line with a rotary pinking cutter. To start the flower, fold the circular center of the spiral up and over. Secure the base with several hand stitches, and sew several inches of running stitch along the spiral. While holding the thread, gather your fabric and secure it to the flower center. Continue stitching, gathering, and securing until you have a rose. Finish the rose with a simple whipstitch, and trim the leftover felt. Secure the felt roses to the pillow, and stitch small beads together to construct the stem.

    Editor's Tip: For alternate ways to construct the stem, try hot-gluing a thrift shop necklace or sew a simple running stitch with embroidery floss or pearl cotton.

Plaid Fall Table Runner

    Add simple wool leaves to a plaid table runner for instant fall decoration. Tack leaves in place using a simple felting process. (Follow the directions on the needle-felting tool and mat product packaging).

    Editor's Tip: For even more fall freshness, use a felting tool to add veins to the leaves with novelty yarn. Embellish the leaves by sewing buttons at stem ends.

Oak Leaf Pillow Embellishment

    Add a fall-theme pillow to your plush collection. Trace a leaf motif on the paper side of fusible adhesive paper, and then fuse the leaf to colorful fabric following the manufacturer's instructions. Cut out the leaf, pull away the paper, and position the adhesive side to the front of a pillow cover.

    Editor's Tip: Satin-stitch around and inside the leaf to create veining

Fall Wine Bottle Sleeve

    Add quick style to a wine bottle with a pretty felt sleeve; not only does it dress up the bottle, but it also protects surfaces from drips and rings. Cut a felt rectangle with pinking shears. Test it around your wine bottle and adjust as needed -- some wine bottles are slightly thicker at the bottom or top. Fold it in half, and stitch or glue the sides together. Slide the sleeve over the wine bottle, and tie with ribbon. For extra decoration, add leaf and acorn shapes cut from felt or thin cork to the ribbon.

Fabric-Painted Leaves Table Runner

    This easy table runner will look great on your dinner table -- and the best part, no sewing required! Use fabric paint to stamp leaves in straight rows down the length of a purchased table runner.

    Editor's Tip: Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the paint before you set and wash the finished design.

Harvest-Colored Felt Coasters

    Coasters made from different-size circles of felt add a splash of autumn to any room. Freehand-cut shapes or use a die-cutting tool. Use simple stitches to tack the pieces together, and add beads to the embroidery floss for decoration.

Fabric-Covered Picture Frames

    Don't trash a broken frame -- use its pieces to make a new fabric-covered photo display. Cover a mat with batting and then fabric, securing the folded corners with hot glue. Cover the cardboard insert with fabric and then glue the mat to the insert along three sides, leaving one side open to slide in a photo. Connect two covered frames using ribbon "hinges" glued to the mat backs, to either sit horizontally or hang vertically. Give the custom frame as a gift with a personal photo inside.


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