Warm and Cozy Fall Desserts

If you ask us, fall desserts are always in season. But these served-warm treats -- boasting pumpkin, chocolate, apple, and more -- are just right for a crisp autumn night. Whether the leaves are starting to turn or not, one (or two!) of these cozy desserts is sure to hit the spot.

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Great Green Bean Recipes

Whether you're scooping up a side of green bean casserole or munching on a crisp green bean salad, green beans add classic flavor, color, and nutrients to your meal. Change up your usual green bean routine with some of our fresh green bean recipes -- you won't be disappointed!

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How to Cook a Turkey with Herbs

Use herbs, such as sage, in addition to salt, pepper, and onions for a delicious take on roast turkey. Our turkey recipe ensures flavorful results for your Thanksgiving dinner or for any other special-occasion dinner.

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Natural Fall Wreaths

Autumn's colorful bounty of foliage and produce is the first place we look when decorating for fall. Made with (or inspired by) bittersweet, cornhusks, apples, twigs, and other natural adornments and textures, these door wreaths are perfect for welcoming the season.

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Easy-to-Make Place Cards and Napkin Rings for a Thanksgiving Table

Craft these easy place cards and napkins rings to designate spots at the Thanksgiving dinner table. We've also got bonus kids' table Thanksgiving decorations at the end of the slideshow!

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How to Brine a Turkey

Add incredible flavor and moisture to your turkey recipe by brining it before roasting. The process of brining a turkey is easier than you think -- we've even got a secret that frees up room in your refrigerator.

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Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Appetizers

Overwhelmed with Thanksgiving dinner preparations? Get a head start by making delicious and easy appetizer recipes now. By doing a little cooking ahead of time, you can avoid the hassle on Thanksgiving Day. Our make-ahead appetizers include recipes that can be prepared the day before or up to six months ahead of the holiday.

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Cozy Fall Crafts

Vivid colors, charming fall motifs, and luscious textures fill these crafts ideas with the cozy appeal of fall. These easy fall crafts adorn you and your home in warm autumn colors and textures, making every day a harvest celebration.


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    • Book Wall Art

      Transform cast-off books from page-turners to head-turners with our cozy fall crafts idea. Find old hardcover books similar in size and page count at old flea markets, thrift stores, or even in your own basement. Cut a piece of backing board into a rectangle 1 to 2 inches smaller than the back of your opened book; hot-glue to book. Now it's time to get creative! Have fun folding your book pages in whatever way you like best; we recommend dividing the book into even sections for a symmetrical look. We hung nine books in rows of three by securing them with brads hammered into the corners of each book.

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    • White Pumpkin Vase

      Show off your seasonal blooms with a fall-friendly homemade vase. To make this craft, hollow out a white pumpkin until there is enough room to place a small vase inside. Fill with your favorite autumn flowers (we recommend aster, mums, or helenium) and prop it atop a slice of wood, bark intact.

    • Silvery Leaf Wreath

      For an unexpected fall craft that lasts year after year, our silvery leaf wreath does the trick. To make, hot-glue fake silver leaves around the back outer edge of a foam flat-ring wreath base. Add a second layer to the outer perimeter of the ring using hot glue to adhere. Add a layer of dusty miller leaves around the wreath, hot-gluing to secure. Conceal the inner edge of the wreath base by gluing lamb's-ears leaves horizontally and overlapping the leaves as needed. Complete the wreath by adding sage and smaller dusty miller leaves. Ornamental oregano bracts add a finishing touch.

    • Chrysanthemum Table Decor

      Chrysanthemums, the colorful mainstay of fall, transform any table into a beautiful autumn display. To make each mum, start by punching layers of colored tissue paper using a scallop circle punch; make multiple punches in various colors. You will need 12 to 16 same-color scallop circles for each chrysanthemum. Layer scallop circles and staple through all layers at the center. Scrunch each tissue layer, one at a time, beginning with the top layer. Fluff up layers. Repeat to make three to four mums in each color.

    • Felt Button Wreath

      We made a fall wreath with DIY covered buttons -- what will you make?

    • Acorn Garland

      This fun acorn garland is a creative way to get the kids excited for fall. Start by taking purchased paper globes and tracing the shape of half of an acorn onto the unopened decoration; cut out. Trimmed and painted paper bowls are topped with painted wine corks to complete the caps. Hot-glue caps to opened tissue-paper acorns and string together using a long length of burlap twine tied around each acorn stem.

    • Succulent Napkin Rings

      Bring the outdoors into your home with our natural fall-inspired napkin rings. Simply cut various succulents with a short stem, poke florist's wire into the stem, and wrap with florist's tape to secure. Push the wrapped wire through a hole in the center of a burlap strip, loop the wire so it can hold the napkin, and hot-glue the burlap to cover the wire.

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    • Felted Owl Friends

      Add fuzzy feel to any seasonal space with these adorable owls made from wool roving. Set the owls on shelves and mantels, or hang them for a fun fall decoration.

    • Textured Autumn Pillow

      Celebrate the weather change with a pillow that announces the season. Lay a pillow cover on a flat surface and arrange large chipboard letters across it. Use repositionable spray adhesive to adhere the letters. Spray the pillow cover with fabric paint in your desired fall color; let dry. Remove the chipboard letters and insert a pillow form in the cover. Tie jute twine in bows near the ends for even more texture.

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      Felted Sweater Throw

      Get cozy on the couch this fall with this fun fabric throw made from upcycled wool sweaters. Decide the desired size of your throw and determine how many 9-inch squares of felted wool fabric you will need; we made a few of our large squares by sewing four 5-inch squares with right sides together using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Once you have all of your squares, arrange in an attractive pattern. Sew together rows of blocks using a 1/2-inch seam allowance, then sew the rows together, matching the seams. Back the quilt with a cozy flannel sheet, sew perle cotton ties at the intersections, and then topstitch 1-inch from the edge around the perimeter to finish.

      Fall Crafts Tip: To create the nonraveling fabric, turn the pieces inside out and toss into the washing machine on a hot-cycle wash with detergent; machine- or air-dry.

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      Oak Leaf Pillow Embellishment

      Add a fall-theme pillow to your plush collection. Trace a leaf motif on the paper side of fusible adhesive paper. Fuse the leaf to colorful fabric following the manufacturer's instructions. Cut out the leaf, pull away the paper, and position the adhesive side on the front of a pillow cover.

      Fall Crafts Tip: Satin-stitch around and inside the leaf to create veining.

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      Embroidered Botanical Art

      Thick yarn in natural colors emphasizes the warm textures of fall. First paint an artist's canvas a soft green or your favorite fall color using crafts paint and a foam brush. Sketch a botanical design onto cardstock, and tape it to the dry canvas. Using a heavy-duty needle, poke evenly spaced holes through the canvas along the design's outline. Remove the cardstock. Use the holes to embroider the design in desired colors.

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      Yarn Wreath with Owls

      This couldn't-be-easier fall wreath works with any of your favorite motifs: owls, leaves, pumpkins, and more. Simply wrap a foam wreath with yarn, alternating colors as desired and securing with hot glue. Use a bit of yarn to secure a brooch or tin embellishment, such as these owls. Finish by hot-gluing pom-poms around the wreath and adding a hanging loop.

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      Felt Squirrel Trivet Cover

      Nothing could be cuter than this fall-theme trivet cover! Cut squirrel, acorn, and trivet patterns from felt colors of your choice. Stitch squirrel and acorn onto large felt piece. Fold and stitch the piece on two sides to create a darling trivet cover.

    • Gorgeous Fall Mantel Inspiration
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      Gorgeous Fall Mantels

      Get three easy ideas for decorating your autumn mantel, plus tons of inspiration for fall crafts to make!

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      Fall Felt Drink Cozie

      Decorate your coffee tumbler with fall flavor. Cut the provided pattern from felt, and stitch on felt leaves and a button as shown. Add decorative stitching as desired. Use the pattern to cut a strip of plastic gripping material from a crafts store. (This will ensure the felt doesn't slip.) Cut a small piece of elastic, form it into a loop, and sew it onto the back of the felt as you sew on the gripping material. Wrap the felt piece around your coffee tumbler, securing the elastic around the button.

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      Hand-Stitched Pencil Cup

      Gather inspiration from the classroom when coming up with fun fall crafts to make this season. Use a table saw or handsaw to cut two yardsticks into 5-inch pieces. On eight of the pieces, drill holes 1/2-inch from the edge and 1/2-inch apart; sand the holes smooth. Use a needle and yarn to sew two drilled sticks together, referring to the picture and creating a cross-stitch pattern as shown. Repeat with remaining drilled sticks to create four corner pieces. Use wood glue to secure the nondrilled center sticks to the corner pieces; clamping with clips while the glue dries. Repeat until you have four sides. Place an empty can inside and fill with pencils or other office supplies.

      Fall Crafts Tip: If you're working with unfinished yardsticks, like we did, stain them the desired color and let dry before starting your project.

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      Decorative Ruffle Pillow

      Update an accent pillow in less than an hour by adding pretty ruffles to the cover. Coordinate the different fabrics with existing furniture or linens to refresh the look of a room for fall.

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      Cable-Knit-Covered Bin

      A recycled felted cable-knit sweater makes this storage container worth cuddling up to. Slip a felted sweater over a hatbox, and adhere it to the inside and bottom using hot glue. Add leather handles to finish off a cozy container for yarn, books, games, or other necessities.

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      Felt Acorn Pincushion

      This nutty pincushion will put a smile on your face all season long! Cut two pieces of brown felt in the shape of an acorn and one contrasting color of felt in the shape of an acorn crown. Attach the acorn crown to one of the brown acorn cutouts, adding stitching detail if desired. Stitch the front and back pieces together, leaving space to add stuffing. Stuff the acorn fully with wool or synthetic fiber; sew the opening closed.

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      Map Pillow

      Chart a course for fall comfort. Pick a map of your favorite fall destination, or find an appealing map in an old atlas. Scan the image, and use image-editing software to create a mirror-image. Print the map onto iron-on transfer paper using an ink-jet printer. Iron the image onto light-color linen fabric, following manufacturer's instructions. Peel off the transfer backing to reveal the map image. Use heat-set tape to adhere it to a pillow.

      Fall Crafts Tip: Give your pillow more fall texture by wrapping it with a strip of nubby burlap before adhering the map.

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      Fall Felt Napkin Holder

      This charming fall scene dresses up your everyday napkin holder. Measure your napkin holder, and cut two pieces of felt slightly larger than those measurements. Cut the tree and leaves from contrasting felt colors, and stitch them to one of the felt pieces.  Attach the two pieces of felt together by stitching around the two sides and top, leaving an opening at the bottom to slip onto the front of a napkin holder.

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      Fall Felt Nut Bowl

      This felt nut bowl is practical and decorative for fall. To make it, cut two 10-inch squares of felt and woven cotton. Fold over the raw edges of cotton, pin them onto the felt, and stitch around the edges. Leave about 1-1/2 inches from each corner, fold the sides and make a stitch -- this will form the bowl. Gather each corner with an X sewn with embroidery thread.

      Fall Crafts Tip: Stow your nutcracker in a felt leaf-shape holder. Cut two leaf shapes from felt, add decorative stitching to one, and sew them together, leaving an opening for the nutcracker to slide in.

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      Braided Wool Rug

      Step onto cozy comfort with this handmade rug crafted from braided felted wool. You'll need around 100 yards of 1-inch-wide wool strips to make our 2x4-foot rug. Cut felted wool into 1-inch strips and braid together into 3-yard lengths. Machine-stitch all the lengths together end to end. Tape one end to a flat surface and stretch to 4 feet, tape to the surface, then round back in the opposite direction, hand-stitching the two rows together until you reach the other end. Tape the end down and round back in the opposite direction, repeating the back-and-forth hand-stitching pattern until your rug is 2 feet wide. Tuck the end to the back and hand-stitch to secure. Remove all tape.

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      Harvest-Color Felt Coasters

      Coasters made from different-size circles of felt add a burst of autumn to any room in this easy fall crafts project. Freehand-cut shapes or use a die-cutting tool. Use simple stitches to tack the pieces together, and add beads to the embroidery floss for decoration.

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      Easy Fall Crafts

      Decorate your home for the season with these easy fall crafts you can make in a pinch. From updating and repurposing household items, such as vases and pillows, to creating easy-to-make fall artwork, we have the best fall and Thanksgiving crafts to help you welcome autumn into your home.
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