Colorful & Simple Fall Projects

Bring the hues, shapes, and textures of autumn inside with these effortless fall decorating ideas and projects for your whole house.

By Kelly Roberson

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Maple Leaf Pillow Embellishment
Maple Leaf Pillow

    Add fall color to you home with inspiration from one of the season's prettiest elements -- fallen leaves. Place a leaf on a photocopier and enlarge it to a make a pattern. Cut it out of wool felt and attach it to a purchased pillow using iron-on fusible backing. A blanket stitch finishes it in style.

    Editor's Tip: Create a trio (or more) of pillows featuring different felt colors -- yellow, red, and deep green -- to capture the season.

Fall Stenciled Tablecloth

    If you can sew a straight line and spray a can of paint, you can make a handmade tablecloth for fall. Buy a drop cloth; cut to the size you wish and hem the edges. Use a fall-inspired stencil, such as a mushroom; make copies and arrange randomly on the cloth with double-sided tape. Spray a bright-colored fabric paint over the cloth, let dry, and remove the stencils.

Fall Coasters

    Fall sips are all the sweeter with these unique coasters. Find a pretty autumn image or words and print out; cut to the size of coasters (or pillar candleholders) and adhere.

Branch-Painted Vase

    Acrylic paint markers are great tools, especially in a freehand design such as this one on a pretty fall vase. Choose two shades of brown and draw bare trees; cut tiny leaf shapes from pressed leaves or cardstock and use adhesive dots to attach to the vase.

Patterned Fabric Wall Display

    Pretty patterned fabric offers inspiration for this wall sculpture. Make color copies of fabric and attach to plastic mailing tubes with double-sided tape. Stack and stagger on a wall, using strong adhesive dots to hang.

Hanging Gourd Table Cloth

    Small gourds and a no-sew cloth equal a festive table for fall activities. Measure your table; add enough yardage for a 6-inch drop and 1-inch hem all around. Notch a 5-inch square from each corner. Use fusible tape and an iron to hem at every edge. Add grommets and loop around mini pumpkins, using them as weights and seasonal accents.

Design a Fall Display Box

    Put on a show of autumn color with a collection of small jewelry boxes. Paint the inside and outside of the boxes; glue autumn images -- ferns, pinecones, leaves -- to the bottom of each box, then glue each box together. Hang it as a display or use it to collect keepsakes.

Fall Flag Centerpiece

    Creating a just-yours fall centerpiece is easy. Start with muted colors and patterns of scrapbook paper; cut into pennant shapes and use adhesive scrapbook letters to spell out words. Punch two holes in each pennant and tie to a twig; tuck all into a glass jar filled with popcorn.

Fall Leaf Art

    Add one-of-a-kind pizzazz to your walls with stencils and medium-density fiberboard. Look on for an image; enlarge several copies in various sizes and arrange on a piece of stained fiberboard. Paint in some of the stencils and around others, and use painter's tape to create stripes of various widths.

Fashion a Fall-Inspired Screen

    Foam core and bright patterns combine for a super-easy mini accordion screen, just in time to celebrate fall colors. Cut four pieces of same-size foam core; connect with two tiny craft hinges on each side. Find four photographs -- close-ups, for example -- or pieces of fabric and adhere with spray adhesive (be careful to smooth carefully).

Trivet in Fall Theme

    A close-up image of corn enlivens a long, narrow trivet; enlarge it on paper and decoupage to attach (smooth wrinkles with a ruler). To preserve the image, brush decoupage on the bottom, too.

Colorful Fall Tags

    Make a pretty wall display that celebrates natural elements. Glue images of seed heads, leaves, and nature-inspired words inside jewelry frames, hang from string or twine and voila: Instant accents for gifts, dresser pulls, doorknobs. Cluster a collection and hang at an entry for front door impact.

Fabric-Covered Fall Lamp

    Fun fabric can instantly transform a ho-hum lampshade. Use an existing shade as a pattern; cut a scrap of fall-color material to fit (overlap the edges). Adhere with spray adhesive or fabric glue; fold the bottom and top edges under and glue, too.

Mushroom Design Fabric Display

    Take a wall from blah to boring with a few easy-to-find materials. Download a mushroom stencil from free clip-art online (or draw your own using ours as inspiration), and cut out the shape in vivid patterned fabric. Iron the fabric onto fusible webbing and use Mod Podge to adhere to a surface -- a wall, for example, or a large dresser, too.

Pumpkin-Theme Plate Design

    Digital images are a great accent for inexpensive projects. Take this place setting: An image of a pumpkin was printed and adhered to the bottom of the plate with decoupage.

Fall Leaf Stencil on Furniture

    Dressers or desks will welcome a bit of pattern and color with this oh-so-easy stencil idea. Cut out, paint a stencil -- go for a tone that's a shade or two deeper than the dresser -- and adhere with stencil adhesive.

Artful Fall Hangers

    Everyday items can equal exceptional art, as these wood hangers show. Paint hangers in two complementary colors; use them as frames to display interesting images, charming papers, or even fabric. Hang with plastic tacks.

Pretty Wine Cover

    Two bands of linen add a charming touch to wine or cider bottles, making them perfect for a dinnertime party table or to give as a hostess gift. Hold the linen in place with a dab of ho glue, and tie a leather band around the center; tuck in a stalk of wheat, a leaf, or a fall flower.

Custom Fall Trivets

    Bring the fall party to the table: Find favorite fall words or images; print out on paper and cut to fit the bottom of the coasters. Attach with clear decoupage glue. Cut a piece of felt and glue to the back for a table-safe surface.

Faux Fall Leaf Window Dressing

    Send your kids on a backyard expedition, and use their small twig finds to accent paper leaves. Cut out various shapes of leaves on bright colored paper; crinkle and then flatten the leaves. Use hot glue to attach the leaves to a length of twine or string.

Fall Branch Table Display

    The berries of autumn are a stunning element in this centerpiece combination. Start with white beans in a tall glass vase and add a sturdy stalk of a crabapple tree.

Fall Leaf Chair Idea

    A chipboard circle becomes a lovely chair decoration with the addition of beautiful scrapbook paper. Cut paper the size of the circle; adhere with crafts glue and add decorative letters. Cluster leaves and acorns, also cut from scrapbook paper, at the bottom of the wreath; tie to a chair with a bit of twine.

Natural Fall Table Display

    Rely on nature to do the work for you with this lovely centerpiece. Place milkweed seeds inside a glass vase and nestle creamy and striped gourds of various sizes around to fill a short-sided basket.

Fall Stools in Autumn Designs

    Your digital camera is your ultimate DIY tool to create these colorful stools. Take a photo from overhead of pumpkins; enlarge and crop to fit a stool top and print. Choose paint in the same color as the image; paint the stool and dry. Adhere the digital image with decoupage and seal with clear polyurethane.

Quick-Assembly Fall Centerpiece

    A glass container allows the neutral beauty of white beans and golden gingko leaves to shine through. Top with a few gourds in various sizes.

Personalized Fall Wine Wraps

    It's easier than you might think to add personalization. Take this wine bottle: Two strips of fabric were cut to fit the bottle; tacky glue adheres them together. Use acrylic paint to add a monogram and a ribbon to cover the seam between the fabric pieces

More Ideas for Fall Decor

    Celebrate fall from entry to interior. We've got beautiful fall mantel ideas to decorate the centerpiece of your living space.


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