Woodland Menorah

Our woodland menorah adds a nice touch to your holiday and will certainly become a tradition in your Hanukkah celebration.
What You Need:

Remember, never leave
burning candles unattended.

  • Tree limb, 4 or 5 inches in diameter
  • Old weathered board or plank
  • Nails
  • Sheet moss or sphagnum moss
  • 9 copper-pipe end caps
  • Vise grips or clamp
  • Center punch or awl
  • Variable-speed electric drill and twist bit screws
  • 9 candles


Gather your materials.

1. Make base. Working from the underside, nail the board or plank to the tree limb to make a level base.

2. Attach caps. Secure the caps, one at a time, to your work surface with a vise or clamp. Use the center punch to mark the position of the screw hole in the center of the cap, then drill a hole through the copper cap.

Step 3

3. Mark the placement of the candle cups on the tree limb. Space them evenly along the top of the limb. The cup for the ninth candle, which is used to light the others, should be higher, lower, or out of line with the other eight candles. Make a pilot hole for each screw, using the drill or an awl. Screw the candle cups in place.

4. Cover the board and parts of the log with sphagnum moss.