Stamped Desk Accessories

Postage stamps from countries around the globe adorn these desk accessories for dear ol' Dad.

What You Need:

If your dad is a collector or
traveler, he's sure to cherish
these thoughtful gifts.

  • Cancelled or new postage stamps, with any backings removed
  • 5-inch-diameter foam ball, such as Styrofoam
  • Glossy decoupage medium
  • Paintbrush
  • Armature wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Lead-free solder
  • Silver-colored pencil holder
  • Scissors


1. Begin by decoupaging stamps on the foam ball. Cover a small area of the foam ball with decoupage medium. Place and overlap stamps onto this area, painting over the top with more decoupage medium. Continue adding stamps in this manner until the entire ball is covered.

2. To make the stand, cut three 16-inch lengths from armature wire. Bend the ends into coils as shown. If necessary, adjust the coils so all three wires are the same length.

3. Holding the armature wires with the coils outward, wrap the straight sections with lead-free solder to secure. Adjust the wire legs of the stand so it stands straight.

4. For the pencil holder, decoupage a row of stamps around the center of the holder. Trim stamps, if needed, to maintain a straight edge. If desired, wrap solder or armature wire around the holder to add a finished edge to the stamped area. Cut the ends of the wire as desired.

More Ideas:

  • To make a gift for a kid, use a rubber ball and stickers instead.
  • To make a container for new postage stamps, decoupage a small container with stamps, adding addresses torn from handwritten envelopes.