Schooltime Snacks

These six easy-to-make treats will rate an "A" any time you want to make a tasty bite.

Bake a rectangular chocolate cake, but don't frost it. Using chocolate frosting as your glue, stick on a chalk ledge made of sugar wafers. Use different flavors of hard candy for the chalk. A snack-size candy bar brushed with powdered sugar makes a great eraser. Now use miniature marshmallows glued on with frosting to write today's lesson.

Frost graham crackers, and use lengths of thin "whip" licorice to make up math problems. Then watch your problems disappear in a flash!

Spiral-Notebook Sandwich

Cut the crusts from two slices of bread. Spread on peanut butter and jelly or your favorite filling. Make holes along one edge of the sandwich with a straw, then thread whip licorice through them to look like a spiral notebook binding.

Chew-'em-Up Pencils

Trim one end of a pretzel rod so it's straight. Trim the opposite end into a slight point by making tiny wedge cuts. Using chocolate frosting as your glue, add a miniature marshmallow to make the eraser on the straight end, and a cone-shaped corn snack to make the sharpened end. Dip the tip of the corn snack in chocolate frosting to make the lead point.

Make ice cubes from assorted fruit drinks. When they are frozen, put different-colored cubes together in a tall glass. Add sparkling soda, and let the colors swirl together.

Cut a slice of sponge cake for the body of the bus. To add the round candy wheels, first poke holes through the cake with a straw, and then slide pretzels through as axles. Use frosting to glue on a sugar wafer for the front grille, miniature marshmallows for headlights, and miniature candy-coated milk chocolate pieces for the warning lights.

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