Home Sweet Books

There's always room for more books when they're held in place between these whimsical bookends.

What You Need:

This is a great way to house your
books in an orderly manner.


1. Carefully open the tops of the juice or milk containers. Rinse the cartons; let dry.

2. Fill each carton about halfway with sand.

3. Cut and glue paper to cover the spout sections on each side of the carton, making sure the paper is large enough to fold around the edges and sides.

4. Crease the paper as you close the carton. Tape the carton closed.

5. Cut and glue paper to cover the slanted top of the carton to finish the roof.

6. Cut and glue one large piece of paper and wrap around the sides of the carton. Fold any extra paper around the bottom of the box, like wrapping a gift. Tape the folded paper to the bottom of the carton.

7. Use scraps of paper to create doors, window, shutters, and grass.

8. Add flowers to your house by tying a knot in a small piece of yarn. Cut off the knot and glue the yarn flowers to the side of the carton.