Eight-Day Hanukkah Calendar

Join us for a week's work of Hanukkah traditions, from a party for family and friends to a peaceful night of reading, all Jewish customs revolving around hearth and home.

Light the menorah.

Sunday, Dec. 9: Gather your family together this evening to make Star of David napkin rings from twigs. You'll need assorted pliable twigs that are 13 to 16 inches long (willow, alder, and poplar are good choices), garden shears or wire cutter, and fine wire.

Carefully bend the twigs into triangles, secure each triangle with wire. Place one triangle on your work surface. Place another triangle over the first, forming a six-pointed star; wire together at crossed points. Put a star at each place setting and arrange with napkins another table favors.

Monday, Dec. 10: Sit down with your family or friends to write and address Hanukkah cards for all those you want to remember this year with a warm greeting.

Tuesday, Dec. 11: Attend a symphony performance, visit an art gallery, or see one of the newly released movies.

Wednesday, Dec. 12: Hanukkah falls during the season of charity. This evening, serve meals to the homeless or collect clothing and household goods and box them up for those less fortunate than your family. Or take a needy family on a holiday shopping spree.

Gather the family to read.

Thursday, Dec. 13: Gather those closest to your family and read aloud selections from the Torah or your favorite poetry.

Friday, Dec. 14: Listen to inspiring music or perform an impromptu concert for your neighbors and family members.

Play a dreidel game.

Saturday, Dec. 15: Dedicate the evening to traditional Hanukkah games. Ask relatives for suggestions or stop at your local library, then teach your children several dreidel games, relishing the rich stories that accompany this festive time of the year.

Sunday, Dec. 16: As you celebrate the last night of Hanukkah, invite close friends for an evening of traditional foods and fun.

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