Candy Hearts

Here's a fun way to give a candy-filled Valentine. Use different shapes for other occasions -- such as a star for a friend's birthday.

What You Need:

+ enlarge image Use these hearts for candy, or show off other treasure in the pockets.
  • Construction paper
  • Clear adhesive-backed vinyl
  • Heavy clear plastic
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Single-hole paper punch
  • Assorted candies


+ enlarge image Steps 1, 4, and 5

1. Make a heart-shape paper pattern from a 6-inch square of paper. Cut it out. Trace around this shape onto construction paper, but don't cut it out yet.

2. Cut a 6-inch square of clear adhesive-backed vinyl. Remove the backing paper and stick it onto the construction paper. (Pull off the corner of the paper backing. Line up the sticky corner with the corner of the construction paper. Pull off the rest of the backing and press down.) Cut out the heart shape.

3. Cut out a heart from the clear plastic.

4. Put both the clear vinyl heart and the paper heart together with the clear heart on top. Using a single-hole paper punch, make holes around the edges of the heart pieces. Try to keep the holes evenly spaced and the same distance from the edges. Hold the hearts tightly together to keep them from sliding.

5. To assemble the heart pieces, place the vinyl heart on top of the covered paper heart, making sure the holes line up. Cut a 36-inch piece of yarn. Begin "sewing" the pieces together by pulling the yarn through the hole at the top of the heart. Leave about 8 inches loose to tie the bow. (To keep it out of your way while you work, tape it to the back side.) Pull it through the next hole to make a stitch. Continue around the edge until you've gone past the bottom point of the heart.

6. Fill the heart with candy. Then, continue stitching the pieces together until you reach the top. With the end of yarn you left free at the beginning, tie a bow to keep the heart closed. Too much candy will make the heart curl up and look lumpy. Undo a few stitches and take out some candy if this happens.

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