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Wusthof products are made in Solingen, Germany, and imported to the United States. Founded in 1814, Wusthof has been in the business of selling cutlery for seven generations and employs nearly 300 people today. The company offers more than 350 models of knives. Wusthof cutlery is suited for prepa ... Read More ring elaborate meals or everyday recipes. With 10 main knife series available, Wusthof knives are sturdy, easy to maintain, and stain-resistant due to their special steel-alloy composition. This alloy contains stainless steel, carbon, chromium, and a small percentage of other elements. The ergonomic handles of Wusthof knives are designed to fit comfortably in the hand; they're made from sleek African blackwood, stainless steel, or blended synthetic materials. Wusthof knives are designed for professional chefs and home cooks alike. The knives' precision-edge technology makes it possible to chop, cut, slice, mince, and dice foods in uniform pieces. The computer-aided process involved in making precision-edge utensils produces razor-sharp knives due to the angle at which the blade is sharpened. Precision-edge knives retain their sharpness for years and maintain a high cutting performance. Wusthof also produces tools such as shears, sharpeners, spatulas, cutting boards, bar tools, and manicure sets. Each of Wusthof's cutting tools is made of the same high-quality stainless steel as its knives.

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Wusthof-Trident of America, Inc.
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Norwalk, CT 06854
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