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Tin O' Twine is an all-time original, iconic & authentic Nutscene item. If you are looking to buy the perfect gift for a gardener,... then look no further! The tin o' twine keeps your twine tangle-free, safe and dry! The design of the 'Tin O' Twine' label comes from the original Nutscene archive circa 1940. Includes 492 feet of soft, liable and strong RED 3-strand garden jute twine. Tin measures 4.5in high and 3in diameter. Has hole in lid to dispense the twine. Nutscene has been involved in the manufacturing and processing of jute garden twines since 1922. First produced in Dundee, Scotland, the birthplace of the jute industry; today Nutscene operates out of a small mill yard in the heart of Angus, Scotland and still winds their twines using the same machinery first used in 1922. The Nutscene name is derived from their world renowned green garden jute twine which, when tied around the plant cannot be seen, thus "Not Seen" ? 'Nutscene' read more

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<DIV><P><B>A modern, fresh take on Thai cooking!</B></P><P>Do you love the taste of Thai food? Wish you could bypass the restauran...t and prepare the same delicious food at home? With <I>The Everything Thai Cookbook, 2nd Edition</I>, you can master your favorite Thai dishes right in your own kitchen. This updated edition shows you how to make traditional Thai-American recipes, authentic Thai dishes, and fresh, new takes on Thai ingredients and flavors, including:</P><UL><LI>Glass noodle salad</LI><LI>Chicken satay sandwiches</LI><LI>Jungle curry</LI><LI>Salt-cured eggs</LI><LI>Curried mussels</LI><LI>Mango sticky rice</LI></UL><P> Vegetarian? No problem! You'll find hundreds of meat-free recipes, and many more that can be adapted for either vegetarians or meat-eaters. No matter what your favorite Thai dish might be, you can learn to cook it at home with whole-food, natural ingredients.</P></DIV> read more

Betty Crocker
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<div><b>America's most trusted cookbook in a handy spiral-bound paper edition! </b><p>Here is a lay-flat, spiral paperback edition... of the <i>Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition</i>?the book's most thorough revision in sixty years?with hundreds of new recipes, three new chapters, and icons that showcase how we cook today?faster, healthier, and with many more flavors.<p>New features celebrate the book's expertise and heritage with repertoire-building recipe lessons and fresh twists on American classics. With 1,100 gorgeous all-new photos and 1,500 recipes, as well as invaluable cooking guidance, <i>The Big Red Cookbook</i> is better and more comprehensive than ever before. The book features:<ul><li>Exclusive content at for cookbook buyers: 80 videos and 400 bonus recipes</li><li>1,500 recipes, 50 percent new to this edition</li><li>1,100 all-new full-color photos?more than three times the number in the previous edition?including 350 step-by-step photos</li><li>Bold, contemporary, and colorful design</li><li>Three new chapters on Breakfast and Brunch, Do It Yourself (including canning, preserving and pickling) and Entertaining (including cocktails and party treats)</li><li>New feature: Learn to Make recipes giving visual lessons on preparing essential dishes like Roast Turkey and Apple Pie, with icons directing readers to bonus videos on</li><li>New feature: Heirloom Recipe and New Twist showcase classic recipes paired with a fresh twist, with icons directing readers to bonus videos on</li><li>"Mini" recipes giving quick bursts of inspiration in short paragraph form</li></ul><p>With 65 million copies sold and still going strong, the <i>Betty Crocker Cookbook, 11th Edition</i> is the one kitchen companion every home cook needs.</div> read more

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<div>This collection shares country recipes for the most delicious kind of cooking—baking! Inside you?ll find pies, cakes, cookies..., and breads, all of which you can easily make at home. Whether you?re an experienced baker or just starting to learn, you?ll love that this book has simple, straightforward steps so your creations end up just the way you want them to. The recipes are influenced by traditional American foods that comfort the soul and please the taste buds, bringing a smile to anyone?s lips. <p>- Date-orange bread </p><p>- Berry loaf </p><p>- Maple rolls </p><p>- Apple cornbread </p><p>- Chocolate almond cookies </p><p>- Molasses cookies </p><p>- Apple johnny-cakes </p><p>- Honey-nut gingerbread </p><p>- Strawberry shortcake </p><p>- Apple cider cake </p><p>- Oats and honey bread </p><p>- Country peach pie</p><p><I>The Little Book of Country Baking</I> contains lush, full-color photographs of each delicious baked good and just the right amount of recipes for a never-ending supply of yummy inspiration. At such an excellent price, every kitchen should have a copy!</p></div> read more

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Wine Fridges and Wine Cellars - N'FINITY PRO, Ultimate Wine Storage in a New Light! Introducing the most advanced N'FINITY Wine Ce...llar ever the PRO HDX Series. This sleek and sexy wine cellar is sure to light up and beautify any room that it graces. The showcase display lighting can be set to blue red or have them alternate automatically. Equipped with a 25% more energy efficient and ETL approved cooling system than its predecessors as well as telescoping shelving that will fit all your various sized 750 ML bottles. With dual zone cooling and built-in capability this is the perfect unit for all your wine storage and service needs. Advanced Display Cabinet LightingCan't decide between a blue or red display light for your wine cellar'Now you don't have to! With N'FINITY PRO HDX you can set the lighting to alternate between the two or select either color for display. Both will ensure your collection is showcased as it should be. 3 Year Factory Warranty The entire sealed cooling system is covered for 3 full years parts and labor! With a guarantee like that you can rest assured that your prized collection will remain safe and properly protected for years to come.Telescopic Shelving With Flexible Display Shelf These new shelves roll out 90% of the way allowing for easy viewing of all the bottles on each shelf. PLUS with a display row option you can accentuate some of the finest bottles from your collection. The shelves also come with Stainless Steel Labels so you can easily locate every bottle in your cellar in style. Touchscreen Controls On LED Door Display No longer do you have to open your door letting all that perfectly cooled air out of your cellar to change the settings. Everything can be done with a simple touch of the controls turning lights on or off and turning off temperature display illumination for a less obtrusive look. Increase In Passive HumidificationThe PRO HDX wine cellar charcoal filters will not only help to maintain the proper relative humidity levels for long term storage but will ensure that only fresh air is circulated throughout the cabinet. Say goodbye to those corks drying out and ruining some of your best bottles. read more

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