The Country Cooking of Greece Cookbook

The Country Cooking of Greece Cookbook
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The Country Cooking of Greece captures all the glory and diversity of Greek cuisine in one magnum opus from Greek culinary authority Diane Kochilas. More than 250 recipes were drawn from every corner of Greece, from rustic tavernas, Kochila...s’ renowned cooking school, and the local artisans and village cooperatives that produce olive oil and handmade pasta. More than 150 color photographs and vivid sidebars bring to life Greece’s historic food culture. Seventeen chapters organized by ingredients, such as lamb, herbs, artichokes and cheese, touch down all over the country’s dramatic geography of mountains, coastal lands and fertile alluvial plains. This ingredient-driven book at once meets a growing interest in Greek cooking and serves as a homecoming for those of Greek descent. Hardcover, 384 pages. read more

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