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Brandywine Strain Lenten Rose

Brandywine Strain Lenten Rose
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Sometimes known as the D.L.C. Hybrids after their breeder David Culp, the Brandywine? Strain of Hellebores represents the best of decades of European breeding, boasting unusual colors and combinations coupled with impeccable flower form. In... this strain you will find single, anemone, and double blooms; a full range of solid, bicolored, freckled, and even picoteed forms; and colors from the traditional deep reds, pale greens, and ivories to very hard-to-find yellows, pinks, and apricots. (Each plant only displays ONE bloom color.) If its time to add some variety to the Hellebore display, you need the Brandywine? Strain. Breeder David Culp collected the original plants for this strain from the premier Hellebore gardens and collections of Europe, then spent 15 years hand-crossing them to select only the finest in color and flower form for the Brandywine? Strain. Rare species, award-winning plants, and a diversity of flower forms all contributed heavily to this strain, and the results show in every plant. Brandywine? Hellebores are about 12 to 18 inches tall and a foot wide. Like all Hellebores, they are wonderfully resistant to heat, humidity, drought, and cold. Rabbits and deer leave them alone (the plants are poisonous), making them ideal as ground cover, mass planting in woodland and other open areas, and in the border. Evergreen and very adaptable, they flower in late winter and early spring, the blooms drying on the plant and becoming papery over their several-months duration. Introduce the Brandywine? Strain into your shade garden this season and capture fine European breeding in its most refined form. Zones 4-9. read more


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