Toastess Delfino Intelligent Coffee & Spice Grinder

Toastess Coffee GrinderIntelligent Coffee & Spice Grinder, gray

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<div class="aplus"> <!-- A+DIY for ASIN: B004DAYHXO --> <!-- Created by: jason joss --> <!-- Email: --> <!-...- Coded with Kuramoto@ A+DIY Tool --> <h4>Capresso - Coffee Burr Grinder</h4> <h5>Always the Correct Fineness for Espresso, Drip, French Press and Percolators</h5> <p>Consistent, uniform and fresh grinding for espresso machines, drip coffee makers and French press. The Capresso Coffee Burr Grinder with 17 grind settings allows for adjustment from coarse to fine for any brewing method.</p> <p>Grinding fresh whole bean coffee immediately before brewing is the first step to achieving the best tasting coffee at home. Ground coffee interacts with the air around it and, within hours, loses a great deal of flavor and aroma. The longer the ground coffee is exposed to air the more flavor is lost and the rich, full-bodied taste of the coffee cannot be obtained.</p> <div class="rightImage"><img alt="Just the Right Grind" src="" /><div class="imageCaption">Just the Right Grind</div></div> <h4>How Things Work</h4> <h5>Setting the Timer</h5> <p>The timer can be set to grind for 2 to 12 cups of brewed coffee. When grinding in the finest position, less coffee per second will pass through the grinder than when grinding in the coarsest setting. The amount of ground coffee varies quite a bit depending on how coarse or fine you grind and whether you use light, dry beans or dark, oily beans. After grinding a few times, you will find the correct grind amount position for the amount of coffee you want to grind. Remember, you can always stop the grinding process by simply pushing the on/off button.</p> <div class="leftImage"><img alt="Simplicity at its Best" src="" /><div class="imageCaption">Simplicity at its Best</div></div> <ul><li>Large 1/2-pound whole bean container with 5-oz ground coffee container with lid</li><li>17 position grind selector delivers the correct fineness for espresso, drip, French press and percolators</li></ul> <ul><li>Large 1/2-pound whole bean container with 5-oz ground coffee container with lid</li><li>17 position grind selector delivers the correct fineness for espresso, drip, French press and percolators</li><li>Electronic timer lets you grind for 2 to 12 cups</li><li>Burr grinding wheels deliver the most consistent, uniform grinding</li><li>Removable upper burr for easy cleaning</li><li>Separate on/off button to stop grinding at any time or use for pulse grinding</li><li>Safety features include automatic stop when: bean container lid, ground coffee container or ground coffee container lid are not in place</li><li>Automatic bean sensor</li></ul> </div> read more

Mr. Coffee
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The Mr. Coffee IDS77 coffee grinder makes personalizing 4-12 cups of coffee easy. You can choose your grind setting from fine to c...ourse and the removable grinding chamber and wide opening lid create less mess and allow for easy pouring. The exclusive Chamber Maid(tm) Cleaning System cleans grounds from chamber walls leaving no messy residue and less coffee waste. read more

Black and Decker
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Easy-touch pulse control quickly custom grinds your favorite coffee beans from coarse to fine. Pulse button and safety function ad...d to precision and peace of mind. Stainless steel blades for consistent, outstanding performance. Holds 1/2 cup capacity and is 130 watts of power. Cord wrap adds to its convenience by leaving less mess and more counter space for you. read more

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<div class="aplus"> <div class="leftImage" style="width: 350px;"> <div id="image0"><img src="" alt="DeLonghi Coffee Grinder" ><div class="imageCaption">Make coarse, medium, or fine ground coffee<br>View larger</div></div> </div> <h5><div id="header0"></div></h5> <div id="text0" class="a-spacing-small"><p>For great-tasting coffee, start with beans freshly ground by the De'Longhi KG49 Coffee Grinder. Grind beans to your exact preference with the simple touch of a button and makes it easy for you to remove grounds when they're ready. The electronic grind selector lets you choose from coarse, medium, or fine grind settings, and the quantity-control knob ensures you grind only what you need. Additional features include an integrated cleaning brush and convenient cord storage. The unit weighs less than 2 pounds and measures 9.8 by 4.3 by 5.1 inches (H x W x D).</p></div> <h5><div id="header1">Choose Your Ideal Grind Setting</div></h5> <div id="text1" class="a-spacing-small"><p>This compact coffee grinder lets you choose your preferred grind. Three lights clearly indicate the coarse, medium, and fine grind settings. Stainless steel blades ensure durable, long-lasting use. The grinder can also grind spices.</p></div> <h5><div id="header2">Simple One-Touch Control</div></h5> <div id="text2" class="a-spacing-small"><p>Get freshly ground coffee at the push of a button. Simply hold down the lid to begin grinding and remove your hand when the grounds reach the desired consistency.</p></div> <div class="break"></div><br> <div class="sixth-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image1"><img src="" alt="DeLonghi Coffee Grinder" ><div class="imageCaption">Grind 4 to 12 cups<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col"> <h5><div id="header3">Adjust the Quantity</div></h5> <div id="text3" class="a-spacing-small"><p>Grind only what you need for the freshest results. The quantity-control knob lets you adjust the amount from 4 to 12 cups. The unit shuts off automatically when the selected quantity is reached.</p></div> </div> <div class="sixth-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image2"><img src="" alt="DeLonghi Coffee Grinder" ><div class="imageCaption">Transfer grinds to your filter without the mess<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <h5><div id="header4">Easily Remove Coffee Grounds</div></h5> <div id="text4" class="a-spacing-small"><p>A transparent container offers easy access your coffee grounds without the mess. After grinding the beans, remove the container and pour the contents into your coffee filter.</p></div> </div> <div class="break"></div> <div class="sixth-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image3"><img src="" alt="DeLonghi Coffee Grinder" ><div class="imageCaption">Hold down the button to grind <br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col"> <h5><div id="header5">Safe Operation</div></h5> <div id="text5" class="a-spacing-small"><p>An automatic safety system stops the blades when pressure is removed from the lid. This ensures the lid cannot be removed while the blades are in motion.</p></div> </div> <div class="sixth-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image4"><img src="" alt="DeLonghi Coffee Grinder" ><div class="imageCaption">Cleaning brush stores within the unit<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <h5><div id="header6">Convenient Cleaning Brush</div></h5> <div id="text6" class="a-spacing-small"><p>Quickly clean your grinder with the included brush. It is easily stored on the unit itself for convenience.</p></div> </div> <div class="break"></div> <div class="sixth-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image5"><img src="" alt="Grinded coffee" ><div class="imageCaption">Grind whole coffee beans for espresso, cappuccino, and more<br>View larger</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col"> <h5><div id="header7">Handy Storage Features</div></h5> <div id="text7" class="a-spacing-small"><p>The grinder's self-contained cord storage helps keep your counter free of clutter.</p></div> </div> <div class="sixth-col"> <div class="centerImage"> <div id="image6"><img src="" alt="Ground coffee" ><div class="imageCaption">Ground coffee in just the coarseness or fineness you need</div></div> </div> </div> <div class="third-col last"> <h5><div id="header8">What's in the Box</div></h5> <div id="text8" class="a-spacing-small"><p>De'Longhi KG49 Coffee Grinder and instructions.</p></div> </div> <div class="break"></div> </div> read more

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Espressione's commercial quality grinder stands out from the rest with its powerful grinding conical mechanism and precision contr...olled engineering. Large 8.5 ounce hopper and 15 levels of grinding all provide convenience and versatility. Whether brewing coffee or making an espresso the grinder can complete the job fast. The finest setting is ideal for preparing Turkish coffee, which is a rare feature to find in a grinder. A built-in timer with quantity measure can make from 2 to 10 cups in a matter of seconds and will stop automatically when ready. Espressione Professional Conical Burr Coffee Grinder has an advanced conical burr design to reduce the amount of friction and heat thus preserving coffee flavor and aroma. The coffee container holds up to 4 ounces of grounds and remains sealed during grinding and is anti-static. Superior functions and smart design make Espressione Professional Conical Burr Coffee Grinder the ideal commercial quality grinder for your home and office. read more

Proctor Silex
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Proctor Silex E167Cy- Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder. Coffee Grinders are ideal for precision coffee grinding, giving you the exact te...xture you want every time. Well-defined fineness settings guarantee perfect results and clear cup markings ensure meticulous measuring. read more

Hamilton Beach
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Proctor Silex, White Coffee Grinder, Safety On/Off Button, Bowl & Blades, Large Capacity, See Through Lid, Unique Internal Cord Wr...ap. read more

Kitchen Highline
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This Kitchen Highline SP-7407 Coffee Grinder is loaded with features. Some of the feature include : Stainless Steel housing and bl...ade, Capacity 60g/Safety lock system, Push operating mode, large button for easy operation and 150W/230 V/50Hz. read more

Kitchen Highline
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This Kitchen Highline SP-7414 Coffee Grinder is loaded with features. Some of the feature include : Stainless Steel housing and bl...ade, Capacity 60g/Safety lock system, Push operating mode, large button for easy operation and 150W/230 V/50Hz. read more

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