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Feel like a secret agent with this unique clock. Simply take aim and fire to project the time onto any surface. Don't settle for a... mundane morning routine - add a bit of drama with this weapon against time. The clever clock features a time function, LED projector and snooze button – keep it under your pillow at all times to be buzzed awake every morning. Not sure if it's time to get up? Fire the projection at the wall or ceiling and the digital time will display for 30 seconds. read more

$4.39 $4.37

Get gloriously geeky with the ultimate in office trophies: the Mug. Perfect as either an office gift or completely selfish purchas...e, the Mug will make any recipient the envy of the online universe. No one is too busy for a cuppa - and this quality ceramic mug is the perfect vessel to use while tapping away through your morning tea break. Symbol handle raise the status of this novelty mug to ‘desktop ornament'. Get your geek on. read more

$12.95 $11.39

At first glance, this handsome but ordinary-looking mug doesn't exactly stand out from the crowd but as soon as anyone raises it t...o their lips to take a drink, the cheeky message printed on the base is revealed. Cue much sniggering at the unsuspecting victim's expense. Thanks to this novelty ‘I'm a Douche' Surprise Mug, office pranks have never been so easy to play you even get to make your target a lovely cup of coffee in the process so he or she won't suspect a thing. As everyone except the drinker will be able to read the bold message on the base of the mug, consider this the updated, slightly more sophisticated version of sticking a ‘Kick Me.' sign to your mate's back. Poke fun at a particular colleague or friend, or leave the mug in the cupboard and let fate decide which unsuspecting drinker gets an insult with his or her hot beverage. Will you be able to stop yourself from giggling at them? Half the fun is not letting on. read more

$12.74 $12.66

This dramatic ceramic mug with bat-wing handles is designed to be your kitchen protector. He looks great on the shelf - but you'd ...better watch yourself - Bat Mug sees everything! The Bat Mug will be your tea break hero time and time again - just make sure you don't step out of line!. read more

$28.88 $21.00

With this eye-catching Dali-esque clock, time doesn't stop, it simply melts away. Inspired by Salvador Dali's work of art, ‘The Pe...rsistence of Memory', this unusual Melting Clock looks like it could have come straight out of a surrealist painting. Designed to look like a large pocket watch complete with a winder on top, this stylish timepiece is perfectly balanced to hang off any flat surface securely, creating a visual ‘melting' effect. However, despite appearances, we promise you it won't suddenly drip onto the floor. What's more, thanks to the clock's quartz precision movement, it keeps perfect track of the time – so no blaming your lateness on the fact that your clock just melted. read more

$8.95 $8.12

It quite hard to take this guy's hard crime cover at face value when he is so handy in the kitchen. His cute balaclava will even k...eep your hot drink hotter for longer! Not just great as a gift for your quirky friends, the Mugga Mug would be the perfect addition to your own mug collection. read more


With the use of heat sensitive technology and detailed satellite imagery, you can watch the world turn from night to day while your morning brew. Simply add hot liquid to activate the transformation (coffee's your best bet if you're looking to shake off your own sleep as you wake up the world.) When the hot drink warms the mug, the world map slowly brightens into view, revealing accurate topography and a real-life representation of what the earth looks like from outer space. As the liquid cools, darkness descends again and the map slowly fades out, uncovering pin-pricks of light where the world's major cities are. As geography lessons go, this is way more fun than any we remember - and you get a refreshing cuppa to boot. read more

$15.19 $15.18

Say it straight with the Up Yours Mug. Ideal as a Secret Santa gift for your favorite colleague or even your boss, the Up Yours mu...g is the gift that just keeps on giving. From the outside, the mug looks rather inconspicuous: the surprise 3D gesture will only reveal itself as the victim finishes their tea. Keep it at home or in the office for the days when you need a bit of cheering up, choose your victim and then offer to make them a nice cuppa!. read more

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