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Tassimo hot beverage systems were developed by Kraft Foods, Inc. The machines, introduced in France in 2004, are now available in more than 12 countries. Tassimo makes several brewing machines, all capable of making coffee, tea, espresso, cappuccino, and more. The beverage machines use T Discs, smal ... Read More l cups that each contain the correct ingredients and instructions needed to make a specific coffee drink. The brewers make coffee, tea, espresso, and more. At the touch of a button, the one-cup systems create a single-serving drink in less than one minute, using the Tassimo T Disc technology. Each disc comes with a barcode on it, so the brewer knows exactly what temperature, water volume, and brew time to use for a specific drink. Brewers come in silver, red, black, white, and gray. Tassimo Suprema T45 machines feature a water filter and instant-heating element. Tassimo offers T Disc beverage mixes for coffee, tea, lattes, cappuccino, espresso, crema, mocha, hot chocolate, and milk creamer. Each beverage comes in multiple flavor options. Tassimo also offers recipes for creating hot and cold beverages with its beverage machines. Tassimo accessories include the T20 Brewer Kit that includes a splash cover and cup stand in a color to customize a T20 brewing machine. Tassimo's single-serve coffee brewers and accessories fit in contemporary- or traditional-style kitchens, creating innovative coffee-base drinks.

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