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Keep your food preserved with the quality of Kerr Wide Mouth Jars. These quart jars contain lids and bands to give you everything'll need for canning. read more


Clear glass Rings and caps are included Replacement lids 88 and caps 87 1 pint wide mouth 12 jars per case


Caps and lids are included Replacement lids 71 and caps 70 Clear glass 12 jars per case 1/2 pint


Keep the bounty of your garden fresh all winter long by sealing your canning jars with this Kerr Set of 12 Regular Mouth Jar Lids.... Whether you're sealing pepper jelly, homemade tomato sauce or pickled corn, these lids seal tightly to keep your food tasting as fresh as it did the day you put it away. These lids are made from heavy-duty tin-plated steel that is designed for long-term storage in your pantry, and they're equipped with a special coating that makes them nonreactive with tomato-based and acidic foods, so you can use them for canning a variety of foods, from pickles to tomato juice or whole tomatoes. These one-time-use lids fit standard regular-mouth canning jars and can be used for hot-fill, pressure and water-bath canning methods, or you can use them to seal freezer jars. Since they're made by Kerr, an industry leader in the canning market, you can trust them to be a valuable part of the preservation process. Features: Made from thick tin-plated steel for long-lived durabilityForms tight seal during water bath, pressure and hot-fill canning Includes 12 lids for sealing a dozen regular-mouth canning jarsSpecially coated lids resist acidity from tomato-based and other acidic foodsMade by canning industry leader Kerr, so you can be assured of quality and performance read more


For home canning and preserving, this Kerr Set of 12 Regular Mouth 1-Pint Jars is a quintessential must-have. From jellies to jams... to dips, sauces, flavored vinegars, fruit butters, vegetables and fruits, you'll find an abundance of foods with which to fill these jars. The timeless design of these canning jars features thick, durable glass that will stand up to the rigors of use to last through multiple canning seasons. Use them over and over again, year after year -- just add new seals and bands as needed. This set comes with a dozen jars and matching bands and lids, so you're ready to start canning right out of the box. You can use them as storage jars for dry foods in your cupboard or pantry, or use them to store leftovers and other foods in the refrigerator. In addition, you can use these Kerr jars to preserve freezer jellies, jams and other foods. The jars in this set also make great storage jars for organizing a craft or sewing room or for filling with ingredients to make food gifts for the holidays. The side of each jar features the Kerr logo, and step-by-step instructions for using the jars with your home canning system are included in the box for easy reference. Features: Pint-size jars are perfect for canning and preserving food for two people or a single person Clear glass jars allow you to see the contents of the jars at a glance Jars are also great for organizing crafts and or for storage read more

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