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Triple action Carpet Cleaner Woolite Pet Stain + Odor Remover Carpet Cleaner has deodorizing and cleaning agents to remove stains ...from carpets. The pet stains of urine and vomit can be cleaned with the help of this cleaner. The cleaner has triple action cleaning system to remove all stench and spots from the carpet. The cleaner is easy to use and store. Uses Pherobloc technology Removes stains permanently Long lasting fresh smell Woolite Pet Stain + Odor Remover Carpet Cleaner can discourage pets from re-soiling the carpets and can keep them odor free. A Closer Look: Woolite Pet Stain + Odor Remover Carpet Cleaner uses Pherobloc technology to clean carpets and leave a fresh smell after use. The pets can be discouraged to soil the carpet again with the use of this cleaner. The oxygen in the cleaner cuts through the stains and can preserve the fabric from damage. You Won't Find: Toxic chemicals Get Started: Apply the cleaner on the affected area and keep for a few minutes. Wash with water and let it dry. read more


Remove Stains with a Spray Woolite OxyDeep Oxygen Activated Carpet Cleaner is an effective cleaner that can remove toughest stains.... This cleaner can penetrate deeply in the carpet fibers to remove stains without you having to scrub. It's made with chemical contents that can attack to lift the stains in an effective manner. Effective carpet cleaner Removes set-in stains Requires no scrubbing Spray for stains Keeps carpet clean and fresh Leave your carpet fresh and smell great with this effective spray. A Closer Look: Woolite Oxygen Activated Carpet Cleaner can clean tough stains through the deep carpet fibers. This cleaner is effective and is oxygen activated. It can even eliminate household odors along with stains. You Won't Find: Chlorine or harsh chemicals Get Started: Just spray a little cleaner over the stain. Requires no scrubbing. read more


Bliss for Carpets Keep all the stain worries aside, use Woolite OxyDeep Power Shot Carpet Stain Remover. This carpet remover helps... you in removing toughest carpet stains and leaves a clean rug behind with aromatic smell. This stain remover cleans any kind of stains permanently and make carpet shine as new one. Fast and Effective Works nice on hard to remove stains Leaves a clean and fresh scented carpet behind An effective and quick cleaning with oxydeep carpet stain remover. Keep your carpet clean and hygienic. Just For You: All types of carpet A Closer Look: Woolite OxyDeep Power Shot Carpet Stain Remover works wonder on hard to remove stains. This formula is compatible with any fabric and inevitable spills. You Won't Find: Hazardous propellants Get Started: Spot the stain, spray the carpet remover over on stain. read more

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