Fleur-De-Lis Reblooming Iris Collection


Fleur-De-Lis Reblooming Iris Collection
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The symbol of elegance, refinement and opulence, the Iris has been cherished by kings, queens and gardeners since the beginning of history. During the Crusades, Louis VII of France chose the Iris as his personal symbol, known as the Fleur-de-Louis, which later became Fleur-de-Lis. Ever since, the stylized Iris has been the symbol of French royalty. It glistened on the robes of the Sun King, Louis XIV. It is etched, carved and gilded into every corner of Versailles, the pleasure chateau of French kings. And in the gardens of this paradise, the noble Iris still reigns supreme. Yet, even the gardeners who designed Versailles would envy you if you choose to grow the unusual Irises shown in this brochure. Like elegant ladies in silken ball gowns, they will shimmer and bow in your garden -- and not just once in the spring, but again in late summer to fall. Spring Hill proudly introduces the Fleur-de-Lis Reblooming Iris Collection. These are actual reblooming varieties -- a unique accomplishment. Not only do they provide a display of true elegance early in the season, but they also return to bloom intermittently from midsummer to frost. Reblooming Irises multiply annually, so your enjoyment will multiply every year. All of these specially bred Iris varieties are easy to plant and easy to grow with little care. And, because they continue to multiply annually, they can be lifted and divided, providing healthy offspring that can be replanted in new locations or shared with friends and neighbors. Blooming in glorious color every year, these 28-40" tall beauties spread 12-24". read more

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