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Smart Solar

Smart Solar was founded in 2003 by Jonathan Stobart to offer solar-powered garden products such as water fountains and birdbaths, as well as other outdoor products such as hammocks, rain barrels, fire pots, furniture covers, and electric fountains. Smart Solar carries a variety of solar and nonso ... Read More lar birdbaths. The Smart Solar Athena Blue Ceramic Solar On Demand Birdbath features a glazed blue finish and an on/off switch that allows you to choose when your birdbath operates. Its battery technology allows the birdbath to remain on for up to six hours, even during cloudy weather, and the battery will recharge itself in one sunny day. Water is constantly recycled through a hidden reservoir. Smart Solar lighting and cascades are also availabe. The Smart Solar 23941r01 Lava Red Finish Lava Ceramic Solar Cascade features a four-tier cascading fountain with a glazed red finish. This cascade operates in direct sunlight and comes with a 10-foot cable and separate solar panel to power it. The main bowl reservoir allows it to recycle water.
Smart Solar

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Smart Solar
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