Shop Fox SHOP FOX M1042 24-Inch 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine

Shop Fox M1042 24-Inch 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine

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Shop Fox 3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine
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Bend, Cut and Roll
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With a 24-inch wide capacity and three sheet metal functions in one unit, there is no need to spend extra money and tie up shop space with three single-use machines. You'll love the convenience and accuracy of this do-it-all machine.


The Model M1042 has the capacity to roll or bend mild steel up to 22 gauge or shear mild steel up to 28 gauge. Features like the adjustable and removable fingers offer a wide variety of bending brake options. Flatten or form cylinders, cones, and arcs in sheet metal with ease using the slip roll or create bends up to 90-degrees and fold sheet metal into boxes, pans or trays with the brake.

Grooved Roller for Wires, Rods or Tubing

This sheet metal machine can bend wires, rods and small diameter tubing. The rollers include built-in grooves for your material and is bent in the same manner as sheet metal. The M1042 also includes a hinged roller cover for added safety and security.

Built to Last

The M1042 3-in-1 Sheet Metal Machine has been specially designed to provide many years of trouble free service. Close attention to detail, ruggedly built parts and a rigid quality control program ensure safe and reliable operation.

Specifications and Features
  • Maximum bend and roll capacity in mild steel: 22 gauge
  • Maximum shear capacity in mild steel: 28 gauge
  • Roll diameter: 1-1/2-inch
  • Wire groove size: 5/32-inch (4mm), 11/64-inch(4.5mm), 7/32-inch (5.5mm)
  • Box finger size: . 10-inch, 4-inch (x 2), 3-inch, 2-inch and 1-inch
  • Footprint: 14-1/2 x 32-1/2-inch
  • Approximate shipping weight: 314 lbs
Grooved Rollers for Wires, Rods and Tubing
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