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$409.99 $327.99

Pressurized pond filter system with built-in pressure gauge Monitor filter pressure to ensure optimal pond filtration Handy mainte...nance features for reliable pond filter operation Innovative features simplify filter upkeep for years of reliable... read more

Little Giant

Compact pressurized filter for ponds and water gardens Biological and mechanical filtration keeps pond water clean Turn "" handle for easy cleaning of pond filter sponge Ease of filter upkeep means peak pond conditions. The Little Giant... read more


Easy-to-install wet/dry filter for fresh or saltwater aquariums Large bio-ball capacity increases aquarium biological filtration I...ncludes Eshopps overflow box for convenient filter installation Compact wet-dry filters fit comfortably in cabinets... read more


Advanced filtration system with a compact footprint of just 16" x 8-3/4" delivers filtering capacity of an overflow wet/dry filter.... TOM Aquarium Rapids Pro Wet/Dry Filter combines all the benefits of a wet/filter with the set up ease of a canister... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith

Coarse-density filter media excellent for general-purpose mechanical filtration. Drs. Foster and Smith Coarse (Black) Pads keep aq...uarium water clear of larger particles and help protect biological filter media from clogs and debris buildup that can... read more


Easy-to-install, USA-made undergravel aquarium filter detoxifies freshwater or saltwater aquarium water naturally. The Premium Und...ergravel Filter circulates water through your aquarium gravel / substrate and facilitates the growth of billions of... read more


Welcome to the new age of UV filtration! AquaTop FORZA FZ15 UV Canister Filter with 13W UV delivers crystal-clear aquarium water a...nd added protection against harmful bacteria and unsightly algae with the latest advancements in UV technology. Innovative... read more

$419.99 $314.99

Intelligent electronic canister filter boasts cutting-edge German engineering for optimized performance and simplified routine mai...ntenance. Eheim Pro 4+ Series 350 E External Canister Filter builds upon the Eheim Pro 3 E Series Canister Filter with the... read more


The secret to professional displays with crystal-clear aquarium water! Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter powerful 3-stage filtration and easily converts to a micron water-polishing filter for a clean and healthy aquatic... read more


Powerful, feature-loaded external filters take on messy turtle tanks with ease. Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filters boast impro...ved performance, quiet operation and easier start up for worry-free operation and maintenance. This newest model from a... read more


Convenient new filter technology maintains filter operation even during fine media blockage. Eheim Pro 4+ Series External Canister... Filter builds upon the Eheim Professional 3 Series Canister Filter featuring the innovative 'Xtender' button. In the... read more


All-in-one hang-on power filter boasts industry-leading media capacity and fully adjustable flow regulation for outstanding custom... filtration. Seachem Tidal Power Filter innovates the popular hang-on-back power filter with features designed to maximize... read more


Powerful high output filters now tackle a full range of popular aquarium sizes! Energy-efficient top-quality Eheim Advanced Filters handle even the largest aquariums with ease. These impressive professional grade filters are loaded with... read more


High-performance, no bypass design means superior aquarium canister filtration. Efficient, multistage filters force water through ...the Stack n' Flo filter media trays to provide exceptional mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. The result is... read more


Upgrade of popular high performance canister filter boasts enhanced performance and setup ease. Fluval FX6 High Performance Filter makes aquarium fishkeeping easier and more convenient. Astounding 1.5-gallon media capacity filter is powered by... read more


Easy-to-use canister filter helps keep larger aquariums in peak condition with greater ease. JBJ Reaction PRO Series 4 Stage Canis...ter Filter delivers multistage filtration with convenient push-button operation. Energy-efficient DC pump with simple... read more


Marineland Emperor Rite-Size E Filter Cartridges boast "rinse and drop in" convenience for clean and clear aquarium water. Rite-Si...ze E Cartridges for Emperor 280 and 400 BIO-Wheel Power Filters feature a double-thick polyfiber pad on one side to... read more


Ultra-advanced aquarium canister filter with electronic monitoring system New concept in aquarium filtration features easy, media cartridges LCD shows pump performance, conductivity and aquarium water temperature Ultra-advanced aquarium... read more


Smart filtration that's not too big and not too small - just right for aquariums up to 250 gallons. Fluval FX4 High Performance Ca...nister Filter hits the "goldilocks zone" of larger aquarium filtration by bridging the gap between the Fluval 406... read more


Lightweight, flexible filter media creates ideal conditions for nitrifying bacteria. Unique media structure traps debris and provi...des super high surface area for beneficial bacteria. Resists clogging or channeling to maintain highly oxygenated water... read more


Ultimate combination of pump power and water filtration efficiency ensures optimum pond water quality, circulation, and stunning w...ater clarity. Laguna ClearFlo Complete Pump, Filter and UVC Pond Filter Kit consists of an industry-leading Laguna Max-Flo... read more


Achieve clear, clean, and healthy ponds free of unsightly green water with greater ease. Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pres...surized UVC Pond Filter features smart improvements to provide more powerful filtration and to simplify the maintenance... read more


Ensure optimal Aqueon QuietFlow power filter performance with monthly media changes. Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Cartridges - Large designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Patented dual-sided replaceable cartridges feature dense floss... read more

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API)

General-purpose bulk chemical filter media at a great price. API ACTIVATED FILTER CARBON is a smart, economical choice in keeping ...pond maintenance simple and under budget. Special blend of highly activated carbon removes a wide variety of pollutants... read more


Unique design incorporates three stages of filtration to keep terrarium water clean, clear, and odor-free. These filters work in s...hallow water depths, making them ideal for the low water level aquatic environments preferred by turtles, newts, and... read more


Aquarium filtration and maintenance device multitasks to simplify aquarium care. Supreme EZ CLEAN External Aquarium Filter deliver...s complete 3-stage filtration and converts easily to a pump powered gravel cleaner AND water changer/filler. Innovative... read more

Innovative Marine

Keep up with routine filter media change to ensure best performance from your Innovative Marine Nuvo Aquarium. Genuine Innovative ...Marine Nuvo Aquarium Filter Media Combo Packs simplify recommended monthly media replacement to help you maintain the... read more

United Pet Group (UPG)

Traps small dirt particles, prevents filter from becoming prematurely clogged and lasts longer to prolong filter media life. Cut t...o fit any filter. Pad measures 12" x 26" x 3/4" thick. 312 sq. in. read more


Replacement Impeller, Motor and Extension Tubes for AquaClear Power Filters. Impeller Over time, natural wear of the impeller may ...reduce pump performance. Replace the impeller to ensure reliable performance. Replacement Impellers are available for... read more


Highly energy efficient and feature-loaded canister filter ensures easy set up without compromising professional result. Sicce Spa...ce EKO+ External Canister Filter is specially-designed to minimize operating costs while simplifying set up for novice... read more

Poly Bio Marine

Multipurpose chemical filter media helps improve water quality and clarity Highly adsorbent pads remove ammonia, heavy metals, pho...sphate, and more Cut to any size or shape to fit any fresh or saltwater aquarium filter Highly adsorbent chemical filter... read more


Essential aquarium maintenance accessory powered by your Fluval FX4 or FX6 canister filter. Fluval Powered FX Gravel Vac for Fluva...l FX 4 & FX6 High Performance Canister Filters attaches directly onto your canister filter to provide a convenient way to... read more


Replacement filter pads for Eheim Professional 3 1200XL canister filter Three levels of mechanical filtration for sparkling water Use new filter pads to ensure optimum Eheim filter performance Keep your Eheim Professional 3 1200XL Canister... read more


Genuine Marineland brand foam filter sleeves for Magnum 350 Canister Filter. Bonded filter material effectively traps unsightly pa...rticles to achieve clearer aquarium water. Rinse or replace foam filter sleeve monthly to ensure optimal performance of... read more


Powerful 3-stage canister with easy-access design keeps set up and maintenance simple and convenient. Marineland Magniflow Caniste...r Filters feature a clever canister lid (motor head) design with top sealing gasket for easy access to media baskets while... read more

$49.99 $32.49

Innovative internal filter reinvented to simplify routine water changes. Supreme EZ CLEAN Internal Aquarium Filter boasts two oper...ational modes delivering complete 3-stage filtration that converts easily to a pump powered water changer. Simply remove... read more

Cpr Aquatic

Adjustable pre-filter fits assorted sump types for easy enhanced mechanical filtration. CPR Aquatic Sock-It Sump Inlet Pre-filter newly designed to install onto horizontal or vertical sump walls. Custom install mechanical pre-filter onto standard... read more


Penguin Series aquarium power filters with patented BIO-Wheel technology New features and improved flow rates for superior filtrat...ion - BIO-Wheel now more than 50% larger No-hassle 3-stage filtration keeps fresh or saltwater aquariums clean and clear... read more


Customizable 5-stage filter for superior aquarium water quality Additional filtration stages for cleaner, clearer aquarium water C...ompartmentalized filter design allows quick easy maintenance Modular multistage design elevates power filter performance... read more


Economical 4-stage reverse osmosis (RO) unit ensures a steady supply of purified water for large or multiple aquariums. Aquatic Li...fe RO Junior 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is a smart RO choice producing up to 100 gpd of economically filtered reverse... read more


Revolutionary 5-stage power filter takes aquarium filtration to a new level of convenience. AquaTop PFUV Elite Series Power Filter... with UV allows hobbyists of all skill levels to enjoy the extreme convenience of a hang-on-back filter PLUS UV... read more

Jbj Lighting

Enhance aquarium filtration with Reaction large-capacity, 4-stage canister filters. Revolutionary canister filters boast greater m...edia-storing capacity so aquarium water comes into contact with more filter media during the initial pass. Combined with a... read more

Central Aquatics

Water sparkles clean and crystal-clear with Pure-Flo Filter Pads. These sanitized, polyester pads are interwoven with nylon fibers..., making them durable, reusable, and highly effective. Coralife Pure-Flo Micron Filter Pads trap debris and small... read more


Replacement filter media pads for Eheim Pro 3 canister filters Provides mechanical, chemical, and biological aquarium filtration new filter pads to maintain optimum Eheim filter performance Keep your Eheim Pro 3 operating at peak performance.... read more


Fully submersible aquarium filter for enhanced filtration options Boost aquarium filtration, water movement and crucial aeration U...nderwater filter features flip-top access for easy media change Open your eyes to a world of unsurpassed underwater... read more

Lifegard Aquatics

Innovative filter media balls enhance biological activity, aeration, and now, even more. Improved BioMate Solid Balls create the environment for beneficial bacteria to efficiently process harmful ammonia and nitrite. Filled Media Balls utilize... read more


Create a stunning aquatic herptile display while maintaining clean, clear water. River Rock Decorative ReptoFilter from TetraFauna... is the attractive filtration solution for your frog, newt, or turtle habitat. Innovative combination of filtration and... read more


Employ the popular EcoSystem Method with greater ease in freshwater systems with limited space. EcoSystem Miracle Mud Filter Subst...rate for Freshwater Aquariums 2 lb Tray is conveniently portioned for freshwater planted aquariums and ornamental shrimp... read more


Universal design fits 1" PVC pipe or 1-1/4" OD barbed fittings Allows convenient, customized plumbing of any wet/dry aquarium syst...em Includes 4-ft corrugated hose, cuffs, clamps, and silicone sealant Customized, convenient plumbing of any wet/dry... read more


Employ the popular EcoSystem Method with greater ease in marine systems with limited space. EcoSystem Miracle Mud Filter Substrate... for Marine Aquariums 2 lb Tray is conveniently portioned for nano tanks and marine aquariums under 30 gallons. Use... read more

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