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LSE Lighting

Brand: LSE LightingWattage: 5WType: Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb (UV-C)253.7nmBase Type: Square Base - 2pinLength Overall: 4"This c...ompatible UV replacement by LightExports is guaranteed to fit these models:PF15-UV Hang-On Power FilterSP5-UV Submersible UV SterilizerPSE1 Power Filter Protein SkimmerTUV PL-S lamps are compact UVC Ultraviolet germicidal bulbs used in residential water and air disinfection units. The compact size of bulb allows for a small system design and design flexibility. Our TUV PL-S lamps offer constant UV output over their complete lifetime to close to 10,000 working hours for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. The lamps are design to perfectly fit the G23 base sockets.Applications Use:-Deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms-Residential drinking water units-Fish Pond and Aquarium Sterilizers-In-duct air treatment units-Stand alone air purifiers-Air disinfection systems in for example hospitals, universities and laboratoriesAll lamps listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell AquaTop brand lamps. All AquaTop brand names, trademarks and logos are property of AquaTop. read more


Highly energy efficient and feature-loaded canister filter ensures easy set up without compromising professional result. Sicce Spa...ce EKO+ External Canister Filter is specially-designed to minimize operating costs while simplifying set up for novice... read more


High performance multi-spectrum LED system priced to suit your planted aquarium budget. Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0 Full Spectrum Per...formance LED Fixture provides a sensibly priced lighting solution for freshwater aquariums with live aquatic plants. Five... read more


Welcome to the new age of UV filtration! AquaTop FORZA FZ7 UV Canister Filter with 7W UV delivers crystal-clear aquarium water and... added protection against harmful bacteria and unsightly algae with the latest advancements in UV technology. Innovative... read more


Enjoy brilliant reef aquarium lighting that's simple to use and sensibly priced. AquaticLife Reef Edition EDGE LED Aquarium Light ...appeals to both novice and expert aquarist with its revolutionary feature rich design. Ultra-slim design coupled with... read more


Enjoy a thriving saltwater environment that fits on any desk or countertop. Fluval SEA EVO Marine Aquarium Kit boasts compact, spa...ce-saving design without compromising performance. Powerful 3-stage filtration with over-sized media PLUS high output... read more


The secret to professional displays with crystal-clear aquarium water! Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter powerful 3-stage filtration and easily converts to a micron water-polishing filter for a clean and healthy aquatic... read more


World-renowned aquarium pump boasts exceptional quality and reliable performance. Epoxy filled, hermetically sealed, low energy co...nsumption motors result in silent, efficient operation while surpassing the highest safety standards. Features removable... read more

$159.99 $127.99

Smartly priced LED light fixture for marine aquariums complete with brilliant LEDs AND wireless control. Current USA Orbit Marine ...LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System extends your budget with two controllable channels of dual color spectrums for twice... read more


Flex your creative muscles with this innovative all-in-one aquarium system. Unlike conventional bow-front aquariums, the Fluval Fl...ex Aquarium Kit - 9-Gallon Aquarium features a distinct curved front that bows vertically rather than horizontally to... read more

Fish Mate
$79.99 $71.99

Clog-free performance means reliable, automated meals for pond fish. Fish Mate P7000 Auto Pond Fish Feeder features an automatic u...nblock function and a unique auger-style feeding mechanism. Corkscrew action prevents compaction as it dispenses... read more


Versatile, high performance aquarium canister filter loaded with convenient features. Height-adjustable inlet and customizable out...let system with venturi, and outlet nozzle allow this filter to work efficiently on any type of aquarium. Flow control is... read more

San Francisco Bay

Special freeze drying process ensures freshness Nutritious alternative to live and frozen fish foods Adds variety to the diet of p...ond fish San Francisco Bay Tropical Fish Food uses the best ingredients available with a liquid carbon dioxide freezing... read more


Budget-friendly magnetic drive pump for fresh or saltwater aquariums Aquarium pump features venturi intake and air-fractionating i...mpeller Versatile use including replacement pump or driving protein skimmers Budget-friendly magnetic drive pumps loaded... read more

Tsunami Coral Reef

Create exhibit-grade aquarium displays with greater ease. Tsunami Coral Reef Drop In Island Aquarium Decoration D2, now available ...for home aquariums, boasts an international clientele spanning from malls, restaurants, and popular theme parks.... read more


Stylish designer aquarium loaded with hobby-friendly features. JBJ Flat Panel Peninsula Rimless Desktop Aquarium is a modern inter...pretation that elevates the humble "fish tank" to an artistic living display. Premium features including high-clarity... read more

Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery

Keep your koi in top show condition with Blue Ridge Platinum Pro Koi Food! Specially formulated for discerning koi keepers, Blue R...idge Platinum Pro Koi Food is a unique, higher protein formulation with fish meal as the number one ingredient.... read more


Significant technological and design innovations improve pump performance with greater energy efficiency. The reliable Max-Flo Wat...erfall & Filter Pumps operate on less wattage than the prior models without compromising flow rate. Max-Flo Models 1350... read more


These energy efficient, magnetic drive pumps have only one moving part. Specially designed to run continuously either in-line or s...ubmersed. Very low maintenance with an easy-clean pre-filter. Ideal for fresh or saltwater aquariums. Complete with... read more

Cpr Aquatic

Employ efficient sump-style filters without expensive aquarium modifications. CPR Continuous Siphon Overflow offers a simple and e...ffective alternative to drilling aquariums. Innovative overflow unit quietly transports aquarium water at flow rates much... read more


Boost incoming water pressure to maximize output and quality of filtered reverse osmosis (RO) water. AquaticLife Smart Buddie Boos...ter Pump optimizes the effectiveness of your RO system by elevating incoming water pressure to a peak operating pressure... read more

Aqua Ultraviolet

Enjoy professional UV performance throughout the pond season. Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage Series UVs are slim, lightweight units deliver maximum UV performance, power and reliability with greater ease. Designed for set up ease without sacrificing... read more

EcoTech Marine

Newly redesigned wet-side assembly ensures reliable operation of VorTech propeller pumps. Ecotech Marine VorTech MP40w QD Propeller Pump Wet-Side Assembly boasts versatile use as a replacement part for the VorTech MP40w QD QuietDrive... read more

Emperor Aquatics

UV solution when you need the superior power but lack the space. Emperor Aquatics SMART UV HO Sterilizers employ HO T6 UV lamps of...fering nearly twice the UV lamp output than standard low-pressure UV lamps. It's like having two powerful UV sterilizers... read more


Philips 32-Watt T8 Plant and Aquarium Linear Fluorescent light bulb is ideal for use in fresh water aquariums or for growing indoo...r plants. It provides 1300 lumens of light and lasts for at least 24,000 hours. Philips Plant and Aquarium light bulb... read more


Ensure optimal Aqueon QuietFlow power filter performance with monthly media changes. Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Cartridges - Large designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Patented dual-sided replaceable cartridges feature dense floss... read more


Powerful 3-stage canister with easy-access design keeps set up and maintenance simple and convenient. Marineland Magniflow Caniste...r Filters feature a clever canister lid (motor head) design with top sealing gasket for easy access to media baskets while... read more


Get tough on algae. TetraPond’s full line of algae control products are effective at combating algae blooms, string and hair algae..., and blanket weed - fast. Also formulated for algae control in fountains and small ponds. Can be used in ponds with... read more


Smart alternative to conventional single tube fluorescent light fixtures delivers brighter light output with greater savings. Mari...neland Advanced LED Strip Light delivers 20% brighter light output, uses less energy to operate, and is designed for... read more


Higher output LED light fixture with a fully adjustable color spectrum emits high PAR levels to support strong LPS AND SPS coral g...rowth. Current USA Orbit Marine LED Pro Marine Reef Lighting System incorporates a wider spectrum of high-powered SMD LED... read more

United Pet Group (Upg)

Comprehensive kit boasts latest brand name components for set up ease AND aquarium success. Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit ...saves you time and money by eliminating the need for product research. All the work is done for you! Each kit employs... read more


Add a stunning freshwater aquatic environment to virtually any space in your home or office. Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Kits may... be small, but they're big on style and high-end features. Plus, each aquarium is extremely easy to set up and maintain.... read more


Wardley Weekend Aquarium Fish Food Feeder, 3-day feeder; Make weekend trips stress-free with the Wardley Weekend Aquarium Feeder, ...which automatically feeds your aquarium fish while you're away. A single shell will feed a 10 gallon tank of average sized... read more


Wardley Vacation Aquarium Fish Food Feeder, 10-day feeder; Make vacations stress-free with the Wardley Vacation Aquarium Feeder, w...hich automatically feeds your aquarium fish while you're away. A single shell will feed a 10 gallon tank of average sized... read more


All-In-one nano aquarium system big on style and high-end features great for hobbyists of all skill levels. JBJ Cubey Deluxe 3 Gal...lon Aquarium boasts superior 3-stage filtration and a brilliant, 5W controllable RGB LED lighting system that allow... read more

Tsunami Coral Reef

Create exhibit-grade aquarium displays with greater ease. Tsunami Coral Reef Drop In Island Aquarium Decoration B2, now available ...for home aquariums, boasts an international clientele spanning from malls, restaurants, and popular theme parks.... read more


Stylish, puck-style LED light boasts amazing power, control, and expandability in a sleek, low-profile design. Kessil Aquarium A80... Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light offers hobbyists a smart 15W option to the extremely popular Kessil Aquarium Tuna Blue... read more


Creative possibilities in miniature await for dedicated reef enthusiasts. Fluval SEA EVO Saltwater Kit - 5-Gallon Aquarium boasts ...stylish, space-saving design without compromising performance, giving hobbyists the necessary hardware to set up a... read more


Minimize equipment clutter with space-saving, refugium lighting powered by brilliant 3-watt CREE LEDs! Eshopps Curve Refugium LED ...Light offers a sensible refugium lighting choice with its compact space-saving design, energy efficiency, and minimal heat... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith

Superior ingredients fuel exceptional daily nutrition for consistent growth, color, and the well-being of all tropical fish. Drs. ...Foster and Smith Tropical Flakes formulated with top quality ingredients including premium fishmeal high in protein and... read more


Easy-to-install, USA-made undergravel aquarium filter detoxifies freshwater or saltwater aquarium water naturally. The Premium Und...ergravel Filter circulates water through your aquarium gravel / substrate and facilitates the growth of billions of... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith

Irresistible fortified nutrition supports proper herbivore growth, development and coloration. Drs. Foster and Smith Marine Herbiv...ore Flakes with spirulina feature a diverse assortment of quality ingredients including garlic, increase palatability to... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith

Coarse-density filter media excellent for general-purpose mechanical filtration. Drs. Foster and Smith Coarse (Black) Pads keep aq...uarium water clear of larger particles and help protect biological filter media from clogs and debris buildup that can... read more


With Lee's AQ2 Aquarium Divider System, you can easily create separate compartments in your aquarium. Use one or more Dividers to ...protect injured fish or young fish (fry), create a safe breeding area, and/or provide secluded quarters for aggressive... read more


Greater range of motion AND adjustable flow patterns ensure optimal aquarium water movement. Sicce Voyager Stream Pump Models 2, 3..., & 4 boast amazing Italian-made ingenuity to truly eliminate low-flow "dead spots" and to ensure custom water movement... read more


A universal design that fits all brands of aquariums, vented for heat dissipation. Shock-proof and water resistant rubber boot pro...tects switch from corrosion. Comes with bulb and has a woodgrain finish - for terrarium or aquarium use. Strip Length Bulb... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith

Support most vivid coloration of tropical fish with premium nutrition. Doctors Foster and Smith Color Flakes Fish Food made from p...remium fishmeal high in Omega-3 fatty acids are a nutritionally balanced daily diet formulated to enhance natural colors... read more

Lifegard Aquatics

Moisture-damaged fish food gumming up your automatic feeder? Lifegard Intelli-Feed Aquarium Fish Feeder features an innovative des...ign for superior moisture- and trouble-free operation. Feeding drum automatically moves forward, rotates to dispense... read more


Large resin rock formations for enhancing aquarium decor Decorative rocks add architectural element to aquariums Convenient and bu...dget-friendly way to aquascape with "rocks" Large aquarium decor delivers visual weight without the weight of real rock.... read more


Experience a new way to outfit your aquarium, beginning with lighting. Orbit IC LED Marine Reef Lighting System with LOOP Wireless... Lighting & Pump Control provides an innovative integrated approach to marine aquarium lighting and water movement with... read more


Powerful, high-quality battery-operated air pump Portable and inexpensive multipurpose aeration device Oxygenates water when trans...porting fish or during emergencies Now if the power fails, your aquarium won't! The Azoo Battery Air Pump is a powerful,... read more

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