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Clear for Life

With the stunning Hexagon Aquarium, you can admire your brilliant fish from any angle with dazzling clarity. You'll notice how muc...h brighter your fish look, thanks to acrylic clarity and strength. Choose sizes from 12 to 95 gallons, in blue, black, or... read more

$28.99 $27.99

Description: Super bright outdoor LED lights. Can be used in the garden, around the pond or submerged underwater. The long cable a...llows you to set it where you want. The unit has an adjustable bracket allowing you to tilt the light at different angles.... read more


Newly improved TetraMin Tropical Flake fish food means cleaner and clearer aquarium water. Scientifically formulated blend of nutritious ingredients plus vitamins, minerals, and trace elements maximizes food utilization by fish to reduce waste.... read more


The secret to professional displays with crystal-clear aquarium water! Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter powerful 3-stage filtration and easily converts to a micron water-polishing filter for a clean and healthy aquatic... read more


Easy-to-install, USA-made undergravel aquarium filter detoxifies freshwater or saltwater aquarium water naturally. The Premium Und...ergravel Filter circulates water through your aquarium gravel / substrate and facilitates the growth of billions of... read more


Innovative internal filter reinvented to simplify routine water changes. Supreme EZ CLEAN Internal Aquarium Filter boasts two oper...ational modes delivering complete 3-stage filtration that converts easily to a pump powered water changer. Simply remove... read more

$47.99 $38.39

NEWLY upgraded next generation Koralia pumps boast greater energy-efficiency and enhanced features. Improved impeller design boost...s flow rate and reinforced nose cone cover offers greater protection against breakage. Higher efficiency Hydor Koralia... read more

Aqua Ultraviolet

Enjoy professional UV performance even if space is limited. Aqua Ultraviolet Advantage Series UV's are slim, lightweight units tha...t deliver maximum UV performance, power and reliability with greater ease. Designed for set up ease without sacrificing... read more


Lightweight, flexible filter media creates ideal conditions for nitrifying bacteria. Unique media structure traps debris and provi...des super high surface area for beneficial bacteria. Resists clogging or channeling to maintain highly oxygenated water... read more


Stable porous clay gravel for natural planted aquariums Mineral-rich substrate improves aquarium plant growth Eliminates laterite ...supplementation in planted aquariums Bring noticeable improvement in plant growth response. This stable, porous clay... read more


Marineland Emperor Rite-Size E Filter Cartridges boast "rinse and drop in" convenience for clean and clear aquarium water. Rite-Si...ze E Cartridges for Emperor 280 and 400 BIO-Wheel Power Filters feature a double-thick polyfiber pad on one side to... read more


Ensure optimal Aqueon QuietFlow power filter performance with monthly media changes. Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Cartridges - Large designed with the fish and the aquarist in mind. Patented dual-sided replaceable cartridges feature dense floss... read more


Ingenious flipping design lets you remove algae from your freshwater or saltwater glass aquarium walls in no time! The Flipper Nan...o Magnetic Aquarium Algae Cleaner, for glass aquariums up to 1/4" thick, flips from scrubber to scraper inside the... read more


Breath-taking aquarium backgrounds boast unsurpassed realism Handmade and hand-colored backgrounds for exceptional aquascapes Simp...le and effective way to enhance the appearance of any aquarium Unparalleled realism instantly transforms your aquarium... read more


Budget-friendly magnetic drive pump for fresh or saltwater aquariums Aquarium pump features venturi intake and air-fractionating i...mpeller Versatile use including replacement pump or driving protein skimmers Budget-friendly magnetic drive pumps loaded... read more

Aquarium Technology Inc

Easy-to-install aquarium pre-filter for added mechanical filtration Attach Filter-Max to powerhead or aquariums filter intake tube... Foam sponge filter traps aquarium debris to prevent filter damage Simple aquarium filter upgrade for under $10! Enjoy... read more

Hamiliton Technology

Light up any aquarium with powerful compact fluorescent lighting boasting color spectrum choices beyond the ordinary. Hamilton Tec...hnology Linear Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamps are the product of 20 years of US and German technology to deliver the best... read more


Pressurized pond filter system with built-in pressure gauge Monitor filter pressure to ensure optimal pond filtration Handy mainte...nance features for reliable pond filter operation Innovative features simplify filter upkeep for years of reliable... read more

Midwest Tropical Fountain

MTF1049 Features Aqua collection Fresh water tank Comes with a silent filter Top Material: Glass Top can be removed to clean the i...nterior Shape: Square Water Capacity: 15 Gallons Water Type: Freshwater Product Type: Aquarium tank Color: Black Country... read more


Easily upgrade all aquariums up to 30" with energy-efficient LEDs for versatile day and night lighting. The Marineland LED Aquariu...m Light features long-lasting white and blue LEDs for amazing light effects in your aquarium. White daytime LEDs emit... read more


Smartly priced LED light fixture for marine aquariums complete with brilliant LEDs AND wireless control. Current USA Orbit Marine ...LED Saltwater Reef Lighting System extends your budget with two controllable channels of dual color spectrums for twice... read more

Uv Lighting Company

Very High Output T-12 fluorescent lamp for reef aquariums Combination VHO lamp emits beneficial blended light for coral Accentuate... coral fluorescence and provide light for coral growth Specialty VHO (Very High Output) fluorescent lamp streamlines reef... read more

Cpr Aquatic

Ensure proper food distribution in aquariums housing shy or slow feeders. CPR Aquatic Smart Feeder Aquarium Fish Feeder offers a s...imple solution so all aquarium inhabitants have enough to eat without over feeding the entire aquarium. Adjust vertical... read more

Unique Bargains
$36.99 $18.19

The food holder is detachable, easy to put the food in it. Food quality is adjustable, rotate the screw gear built in. With 12h an...d 24 hour mode, feed 12h once and 24h one set by the switch. A knob for manual feed control. read more


Sleek strip light aesthetics conceal powerful, controllable LED performance. JBJ Orion SL Series LED Light Fixtures prove high out...put LED fixtures need not be bulky or boxy in design. Complete fan-cooled LED fixtures neatly house brilliant 2-channel... read more


Greater range of motion AND adjustable flow patterns ensure optimal aquarium water movement. Sicce Voyager Stream Pump Models 2, 3..., & 4 boast amazing Italian-made ingenuity to truly eliminate low-flow "dead spots" and to ensure custom water movement... read more


Improve water clarity and keep your Fluval Multi-Stage Canister Filters functioning its best. Fluval Filter Foam Blocks provide me...chanical filtration to effectively capture particulate waste in turtle tanks, paludariums, aquatic terrariums or any... read more

$15.99 $13.59

Minimum energy consumption, maximum performance. The Hydor Centrifugal Pump miniature water pump extends range of use while keepin...g power consumption low. Flow control knob allows water output to be adjusted to your specific aquarium needs. Unique pump... read more


Economical 4-stage reverse osmosis (RO) unit ensures a steady supply of purified water for large or multiple aquariums. Aquatic Li...fe RO Junior 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is a smart RO choice producing up to 100 gpd of economically filtered reverse... read more


Flex your creative muscles with this innovative all-in-one aquarium system. Unlike conventional bow-front aquariums, the Fluval Fl...ex Aquarium Kit - 9-Gallon Aquarium features a distinct curved front that bows vertically rather than horizontally to... read more


Add a stunning freshwater aquatic environment to virtually any space in your home or office. Fluval SPEC Desktop Aquarium Kits may... be small, but they're big on style and high-end features. Plus, each aquarium is extremely easy to set up and maintain.... read more


Stylish designer aquarium loaded with hobby-friendly features. JBJ Flat Panel Peninsula Rimless Desktop Aquarium is a modern inter...pretation that elevates the humble "fish tank" to an artistic living display. Premium features including high-clarity... read more

United Pet Group (Upg)

Comprehensive kit boasts latest brand name components for set up ease AND aquarium success. Marineland BIO-Wheel LED Aquarium Kit ...saves you time and money by eliminating the need for product research. All the work is done for you! Each kit employs... read more


Beautiful and versatile Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand is the perfect substrate for reef aquariums. Use as a gorgeous substate or... as a functional substrate for nitrate-reducing systems such as Plenum or Berlin systems. Consistent grade aragonite... read more


The Lightahead® Artificial Tropical Fish Aquarium is a great alternative to a regular aquarium. Allow Yourself to be Immersed in t...he Peace & Calm of the Ocean. -The Lightahead® Artificial Aquarium creates the illusion of tropical fish and water in... read more


Viagrow Submersible Water Pumps are an excellent choice for use in aquariums, hydroponic gardening, aquaponics, statuary and pond ...installations, and more. Well-constructed and extremely durable. These pumps come with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee. read more

Fish Mate

This easy-to-use, battery-operated pond feeder offers adjustable feeding rates. Great for use with all types of dry fish foods! Di...spenses food over several hours to help keep fish active and reduce the risk of overfeeding. Reliable, accurate quartz... read more

Aquarium Technology Inc

Redesigned aquarium sponge filters for improved bio-filtration Use reticulated foam filter with higher flow rate powerheads Benefi...cial bacteria colonize sponge filter for waste breakdown Reticulated foam sponge filters enhance aquarium biological... read more


Philips 32-Watt T8 Plant and Aquarium Linear Fluorescent light bulb is ideal for use in fresh water aquariums or for growing indoo...r plants. It provides 1300 lumens of light and lasts for at least 24,000 hours. Philips Plant and Aquarium light bulb... read more

Penn Plax

This Radius Curved Corner Aquarium is functional and fashionable. House your fish in a spacious glass santuary. The LED light spot...lights your fish and any decorative items placed in the aquarium. Made of glass, which beautifully reflects the light and... read more

Penn Plax

This Water World Prism Nano Aquarium Kit is a perfect size for smaller areas. At a capacity of 2-gallons this a great option for a... starter kit or as a contrast to your larger aquariums. The LED light spotlights your fish and any decorative items placed... read more

Penn Plax

This Water World Prism Nano Aquarium Kit is the perfect size for smaller areas. At a capacity of 2-gallons, this a great option fo...r a starter kit or as a contrast to your larger Aquariums. The LED light spotlights your fish and any decorative items... read more

Penn Plax

This Radius Curved Corner Aquarium is functional and fashionable. House your fish in a spacious glass santuary. The LED light spot...lights fish and any decorative items placed in the aquarium. Made of glass, which beautifully reflects the light and... read more

Penn Plax

This Radius Curved Corner Aquarium is functional and fashionable. House your fish in a spacious glass santuary. The LED light spot...lights your fish and any decorative items placed in the aquarium. Made of glass, which beautifully reflects the light and... read more

$599.99 $509.99

Inclusive reef aquarium kit available in 14-gallon M40 or 24-gallon M60 models boasts easy set up and maintenance to enhance the r...eef keeping experience. Fluval Reef Aquarium Set comes with a glass aquarium with frosted rim framing, a high-quality... read more

$539.99 $458.99

Elegant freshwater aquarium kit available in 15-gallon F35 or 22.4-gallon F60 models boasts outstanding, multistage filtration for... aquarium success. Fluval Freshwater Aquarium and Cabinet Set comes with a glass aquarium with frosted rim framing, a... read more


Advanced filtration system with a compact footprint of just 16" x 8-3/4" delivers filtering capacity of an overflow wet/dry filter.... TOM Aquarium Rapids Pro Wet/Dry Filter combines all the benefits of a wet/filter with the set up ease of a canister... read more

Innovative Marine

Ultra stylish rimless all-in-one system sized right for nano-aquarium enthusiasts. Innovative Marine NUVO Aquarium Fusion Nano 10 ...Kit w/18W LED SKKYE Light delivers the award-winning features of the popular NUVO Fusion Aquariums in a compact, yet... read more

Pure Water

Decorative substrate lets tropical fish be the star attraction of your aquarium. Pure Water Pebbles Aquarium Gravel makes it easy decorate your aquarium AND showcase vibrant coloration of tropical fish. Natural gravel with 100% acrylic coating... read more

Jbj Lighting

Enhance the Nano Cube experience with energy-efficient LED aquarium lighting. JBJ 28g Nano Cube LED Intermediate employs brilliant..., high-intensity LEDs (light emitting diodes) for functional light that supports the growth of photosynthetic organisms.... read more

Kent Marine

Comfort and convenience enhance aquarium maintenance. Kent Marine Pro-Scraper II effectively tackles all your aquarium-cleaning with the inclusion of THREE interchangeable blades. This 3-in-1 scraping tool is perfect whether you need a light touch... read more

$199.99 $169.99

Specially designed aquarium ultraviolet sterilizer maximizes UV exposure in a compact, easy-to-install unit. Water traveling the revolutionary "Turbo-Twist" flow design is exposed to three times more germicidal UV light than in conventional UV... read more

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