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LSE Lighting

Brand: LSE LightingWattage: 5WType: Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb (UV-C)253.7nmBase Type: Square Base - 2pinLength Overall: 4"This c...ompatible UV replacement by LightExports is guaranteed to fit these models:PF15-UV Hang-On Power FilterSP5-UV Submersible UV SterilizerPSE1 Power Filter Protein SkimmerTUV PL-S lamps are compact UVC Ultraviolet germicidal bulbs used in residential water and air disinfection units. The compact size of bulb allows for a small system design and design flexibility. Our TUV PL-S lamps offer constant UV output over their complete lifetime to close to 10,000 working hours for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy. The lamps are design to perfectly fit the G23 base sockets.Applications Use:-Deactivation of bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms-Residential drinking water units-Fish Pond and Aquarium Sterilizers-In-duct air treatment units-Stand alone air purifiers-Air disinfection systems in for example hospitals, universities and laboratoriesAll lamps listed are compatible brand UV products. We do not sell AquaTop brand lamps. All AquaTop brand names, trademarks and logos are property of AquaTop. read more

GreenHAUS Decor
$59.99 $41.99

Create a masterful centerpiece at your wedding, parties, or dinners with this 10\" Bubble Bowl Vase! Bubble Ball vases are fast be...coming a festive option when it comes to decorating! The round fish bowl shape can be incorporated into design using vase fillers, plant terrarium, fresh flowers, floating candles, pillar candles, or even live fish! Creating dramatic centerpiece designs using this style vase is easy when paired with your favorite items.  For an eye-catching, illuminated display, place a submersible Floralyte in this vase and fill it with dyed water for a colorful glow. Fill it with a short, thick bouquet full of ivory blossoms. Place a single votive inside for a soft, luminous table accent. read more

Fish Mate
$79.99 $59.99

Clog-free performance means reliable, automated meals for pond fish. Fish Mate P7000 Auto Pond Fish Feeder features an automatic u...nblock function and a unique auger-style feeding mechanism. Corkscrew action prevents compaction as it dispenses... read more

$419.99 $272.99

Intelligent electronic canister filter boasts cutting-edge German engineering for optimized performance and simplified routine mai...ntenance. Eheim Pro 4+ Series 350 E External Canister Filter builds upon the Eheim Pro 3 E Series Canister Filter with the... read more

$229.99 $206.99

High output T5 fluorescent light fixture for marine aquariums Energy-efficient high performance 24-hour aquarium illumination directional Lunar Blue LEDs for aquarium accent lighting Customize 24-hour reef aquarium lighting using less energy.... read more


BUY THE KIT AND SAVE! Value added kit includes a 15 gallon, black JBJ Cubey Nano All-In-One Aquarium, matching 15 Gallon JBJ Cubey... Nano Cabinet Stand in black, and a 4-piece JBJ Cubey Maintenance Kit . A $487 Total Value for ONLY $420.00! Why pay more... read more


Ultimate combination of pump power and water filtration efficiency ensures optimum pond water quality, circulation, and stunning w...ater clarity. Laguna ClearFlo Complete Pump, Filter and UVC Pond Filter Kit consists of an industry-leading Laguna Max-Flo... read more


BUY THE KIT AND SAVE! Value added kit includes a 15 gallon, white JBJ Cubey Nano All-In-One Aquarium, matching 15 Gallon JBJ Cubey... Nano Cabinet Stand in white, and a 4-piece JBJ Cubey Maintenance Kit. A $487 Total Value for ONLY $420.00! Why pay more... read more

Jbj Lighting

Enjoy breathtaking panoramic views without seams or the visual clutter of hooded aquariums. JBJ Rimless Aquariums update the all-in-one aquarium with a rimless design brimming with ultra-cool, modern aesthetics. 8mm bent-glass aquariums enhance... read more


Achieve clear, clean, and healthy ponds free of unsightly green water with greater ease. Laguna Pressure-Flo High Performance Pres...surized UVC Pond Filter features smart improvements to provide more powerful filtration and to simplify the maintenance... read more


The secret to happy aquatic herps is with crystal-clear aquarium water! Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter deliv...ers powerful 3-stage filtration and easily converts to a micron water-polishing filter for a clean and healthy environment... read more


All-in-one hang-on power filter boasts industry-leading media capacity and fully adjustable flow regulation for outstanding custom... filtration. Seachem Tidal Power Filter innovates the popular hang-on-back power filter with features designed to maximize... read more

EcoTech Marine

Radically redefine the simplicity, beauty, and power of the LED light. EcoTech Marine Radion XR15W G4 Pro LED Light Fixture is the... newest generation of the popular Radion series LED featuring 23 LEDs in 8 different colors with a variable max power... read more


High-quality all-in-one rimless glass aquarium kits priced right for any budget. Marineland Contour Desktop Aquarium Kits boast features stylishly bundled in a small package without the high price tag. Beautifully designed glass aquariums are... read more


Fluval Pure XL Aquarium Set with Stand displays an essential and elegant design with all the technology concealed beneath the lid.... It's suitable for every type of fishkeeper; plus, access to the filter, filtration media, and the lighting system... read more

Halo (ALL)

Advance freshwater aquarium lighting to new levels with this stylish and controllable pendant-style LED. HALO Deluxe FX80 LED Aquarium Light Fixture features a 25 LED array (UV + Cool White + Blue + Red + Warm White) divided into two... read more

Hubbard Scientific
$5,590.00 $4299.90

Thermoplastic fixture with fluorescent tube fits on the glass cover of the 25 gallon and 55 gallon Oceanic to provide supplemental... illumination inside the tank. American Educational Products have a lead ship time of 21 days.- SKU: AMED1444 read more


Panoramic glass aquarium with distinct, deep dimensions allows hobbyists to flex their creative aquascaping talents. Dennerle's Tank Complete Aquascaping Aquarium boasts 50 years of expertise from Europe's largest aquarium plant nursery.... read more


Budget-friendly magnetic drive pump for fresh or saltwater aquariums Aquarium pump features venturi intake and air-fractionating i...mpeller Versatile use including replacement pump or driving protein skimmers Budget-friendly magnetic drive pumps loaded... read more


Inclusive 36-gallon reef aquarium kit boasts easy set up and maintenance to enhance your reef keeping experience. Fluval M-90 Reef... Aquarium Set comes with a glass aquarium with frosted rim framing, a high-quality laminated cabinet stand, Marine & Reef... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith

Coarse-density filter media excellent for general-purpose mechanical filtration. Drs. Foster and Smith Coarse (Black) Pads keep aq...uarium water clear of larger particles and help protect biological filter media from clogs and debris buildup that can... read more


Aquarium filtration and maintenance device multitasks to simplify aquarium care. Supreme EZ CLEAN External Aquarium Filter deliver...s complete 3-stage filtration and converts easily to a pump powered gravel cleaner AND water changer/filler. Innovative... read more

$190.48 $84.77

Combine functionality and beauty with the Altra Cove 20 Gallon Aquarium Stand. This Aquarium Stand features 4 open cubbies and 2 d...oors to store all your aquarium accessories. Use the Cove 20 Gallon Aquarium Stand as a way to showcase your aquatic pets... read more

Emperor Aquatics

The smart UV choice for freshwater and marine aquariums up to 160 gallons. Emperor Aquatics SMART UV Lite Sterilizers boast signat...ure SMART UV design optimized for popular aquarium sizes. Heavy-duty UVs deliver maximum pathogen and algae sterilizing... read more


Versatile, high performance aquarium canister filter loaded with convenient features. Height-adjustable inlet and customizable out...let system with venturi, and outlet nozzle allow this filter to work efficiently on any type of aquarium. Flow control is... read more

Emperor Aquatics

Superior UV solution for large ponds and water features. Emperor Aquatics SMART HO Pond UV Clarifiers employ high output T6 UV offering nearly twice the UV lamp output than standard low-pressure UV lamps. It's like having two powerful UV... read more

Aa Aquarium

Enjoy cleaner, clearer aquarium water without complicated UV plumbing. AA Aquarium Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer Powerhead streamlines installation by including a properly sized water pump and a patented Sealed Water UV Bulb. The... read more


Powerful canister filters great for novice or experienced aquarists alike. Eheim ecco Pro Canister Filters boast extreme ease of and reliable, worry-free and energy-efficient performance for exceptional aquarium filtration. Updated 3-stage canister... read more


Specially designed pond ultraviolet clarifier maximizes UV exposure in a compact, easy-to-install unit. Water traveling through th...e revolutionary "Turbo-Twist" flow design is exposed to three times more germicidal UV light than in conventional UV... read more

Lifegard Aquatics

Energy-efficient aquarium pump redesigned for quiet, long-lasting use. The popular Quiet One multipurpose aquarium pumps now boast... remarkable impeller technology and corrosion-resistant bearings to help ensure quiet operation and longer life. These... read more


Experience vivid, full-spectrum light effects for a dynamic planted aquarium display. Finnex Planted+ 24/7 Aquarium LED Light Fixt...ure is a color-changing RGB+7K White LED light fixture that seamlessly transitions from dawn, midday, afternoon, dusk, to... read more


Specially designed aquarium ultraviolet sterilizer maximizes UV exposure in a compact, easy-to-install unit. Water traveling the revolutionary "Turbo-Twist" flow design is exposed to three times more germicidal UV light than in conventional UV... read more

Aqua Ultraviolet

Maintain optimal Aqua Ultraviolet Classic Series UV w/ Wiper performance with genuine replacement UV Lamps and Quartz Sleeve. Aqua... Ultraviolet High Output germicidal lamps are designed for 14 months of continuous use - the longest UV lamp life on the... read more

Central Aquatics
$69.99 $62.99

Compact, high output air pump for multiple aquarium setups or high-pressure/high-flow devices. Similar in design to larger high-ca...pacity air pumps, these energy-efficient magnetic piston air pumps are perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors... read more

Emperor Aquatics

Smart design optimizes UV performance for clean, clear pond water. Emperor Aquatics SMART Pond UV Clarifiers ensures maximum UV-C ...output through careful placement of the UV lamp. Long-lasting UV lamps are positioned between the inlet/outlet ports so... read more


9-gallon glass aquarium enhances home decor with a serene approach to living art. Eheim 9G Aquastyle Aquarium is the lifestyle aqu...arium perfect in modern or traditional settings. High quality formed-glass aquarium features rounded corners for fantastic... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith
$92.99 $69.74

Buy bulk for an outstanding bargain on high-quality staple koi food. Whether you're new to keeping koi or an experienced enthusias...t, you can enjoy healthy beautiful koi and excellent savings without sacrificing quality. Our Staple Diet Koi Food is a... read more


Tunze's smallest speed-controlled circulation pump loaded with high-end features provides a superior water movement solution for a...quariums up to 132 gallons. Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6040 Circulation Pump, designed for energy efficiency, discreet... read more

Aqua Euro

Smartly priced multipurpose pump stretches your dollar with years of safe, reliable use. AquaEuro USA Apex High Performance Submer...sible Pump offers hobbyists a great choice to tackle a wide variety of freshwater or marine aquarium projects. Powerful,... read more


Welcome to the new age of UV filtration! AquaTop FORZA FZ15 UV Canister Filter with 13W UV delivers crystal-clear aquarium water a...nd added protection against harmful bacteria and unsightly algae with the latest advancements in UV technology. Innovative... read more

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API)

Enjoy the aquarium hobby in a brand new way! API 7-Gallon Bow View Aquarium Kit enhances the aquarium experience for you with qual...ity, easy-care features. Full hood with multicolor LED lighting features the latest innovations including variable color... read more


World-renowned aquarium pump boasts exceptional quality and reliable performance. Epoxy filled, hermetically sealed, low energy co...nsumption motors result in silent, efficient operation while surpassing the highest safety standards. Features removable... read more

Cpr Aquatic

Employ efficient sump-style filters without expensive aquarium modifications. CPR Continuous Siphon Overflow offers a simple and e...ffective alternative to drilling aquariums. Innovative overflow unit quietly transports aquarium water at flow rates much... read more


Higher output LED light fixture with a fully adjustable color spectrum emits high PAR levels to support strong LPS AND SPS coral g...rowth. Current USA Orbit Marine LED Pro Marine Reef Lighting System incorporates a wider spectrum of high-powered SMD LED... read more


Upgraded LED array and dynamic remote control combine precision power and effortless automation for exquisitely illuminated plante...d aquarium landscapes. Finnex Planted+ 24/7 SE Aquarium LED Light Fixture is equipped with two rows of intense daylight... read more

Drs. Foster & Smith

Fine-density multipurpose mechanical filtration at a hobby-friendly price. Drs. Foster and Smith Fine (Beige) Pads effectively tra...p smaller particles from the water column for improved aquarium water clarity. A great, budget-friendly way to boost... read more


Expandable LED light and water movement control system comes with two LED light fixtures to maximize light output. Current Orbit M...arine IC PRO LED System Dual Wireless 24-hr Lighting and Wave Pump Control doubles the light output of the popular Current... read more


Make waves without sacrificing power, control, or your aquarium budget! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow 12V DC Pro...p Pump streamlines product selection with its powerful 2,640-gph flow rate AND adjustable control. No separate purchase... read more


Customize aquarium water movement while staying within your budget. Hydor SmartWave Pump Controller Kits package together two (2) ...popular Hydor Koralia circulation pumps ( Hydor Koralia Nano or Hydor Koralia Evolution Pumps ) and a Hydor Koralia... read more

Innovative Marine

Luxurious midsize aquariums combine premium high clarity glass with award winning all-in-one filtration system for the ultimate vi...ewing experience. Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion Aquariums are made with high clarity, low-iron glass with flat and diamond... read more


Powerful light output combined with the perfect amount of control. JBJ Orion LT-120 LED Light Fixture enhances the aesthetics of y...our marine aquarium with brilliant 120W light output and convenient remote control for custom lighting. Complete,... read more

Lifegard Aquatics

Thermoplastic exterior is corrosion-proof Efficient, reliable, and low-cost operation High volume pumps, great for central filtrat...ion systems The pump's extra large strainer pot has a comfort grip lid for quick access to the strainer basket. Each motor... read more

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