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AZ Patio Heater
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AZ Patio NG-CAL Natural Gas Cast Aluminum HeaterKeep your outdoor gathering area comfortable and cozy with a AZ Patio NG-CAL ...Natural Gas Cast Aluminum Heater. When the sun goes down and the evening breeze gets a bit chilly, this heater provides powerful outdoor heating protected by a resilient steel construction. All sorts of uses can be found for this heater, including patios, decks, outdoor venues, and more.Radiant heatingGas powered radiant heating brings a variety of benefits over other heating methods. It's easy to use and requires no maintenance - no tending to wood fires, no replacing gel fuels, and you won't be limited to areas where there's an electrical outlet. It also operates silently and cleanly, putting out no emissions. Wind is much less of a factor, and won't blow out your heat. It's an efficient and reliable way to warm your outdoor gathering area.Electric ignition systemWhen you need reliable heating, you'll want a good ignition system. This heater features an electric ignition system, which requires no power supply - giving you heat anywhere you might need it. It's a reliable ignition method that lets you feel comfortable knowing it will work when you need it to.Built-in tableIf you thought heating was the only functionality provided by this heater, think again. It also has a built-in table that gives you space to store food, drinks, and other items. It gives you the ultimate in comfort and convenience.Stylish design41,000 BTUsAdjustable heat outputCSA certified12' heat coverage diameterAnti-tilt safety switchWide heating coverageThere's a surprising amount of power to be found in this gas heater. It's rated at 41,000 BTUs which allows it to heat an area approximately 12 feet in diameter. This means a high heat density and comfortable warmth you can feel.Tough steel constructionDurability is important when considering an outdoor heater, as conditions can often be rough and unforgiving. This heater is constructed of a tough steel which helps to keep it looking good and performing well. You can rely on it lasting you a long time even through harsh environments.Natural gas heaterNatural gas is a great way to get portable and powerful heat anywhere. It's the perfect way to get heat anywhere outdoors, from patios to decks and other outdoor gathering spaces. The electric ignition system makes sure that the heater will light reliably and easily. read more

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