Paderno Paderno Stainless Steel 5 3/4 Quart Stock Pot

The 5 3/4 quart stainless steel stock pot, with its tri-metal bottom, is used most commonly for simmering. It is ideal for making soup, as the equal lengths of its diameter and height limit evaporation. It is induction compatible.

Emile Henry
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Emile Henry Flame-Top ceramic cookware is light and versatile, an innovative breakthrough in ceramics technology. Our new line of... Burgundy Clay Flame-Top ceramics products work directly on a gas flame or an electric or halogen hob without a diffuser, without any fear of cracking or breaking. Much lighter, (30% lighter), than many types of comparable metal cookware products, Flame-Top is microwave and dishwasher-safe, cleans up very easily, is extremely strong and durable, goes under the broiler, and can go directly from a freezer or a refrigerator to a hot oven to the table, where it will retain the cooking heat for a very long time. Unlike most metal cookware products, Flame-Top cookware can sit on a very hot open flame for an extended period of time without any ingredients in the cook pot, and they will not crack, discolor or break. Perfect for braising, browning and slow cooking due to the incredibly gentle heat distribution properties of Burgundy Clay, Flame-Top products cook evenly and thoroughly when used on top of the stove, in the oven or even in the microwave. Enhancing this gentle cooking action are raised dots on the underneath side of each lid that evenly distribute evaporated juices directly back into the cooking food. This self-basting technique produces a more thoroughly cooked, tender and moist dish than with traditional lids, which force liquids to run down the sides of the pot, and which contribute to even cooking. Emile Henry Flame-Top ceramic cookware is light and versatile, and better brings out the flavors of all cooked foods. read more

Le Creuset
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<div class="aplus"> <!-- A+DIY for ASIN: B0012BFR2C --> <!-- Created by: Todd Densley --> <!-- Email: --> <...!-- Coded with Kuramoto@ A+DIY Tool --> <h4>Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Demi 1-1/4-Quart Teakettle, Dune</h4> <h5>With classic and modern shapes, there's a Le Creuset kettle to fit into any kitchen design scheme. Also convenient to boil water for oatmeal or french press coffee, a Le Creuset kettle is an easy way to add a small dash of color to any kitchen.</h5> <div class="leftImage"><img alt="Cherry Kettle" src="" /><div class="imageCaption"></div></div> <h5>Features</h5> <ul><li>Single-tone whistle alerts when water has reached a rolling boil</li><li>Generous base size for greater contact with heating element so water boils quickly</li><li>Convenient quick heating with superior heat distribution</li><li>Fixed whistle can be easily flipped open for pouring</li><li>Stainless steel handle brackets for secure handling</li><li>Heat-resistant ergonomic handle for safe pouring</li><li>Kettle capacity marked on the base for quick reference</li><li>Can be used on any heat source (gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction)</li></ul> <h5>Heating tips </h5> <p>When filling the kettle with water, only fill water above the first layer of holes on the interior of the spout (see diagram on box for more information).</p> <p>For efficient and safe boiling, always use burner a similar in size to the base of the kettle.</p> <h5>Cleaning and care</h5> <p>Do not bang the teakettle down onto a stove's surface or work surface. Repeated banging may damage the exterior enamel.</p> <p>Do not place the kettle on the heat source without having water in the kettle. Never leave a teakettle simmering for long periods on any heat source; it may boil dry, which can result in overheating and damage to the base and enamel.</p> <p>Do not leave water standing in a kettle when it is not in use. A buildup of scale may occur and reduce efficiency.</p> <p>Before pouring from your teakettle, remove it from the burner and ensure the handle is in the upright position.</p> <p>Le Creuset proudly uses heat-resistant plastic on our handles and whistles.</p> <p>Never place in the dishwasher.To clean, simply hand-wash the kettle with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly. A gentle kettle de-scaler may be used periodically if required. </p> <div class="leftImage"><img alt="White Kettle" src="" /><div class="imageCaption"></div></div> <div class="rightImage"><img alt="Black Kettle" src="" /><div class="imageCaption"></div></div> </div> read more

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This cast aluminum stockpot from <i>Berndes</i> is manufactured using vacuum pressure casting that forms a solid cavity for the pe...rfect cooking vessel inside and outside. This vacuum-pressure system of creating cast aluminum cookware is superior to stamped in both shape and thickness. The three-layer nonstick interior and two-layer nonstick exterior surfaces protect food from sticking and burning. The nonstick surface is designed to never chip, crack, blister, bubble, or peel. Ergnomonically designed phenolic handles faciliate safe and easy transportation of the cookware. The <b>SignoCast</b> line is exceptionally easy to clean and facilitates fat-free cooking. The approximately 6 mm thick, perfectly flat base is guaranteed never to warp. In addition, the base has excellent heat conductivity and is perfect for gas, electric, or ceramic stovetops. Also suitable for halogen cooktops. As an added convenience, this cookware is oven-safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Limited lifetime warranty.<p>Stockpot -- 7 Quarts; Cover/Lid -- 9-1/2 inches read more

Update International
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This induction ready stock pots are a staple of any professional kitchen. Stainless steel stock pot with cover is excellent for ma...king a small batch of your restaurant?s signature soups. NSF-Listed SuperSteel stock pot features a 3-ply bottom consisting of two layers of stainless steel surrounding a 5mm aluminum core. 20-Gauge metal thickness. Available in natural finish. Comes in 40-quart capacity. Measures 16-inch diameter by 12-inch depth. read more

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Standard Aluminum Stock Pot and Covers sold separatly. Reinforced rim, anti-slip handle, consistent thickness, pressed - not spun.... Pressing gives a more consistent thickness on the bottom and sidewall, giving the pot a more even and faster heating time. 5mm thickness to withstand heavy use. read more

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<div class="aplus"> <h4>Sitram</h4> <img class="leftImage" src="" alt="Sitram logo"> <img class="rightImage" src="" alt="Made in France"> <p>Sitram France has produced professional grade cookware for over 40 years. It is favored by many of the world's top executive chefs and restaurants. We're glad to have Sitram available in the U.S.</p> <img class="rightImage" src="" alt="Chef"> <img class="leftImage" src="" alt="Saucepans"> <p>Why do so many professionals around the world favor Sitram cookware? Sitram cookware is made in France, designed for commercial use. The factory is fully aware of the highest expectations that executive chefs place in their equipment, and continuously works with them to provide nothing but the best. Why would you want professional cookware? Oh, where do we start! How about "these pots and pans are virtually indestructible as well as dishwasher safe"?</p> <p>There's more:</p> <p>To pour drip-free, simply push the lever. Releasing the lever re-seals it. For easy filling and cleaning, the attached lid opens all the way.</p> <p>Both lines offered here, <i>Catering</i> and <i>Profiserie</i>, are made of highest quality 18/10 stainless steel to guarantee even heat distribution. Since the base is composed of three thick layers of sturdy metal, they will never warp, yet Sitram cookware heats up quickly and retains heat extremely well. </p> <p>Needless to say, Sitram's surgical-steel grade material won't discolor or alter the flavor of foods. Users around the world praise how smooth the interior remains even after years of rigid use. </p> <p>The handles are multiple spot welded to provide superior durability and easy cleaning. The lids feature a small hole to vent: While it keeps liquids and flavors in, it lets just a tiny amount of steam out so that the lid doesn't vibrate top of a boiling pot. All pots, pans and lids are dishwasher safe, NSF* certified and come with a limited lifetime warranty. </p> <div class="break"> </div> <h5> Catering versus Profiserie</h5> <div class="half-col"> <div class="leftImage"><img src="" alt="Catering"></div> <div class="rightImage"><img src="" alt="Catering set"></div> <p>Catering boasts a thick copper core sandwiched between two layers of 18/10 stainless steel. Copper allows for a higher cooking temperature, perfectly even heat distribution, and a quick response time to temperature changes.</p> <p>The grooved handles are the hallmark of commercial-grade cookware.Catering withstands temperatures up to 1800F and can be used on gas, electric, or ceramic stove-tops. Oven-safe (please use oven mitts).</p> </div> <div class="half-col last"> <div class="leftImage"><img src="" alt="Profiserie"></div> <div class="rightImage"><img src="" alt="profiserie set"></div> <p>Profiserie has an extra thick aluminum disk sandwiched between 18/10 stainless steel and comes with comfort grip stay-cool tubular handles. </p> <p>Profiserie can be used on gas, electric, ceramic, or induction stove-tops. Oven-safe (please use oven mitts).</p> </div> <div class="break"> </div> <p>For your convenience, all Sitram pieces are available "open stock". Sitram does not force you into buying cookware sets to include items/sizes you don't need. Get exactly what you need - not more, not less, and enjoy it for a lifetime. Let Sitram become your trusted partner in your kitchen. Bon Appétit!</p> <p><b>*NSF</b> Founded in 1944, NSF International is committed to protecting and improving human health on a global scale. NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides standards development, product certification, auditing, education and risk management for public health and the environment. Manufacturers, regulators and consumers alike look to NSF International for the development of public health standards and certification that help protect the world's food, water, health and consumer products.</p> <div class="break"> </div> </div> read more

Vollrath Co.
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This Wear-Ever classic sauce pot is the key to a perfect sauce is heat. It has 8-gauge extra dent-resistant 3004 aluminum alloy. T...his keeps the sauce pot in great working condition for years to come. Features uniform thickness which means get an even temperature throughout the pot and sauce. Rolled edges maintain strength. Also features sanitary, open bead and spot-welded loop handle. Easy to clean. NSF certified. Comes with 26-quart capacity. Measures 14-inch diameter by 10-inch depth. read more

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If you want to eat like a chef, you have to cook like a chef. The Farberware Classic 12-qt. Covered Saucepan features a stainless ...steel protector surrounding a thicker aluminum core for easy maintenance and better heat distribution. This stainless steel stockpot with restaurant-style handles has a thicker rolled rim for extra durability, enhanced, drip-free pouring and easy handling. Oven safe to 500°F. Dishwasher safe. Imported. read more

Kevin Dundon
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Stainless Steel Construction 0.6mm thickness with beautiful Brush Color Finish Impact Bonded base with 5 mm aluminum disc for quic...k even heating distribution Stain Polished Interior. read more

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For perfect pasta, stock, and soups, you need a pot that can handle quantity and the Calphalon VMP8P Simply Calphalon Stainless St...eel 8 qt. Stock Pot Set with Lid does it with ease and without breaking your budget. Designed to Calphalon's precise standards of style and performance, this stock pot provides the same non-reactive, non-stick, and heavy duty performance as more expensive pans from other names. For use with all kitchen utensils. About Calphalon. Calphalon's mission is to be the culinary authority in kitchenwares, enhancing the home chef's food experience during planning, prep, cooking, baking, and serving. Based in Toledo, Ohio, Calphalon is a leading manufacturer of professional quality cookware, cutlery, bakeware, and kitchen accessories for the home chef. Calphalon is a Newell-Rubbermaid company. Calphalon's goal is to give you, the home chef, all the tools you need to realize your highest potential in the kitchen. From your holiday roasting pan to your everyday fry pan, count on Calphalon to be your culinary partner - day in and day out, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a lifetime. Stainless steel construction. Includes stainless pasta insert. Contoured, cast stainless steel handles with silicone. Non-stick and dishwasher-safe. 10-year limited warranty. read more

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