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Get rid of roaches of all sizes with Combat Source Kill 5 Roach Bait Stations. Each station contains specially formulated food to ...attract small and large roaches. The 12-count of Combat roach bait also contains an insecticide called Hydramethylon,... read more

$145.35 $7.93

Get rid of pests in your home with Combat Max Roach Killing Gel Bait. This bait will eliminate roaches quickly and at the source. ...Simply depress the plunger to disperse a line of bait wherever you see roaches traveling. The roach gel bait contains a... read more

$65.37 $44.35

Combat Source Kill 4 Ant Bait Station attracts three-times more ants for a quicker distribution of ingredients for the fastest kil...l to the colony. Easy-to-use, child-resistant baits emit no vapor or fumes. No monitoring needed. read more

$149.42 $7.52

Keep your home insect-free with the Combat Source Kill Max Roach Bait. It uses powerful insecticides designed to kill roaches. Com...bat large roach baits start killing insects within hours. This package contains eight baits. Combat roach killer also... read more

$81.19 $5.91

How Combat Ant Killing Bait Strips work: 1. Ants find the bait strips and eat the bait. 2. Ants carry the bait back to the colony that it kills the queen and other ants in the colony. read more

$185.22 $10.49

Kill roaches quickly and easily with Combat Roach Bait Strips. Roaches find the bait strips and eat the bait. Then they carry the ...cockroach-killing bait, 0.68 oz, back to the nest where other roaches in the nest are exposed to the insecticide and the... read more

$80.50 $6.54

Combat Max Ant Killing Bait Stations kills common household ants, including Argentine, Cornfield, Odorous House and Pavement Ants.... read more


Combat 12 month roach baits are designed to start killing small roaches in hours and provide protection for up to 12 months. The s...pecific combination of food attractants for small roaches and the active ingredient, fipronil, provides quick results and the complete protection and control that you need. Combat 12 month roach baits may be used wherever you see roaches. Let combat 12 month roach baits protect you and your family from roaches for up to a year, so you can concentrate on other things. read more


Combat plus products are designed for complete roach protection. The perfect combination of combat Source Kill max formula and com...bat platinum roach killing gel, allows you to treat your home with bait stations in traditional locations plus cracks and crevices with the gel where standard bait stations can't reach. The combat plus system starts working in hours to destroy the source of your problem and continues to protect your home for up to 6 months. read more

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