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Mint cleaners are robotic floor cleaners that use disposable cleaning cloths to both mop and sweep floors. Cleaners are compact so they fit underneath cabinets and other hard to reach areas. Cleaners sweep up to 2,000 square feet or mop up to 350 square feet in one cleaning cycle. The Mint cleaners ... Read More automatically clean floors without assistance. They contain sensors that keep them from running into furniture and other obstacles. PerfectEdge technology lets Mint cleaners get close to walls so that they don't miss any dirty areas. The Mint Plus cleaners feature the Pro-Clean System, which allows for longer mopping of a larger area. A reservoir cleaning pad releases fluid into the cleaning cloth as the Mint Plus cleans floors. The reservoir pad is removable for adding fluid to the machine. Mint cleaners have three buttons for start, sweep mode, and mop mode.

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