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Product Code: Q20GY8-35-5-130V Energy Used: 20 Watts Rated Life: 2,000 Hours Volts: 130 Base: GY8 Bipin - (8mm pin spacing) Length...: 1.4 Inches Bulb Type: T4 read more

$3.96 $2.00

Replacement Light Bulb used on some GE and Hotpoint Freezers and Refrigerators. Directly Replaces: 35153, 15T7N, HC-H6270, HC-H628...1, 13313125, 15T7/N, 15T7N-120, 15T7N-120V, 15T7N-IF, 15T7N120, 15T7N120V, 15T7NIF, 3007, 31-31-25, 31-77-28, 313125, 317728, 621, AO621, BW15T7N, AP3427711. Specifications: Approx. 2 1/4"L. 120V, 15 Watt. Clear bulb. Intermediate base. Diagnosis and Repair Tips Diagnosis and Repair Tips Repair Skill Level: Failure Symptoms: No lights. How to test: Measure continuity through the bulb and switch. No continuity indicates a fault. Repair Tip: On screw in bulbs, a dab of petroleum jelly on the threads will ease removal if it needs to be replaced again. At the base of the bulb socket is a metal tab. It is common for those tabs to get bent down and not contact the bulb base. Make sure the metal tab is up far enough to contact the base of the bulb. ALWAYS UNPLUG THE APPLIANCE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO REPAIR THE BULB SOCKET! Search Appliance Repair Forum for related posts. Disclaimer: Information and recommendations contained herein are believed to be accurate as of the date hereof. Since the conditions and methods of use of the information referred to are beyond control, and Appliance Zone, cannot be held liable for results obtained or arising from use or reliance on such information. The User assumes responsibility associated with making test measurements, adjustments, parts replacements and any other action necessary to perform any recommended procedures. It is the responsibility of the User to ask for clarification if a recommendation is not fully understood, including the risks and hazards associated with the recommended procedures. // read more

LSE Lighting

Brand: LSE Lighting®Average Life: 2,000hrsWattge: 40WVoltage: 120VBase Type: Intermediate Screw Base (E17)Bulb Finish: ClearLength...: 2 5/16"Diameter: 1 1/2" This bulb reference #8206443 will Replace the following Models: 4158344, 4158365, 4158432, 4164062, 4166665  4174608, 4338831, 4359625, 4393681, 8204855, 8205422, 8205586 , AP3886256 , 40s11 , 1178018  read more


Energy Used: 25WVoltage: 120VBase Type: Bi-Pin Looped PinColor: 2950 KelvinNote: these are High Quality Long Lasting LampsThis is ...120V 25W Replacement Bulb for GE Part Numbers W10208564All lamps listed are compatible brand (LSE Lighting) products. We do not sell GE brand lamps. All GE brand names, trademarks and logos are property of GE. read more

$10.25 $6.25

Halogen light bulb used in some GE microwave models.Directly Replaces:WB08X10057, AP4369133, 1472417, AH2339783, EA2339783, PS2339...783, WB08X10051.Specifications: Approx. 1.5"L x 0.5"W. 50 watt.Compatible ModelsCompatible with the following models:GE PVM1790SR1SS GE PSA1200RBB02 GE CVM1790SS1SS GE CSA1201RSS02 GE CSA1201RSS01 GE PSA1200RWW01 GE PSA1201RSS01 GE ZSA1201RSS01 GE PSA2200RBB01 GE PSA2200RBB02 GE PSA2200RBB03 GE PSA2200RWW01 GE PSA2200RWW02 GE PSA2201RSS01 GE PSA2201RSS02 GE ZSA1202RSS01 GE ZSA2201RSS01 GE ZSA2201RSS02 GE JVM1790SK01 GE JVM1790BK01 GE JVM1790WK01 GE PSA1200RBB01 GE JVM1790BKC01 GE JVM1790SKC01 GE JVM1790CK01 GE PVM1790DR1BB GE PVM1790DR1CC GE PVM1790DR1WW GE JVM1790WKC01 read more


Product Code: 40T8N-CL Energy Used: 40 Watts Rated Life: 2,000 Hours Volts: 130 Base: E17 - Intermediate Screw - (17mm diameter) L...ength: 2.5 Inches Diameter: 1 Inch Bulb Type: T8 read more

$10.25 $7.50

Replacement light bulb used in some Maytag and Samsung microwave models.Directly Replaces:4713-001013, AP4051343, 2029140, R071367...6.Specifications: Approx. 3"L x 1"W. 130 Volt. 40 Watt.Compatible ModelsCompatible with the following models:Kenmore / Sears 40180082700 Kenmore / Sears 40180083700 Kenmore / Sears 40180084700 Kenmore / Sears 40180086700 Kenmore / Sears 40180089700 Kenmore / Sears 40180092010 Kenmore / Sears 40180092700 Kenmore / Sears 40180093010 Kenmore / Sears 40180093700 Kenmore / Sears 40180094700 Kenmore / Sears 40180099010 Kenmore / Sears 40180099700 Kenmore / Sears 40185042010 Kenmore / Sears 40185043010 Kenmore / Sears 40185044010 Kenmore / Sears 40185046010 Kenmore / Sears 40185049010 Kenmore / Sears 40185052010 Kenmore / Sears 40185053010 Kenmore / Sears 40185059010 Kenmore / Sears 40185143010 Samsung ME16H702SEB/AA-0000 Samsung ME16H702SES/AA-0000 Samsung ME16H702SEW/AA-0000 Samsung ME17H703SHB/AA-0000 Samsung ME17H703SHS/AA-0000 Samsung ME17H703SHW/AA-0000 Samsung ME18H704SFB/AA-0000 Samsung ME18H704SFS/AA-0000 Samsung ME18H704SFW/AA-0000 Samsung MO1450BA/XAA Samsung MO1450CA/XAA Samsung MO1450WA/XAA Samsung MO1650BA/XAA Samsung MO1650CA/XAA Samsung MO1650WA/XAA Samsung MR6698WB/XAA Samsung MR6699GB/XAA Samsung MR6699SB/XAA Samsung SMH1611W/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH1622B/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1622S/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1622W/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1713B/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1713S/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1713W/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1816B/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH1816S/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH1816W/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH1927B/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1927S/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH1927W/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH4150BD/XAA Samsung SMH4150WD/XAA Samsung SMH6140BB/XAA Samsung SMH6140CB/XAA Samsung SMH6140WB/XAA Samsung SMH7150BC/XAA Samsung SMH7150BE/XAA Samsung SMH7150CC/XAA Samsung SMH7150CE/XAA Samsung SMH7150WC/XAA Samsung SMH7159BC/XAA Samsung SMH7159CC/XAA Samsung SMH7159WC/XAA Samsung SMH7174BC/XAA Samsung SMH7174BE/XAA Samsung SMH7174CC/XAA Samsung SMH7174WC/XAA Samsung SMH7174WE/XAA Samsung SMH7175BC/XAA Samsung SMH7175BE/XAA Samsung SMH7175CC/XAA Samsung SMH7175WC/XAA Samsung SMH7175WE/XAA Samsung SMH7177STE/XAA Samsung SMH7178STD/XAA Samsung SMH7178STE/XAA Samsung SMH7185STG/XAA Samsung SMH7187STG/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH8165B/XAA Samsung SMH8165ST/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH8165ST/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH8165STE/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH8165STE/XAA-0001 Samsung SMH8165W/XAA Samsung SMH9151B/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH9151BE/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH9151S/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH9151ST/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH9151STE/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH9151W/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH9151WE/XAA-0000 Samsung SMH9187B/XAA Samsung SMH9187ST/XAA Samsung SMH9187W/XAA Samsung SMH9207ST/XAA-0001 Samsung SRH1230ZG/XAA Samsung SRH1230ZS/XAA read more

$6.80 $3.50

Replacement Microwave Light Bulb used on some GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Hotpoint, Microwave models.Directly Replaces: 26QBP0936 WB36...X10003, WB2X4235, WB2X4253, WB6X15, WB36X821, WB36X822, WB36X898, WB36X936, 259682, AH247209, EA247209, PS247209, WB6X15R, 40S11N, 35156, 40S11N/1, WB02X4235, WB02X4253, WB36X0821, WB36X0822, WB36X0898, WB36X0936, WB06X0015, WB36X10306, WB36X0003, WB36X3, AP5634418, 758391, WB36X10328.Specifications: Approx. 2.75"L x 1"W. 1/2" Base. 40 Watts. 130 Volts. Intermediate base.Compatible ModelsCompatible with the following models:General Electric JVM1631BH002 General Electric JVM1440BD02 Whirlpool MH6150XHB0 General Electric JVM1630BB005 General Electric JVM1630BJ01 General Electric JVM1630BJ01 General Electric JVM1850CH01 General Electric JVM1851CH01 General Electric JVM1842BF001 General Electric JVM1630WH001 General Electric JVM1640CH001 General Electric JVM1650WH01 Whirlpool GH7155XHS1 Whirlpool GH7155XHS1 General Electric RVM1435WD001 General Electric RVM1435WD002 General Electric RVM1435WH001 General Electric RVM1435BD001 General Electric RVM1435BD002 General Electric RVM1435BH001 General Electric JNM1541DM1BB General Electric JNM1541DM2WW Whirlpool RFS10SW2A General Electric JVM239WV01Don't see your model listed? Chat with customer service to confirm compatibility. read more

$10.01 $6.75

Replacement Bulb used on some Amana, Dawoo, E Wave, Magic Chef, Emerson, Goldstar, Jenn Air, Kitchenaide, LG Maytag, Samsung, Tosh...iba, and Whirlpool Microwave models.Directly Replaces: WB36X10131, 26QBP1106, 26QBP408, 4713000165, 53001266, R0131277, R0131240, R9900373-REPL, R0654067-REPL, R0654171-REPL, R0131024, R9900373, 26QBP4053, 26QBP3853, 26QBP3818, 26QBP1291, 26QBP1121, 26QBP1109, 26QBP1113, R9800423, R0813101Specifications: Approx. 2.5"L x 2"L (at the base). 20 Watts. 120 Volt.Compatible ModelsCompatible with the following models:GE SCA2000BAA03 GE SCA2000BAA04 GE SCA2000BBB03 GE SCA2000BBB04 GE SCA2000BCC03 GE SCA2000BCC04 GE SCA2000BWW03 GE SCA2000BWW04 GE SCA2000FBB02 GE SCA2000FBB03 GE SCA2000FCC01 GE SCA2000FCC02 GE SCA2000FCC03 GE SCA2000FWW01 GE SCA2000FWW02 GE SCA2000FWW03 GE JE1590BC01 GE JE1590BH01 GE JE1590BH02 GE JE1590CC01 GE JE1590CH01 GE JE1590CH02 GE JE1590SC01 GE JE1590SH01 GE JE1590SH02 GE SCA2001BSS03 GE CEB1590SS1SS GE JE1590WC01 GE JE1590WH01 GE JE1590WH02 GE PEB1590DM1BB GE PEB1590DM1CC GE PEB1590DM1WW GE PEB1590DM2BB GE PEB1590DM2CCDon't see your model listed? Chat with customer service to confirm compatibility. read more

$2.86 $2.25

40 watt clear appliance light bulb. 40 watt, 120/130 volts, Medium Base. Replaces LT014, HC-H6284, 40T10. Approx. 5.63"L x 1.25"W.... read more


Product Code: 25T8N Light Output: 195 Lumens Energy Used: 25 Watts Rated Life: 1,500 Hours Volts: 120 Base: E17 - Intermediate Scr...ew - (17mm diameter) Length: 2.5 Inches Diameter: 1 Inch Bulb Type: T8 read more

LSE Lighting

Brand: LSE Lighting® Energy Used: 10W, Volts: 12VBase: G4 - (4mm pin spacing) - Bulb Type: T3 - Rated Life: 2,000HrsThis bulb by L...SE Lighting brand is 100% compatible replacement for GE WB36X10163.All lamps listed are compatible LSE Lighting® brand products. We do not sell GE brand lamps. All GE brand names, trademarks and logos are property GE respectfully. read more


Product Code: S58658 Energy Used: 10 Watts Rated Life: 2,000 Hours Volts: 12 Base: G4 - (4mm pin spacing) Length: 1.25 Inches Bulb... Type: T3 Product Notes: Replaces GE Part # WB36X10163This bulb has 4mm pin spacing. Please check your old bulb before ordering. read more

$2.99 $1.99

This is the Satco S3917. It uses 40 watts and 130 volts. It has a T8 shape with a E17 intermeidate base. it has a Microwave clear ...coat finish with a CC-2V filament. Wattage: 40W, Volt: 130V, Shape: T8, Base: E17 Intermediate Screw, Rated Life: 2000Hrs. , Lamp Finish: Microwave Clear read more

Osram Sylvania
$4.99 $2.09

Tungsten Halogen Quartz 10 Watt T3 12 Volt G4 Bi-Pin Base (4mm pin spacing) Low Pressure Clear Finish 2000 Hour 3000K UV-Stop with... Transverse Filament Quartz Halogen Ecologic Lamp The Sylvania 58658 bulb is oven rated for up to 1832 degrees Fahrenheit The bulbs is Replacing GE Part #WB36X10163 read more


MR11 halogen lamps are excellent replacement for show cases, show rooms, cabinet lighting, desk lamps, fiber optic Christmas trees..., artwork and track lighting.Energy Used: 35WVoltage: 120VFinish: ClearBase Type: GU10Bulb Shape: MR11 Locking PinsLight Beam Angle: 10 Degrees Narrow FloodRated Avg Life: 3000hrsBurn Position: UniversalThese premium MR-11 halogen bulbs 120 Volt great for accent lighting and task lighting in your house hold or in commercial retail space. Our bulbs are perfect replacement for fiber optic multicolor displays fixtures, artwork, display case cabinet lighting, desk lamps and track lighting. read more


Kichler, 10245, Bulbs, Linear, Xenon / Krypton, 50 Pack of 12 Volt 5 Watt Replacement Bulbs Light up your new fixture or rejuvenat...e your old one with this pack of quality light bulbs from Kichler. Features: Pack of 50 Bulbs Specifications: Bulb Base: Bi-Pin Bulb Color: Frosted Watts Per Bulb: 5 Voltage: 12 Height: 0.5 Length: 1 Width: 0.5 UL Listed: Yes read more


This Lighting Standard Clear Fan Bulbs, manufacturered by Westinghouse, is listed with an MPN of 4090000. - Standard base - 1-7/8 ...diameter - 3-1/2 maximum overall length - 40 watts - Clear bulb - Use in clear glass and decorated shades - Works well where bright light is needed, like in kitchens - Carded - Length: 8. 3 - Width: 6. - Height: 4. 9 read more


Kichler 17021 Features: -Xenon bulb. -Clear finish. Specifications: -Accommodates 3.4W wedge T5 bulb. -Overall dimensions: 1.5 H x... 0.5 W. read more

Global Water

Global Water UV BULB Features: -Durable.-High quality material.-Brighens up any space.-Application: Decorative/Chandelier.Dimensio...ns: -Overall Product Weight: 1. read more

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