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Lux was founded in 1914, offering kitchen timers. Today, the brand carries timers, vents, thermostats, grab bars, and thermostat guards. Programmable, digital, and mechanical thermostats are available. Range parts include burners, range pans, burner knobs, range bowls, and other accessories. Digi ... Read More tal, spring-wound, specialty, and thermometer timers are available from Lux. Spring-wound timers can be set for one minute to one hour. The Lux Timer 2428 is made of plastic and comes in seven colors. The white, almond, black, and green models are antimicrobial. The specialty EP100 Egg-Per'Fect Color Changing Egg Timer indicates when eggs are done cooking. Just place this timer in a pot with boiling eggs, and remove eggs when the timer changes from soft to medium or hard, depending on preference. Digital thermostats have a lighted display screen and a save-energy button that automatically sets temperatures to an energy-conserving setting. Thermostat guards are made of plastic, are tamper-resistant, and lock over all sizes of thermostats. GripSafe grab bars are cushioned for comfort with a PlexiTac polymer coating. Grab bars are made of stainless steel, slip-resistant, and feature antibacterial properties.

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Lux Products Corp.
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