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When working in the kitchen, it can be easy and extremely frustrating to lose your dish towels when you set them on a surface, and... promptly forget where you left them. You then resort to using paper towels, or even tissues to wipe up wayward water spills or messes, simply out of desperation. Instead of spending money using wasteful paper towels that only end up in landfills and harming the environment, try MagneticTowel for the best of an ultimate cleaning experience, while using this reusable product. You don't have to spend your hard-earned money on throwaway products, when you simply can stick this magic towel to almost any metal surface in your kitchen. The MagneticTowel has two magnets sewn into the cloth to provide a convenient and time-saving tool that you can keep within arms length at all times. All you have to do is attach it to practically any metal surface, including your fridge, microwave or stove; or loop it around any handle on cupboards or cabinets without it falling onto your floor. Now, your towel will always be within reach and you won't lose it again. The MagneticTowel contains a special weave of microfiber threads that creates channels that quickly and effectively trap moisture to leave any surface completely dry. Once you are finished using it, simply toss it into the wash with your laundry and it is ready to be re-used again. This reduces the need to purchase paper towels that may only be used once and then thrown away. KMN Home uses only the finest m read more

KMN Home

The Magnetic Towel features two sewn-in magnets providing a convenient time-saver that is always at arm's length. Simply attach to... most metal surfaces or loop around any handle without falling down. The special weave of microfiber creates channels to quickly trap liquids, leaving surfaces completely dry. The Magnetic Towel by KMN Home combines the best materials and design into an affordable product that you can rely on to get the job done. Ultra soft and soaks up 4x its weight in water. read more

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