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Keeping your high-quality kitchen knives sharp is simple when you have the Wusthof Black Electric 3 Stage Sharpener. When you use ...your knives frequently, you can end up with dull blades that don't cut as well as they did when you got them. Having a sharp knife not only makes cooking sessions easier, it makes them safer, too, because you don't have to exert as much pressure to cut through tough vegetables. This device uses three separate channels, each with a different degree of sharpening power, so you get the optimal edge on your most-used kitchen tools. The first stage refines the blade, the second stage performs the actual sharpening and the third stage polishes the now-sharp blade. If you just need a quick touch-up between sharpening sessions, run your knife through the polishing side to hone your blade. While the sharpening mechanism is specifically designed to restore the P-Tec edge of your Wusthof knives, this sharpener can also be used to sharpen other kitchen knives in your collection. It sharpens all blades to a precise 14 degree angle. This electronic unit is easy to use and doesn't require all of the scraping that a manual sharpener does, so your hand won't get fatigued using it. Once you're done, you can enjoy using your newly sharpened knife to get perfect cuts of beef for your formal dinner party, gorgeous sliced vegetables you can use as a garnish and precisely chopped ingredients for your next stir-fry. Features: Runs on electricity Three-stage sharpening system Restores P-Tec edge of Wusthof knives Cuts at 14 degree angle Prevents hand fatigue when sharpening Refining channel can be used for honing read more

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Wusthof is known worldwide for producing one of the finest German made kitchen knives since 1814. To keep these high-quality knive...s razor sharp, Wusthof has partnered with Chefs Choice to produce this Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) electric knife sharpener. This Wusthof Electric Knife Sharpener features 3 stages. Stage 1, features a diamond abrasive wheel for sharpening and will create a new edge onto dull knife blades. Stage 2, has a finer diamond grit wheel to hone and refine the knife edge. Stage 3, features an advanced stropping material that polishes the blade to a razor-sharp edge and will sharpen serrated knives. Not just for Wusthof knives, this sharpener will work with all western-styled knives, placing Wusthof's high-performance 14 degrees edge. Made in USA by Chef's Choice. read more

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