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Omega Food Dehydrators

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The Omega Food Dehydrator removes water from food by a continuous circulation of thermostatically controlled warm air. A variety o...f foods from bright golden kernels of farm fresh corn to rings of island sweetened pineapple can be dehydrated. Produce however, is not the only food commonly preserved in a food dryer. Slices of beef, chicken, or even fish can be marinated in a combination of sauces and spices and easily transformed into homemade jerky. A carton of yogurt spread over a sheet of Paraflexx or plastic wrap, dries and becomes a vividly colored, taffy-like snack or fruit roll. read more


With 8 square feet of drying space, this 5-tray dehydrator from Omega is suitable for drying herbs, fruits, vegetables, meats and read more

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