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This electric knife sharpener is the easy, automatic way to sharpen most kitchen and sporting knives to a razor sharp edge. The Sa...pphirite wheels give the blades a perfectly honed edge, and the knife guides eliminate guess work. Materials: Sapphirite,... read more

Lansky Sharpeners

Lansky Sharpeners LSTCS-070 Pocket Knife & Sharpener Combo Pack . Roomy grip. Ambidextrous. Knife has locking blade. The produ...ct is from China. read more


Ergonomically designed soft touch handle for a comfortable grip - Non-slip base for extra safety - left or right handed people can... use with ease - 2 stage manual sharpening system is easy for pros and beginners alike to get razor like sharp. read more

Mac Knife

This sharpener can remove minor nicks and chips from a knife. Works quicker than conventional sharpeners, but wears out after 40-5...0 uses. Mac knives are Known as some of the sharpest knives, They have razor-like edges for effortless slicing, they are hard so they stay sharp longer, One slice with MAC knives and you will experience for yourself a new definition of sharpness, nicely balanced and are a good value. read more


Keep your straight-edged knives and kitchen shears in prime condition with our manual sharpener. Provides two-stage sharpening for... double-edge and single-edge knife blades. A built in sharpener designed for both right and left had scissors and kitchen shears make it complete. Available in black. read more


Being used in family and restaurant kitchens all over the world, the Westmark knife sharpener has been a favorite among many. Thes...e customers rave about Westmark's knife sharpener because of its high quality construction. You can call this tool a knife sharpener, knife sharpeners, sharpen knife, ceramic knife sharpener or kitchen knife sharpener, the point is this tool gets the job done! Features: Outstanding surface finish . Excellent stability of profiles and edges . Great wear resistance . Extreme hardness (almost diamante-hard) . Sharp, even grinding pattern . About the brand: highest quality with trend and tradition Westmark of Germany is well known for its quality craftsmanship of kitchen gadgets. Westmark has been making reliable kitchen products for over 50 years. As a specialized and reliable partner Westmark offers a wide range of practical and uncomplicated kitchen products designed to make cooking and life in the kitchen easier. For traditional reasons, Westmark produces most of their products in elspe, Germany. read more

Chef's Choice
$199.99 $168.99

Chef's Choice Angle Select Diamond Coated Stainless Steel Electric Knife Sharpener This electric knife sharpener is the world's versatile. It is designed to sharpen Asian, European and American-style knives; you can restore/recreate either a 15... read more

Cook N Home

2 Stage sharpening design, one for coarse sharpening and one for fine sharpening; Unique sharpening wheel design make it so easy t...o use, just pull back and forth; Non slip rubber bottom and ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and secure; Suitable for all knife with fine edge, not suitable for serrated edge. This sharpener is not suitable for serrated edge knife; Do not push downward too hard, it may damage the edge; 2 Stage design, coarse sharpening is for putting the first edge of knife and repairing serious damaged knives; Fine stage is for honing and bright the knife edge. read more


Professional 2-step process sharpens scissors without requiring disassembly Diamond abrasives on conical disc sharpen and hone bla...des quickly and easily Sharpens any straight-edge or serrated knife Works for kitchen, outdoor, and pocket knives read more


Smith Abrasives 10-Sec Knife and Scissors Sharpener Smith's 10 Sec Knife Sharpener features a specially designed V shaped slot with two crossed carbide blades that allows to put a quick edge on the knife with just three or four strokes. The carbide blades are pre-set so that get the correct sharpening angle every time. Also reversible for extended life and are replaceable.Dimensions: 8″ x 4.63″ x 1″. read more

Handy Gourmet

Easy and convenient way to sharpent your knives. Made from strong...durable CERAMIC material. Suction bottom for secure countertop... sharpening & one hand ease. Guaranteed to stay sharp. Sharpens any knife or scissors to perfection. Won't rust or pit. Small compact size. Ceramic is very hard & has a slight abrasive characteristic so it can actually sharpen as it aligns edge for effortless sharpening. read more


Fortune Products Inc Olive Drab Green Knife Sharpener 59957

Kitchen IQ

Use the unique edge grip feature to sharpen on the edge of the table. View larger Two stages of sharpening in one small but effect...ive sharpener.View larger Small Size, Big Results Don't let the small size of this cutie fool you. This pint size tool is a work horse in the kitchen. Use it to quickly and easily sharpen your favorite knife in the comfort of your own home. Use the KitchenIQ Edge Grip to quickly sharpen your damaged and dull knives and for everyday knife maintenance. This gem sharpens damaged and dull knives with just a few pulls through the coarse slot. This slot includes carbide blades at preset angles to quickly bring a dull knife back to life. Then quickly finish and polishes the knife edge with just a few pulls through the fine slot. The Edge Grip’s small size is ideal for storing in your knife drawer and for anyone with a small kitchen or little storage space. Work Smarter in the Kitchen Who doesn’t want to work smarter in the kitchen? A great tip to remember is to keep your knives sharp. Don’t let them go dull. The Fine slot on the Edge Grip is ideal for regular knife maintenance with its gentle ceramics. These ceramics will polish the knife edge and keep it sharp. So run the knife through this slot every time you use the knife. A sharp knife definitely speeds up prep work in the kitchen. Edge Grip Feature Gives More Flexibility when Sharpening The Edge Grip is designed with a unique feature called “edge grip. ” What does this mean? Well the bottom of the sharpener has been designed to allow the sharpener to rest on the edge the counter top or table. Why is this helpful? Sometimes when you sharpen a large chef’s knife with a smaller sharpener, you might drag the tip of the knife across the counter top. This can damage the knife or worse the countertop. So sharpening on the edge with the edge grip allows the knife to pull through the slots from heel to tip. Of course you can still use the Edge Grip on top of the surface but isn’t it nice to have flexibility when sharpening if you need it? The bottom is made of a non-slip material that allows for safe and sturdy sharpening. KitchenIQ Edge Grip Features Unique design sharpens straight edge double-beveled Euro / American style knives. Two stages of sharpening, in one small compact unit at a great value! Coarse sharpening slot includes carbide blades that quickly sharpen dull or damaged knives with just a few pulls. Fine slot’s ceramic rods are ideal for finishing and polishing the edge, and are perfect for light touch-ups to an already sharp knife. Edge Grip Bottom allows stable sharpening on the counter top or edge of the counter top or table. Designed in the USA by Smith’s Consumer Products, Inc. the Edge Experts Since 1886. Stainless steel and soft touch accents. read more

Montana Knife

Restaurant and foodservice professionals demand cutlery that offers exceptional performance while meeting food preparation safety ...requirements. Accessories produced by MONTANA KNIFE are designed to meet those needs. MONTANA KNIFE uses the best grade steel. The handles are made from polypropylene are designed to allow a firm non-slip grip. All accessories are dishwasher safe. Each item is National Sanitary Foundation(NSF) certified as safe for use in food preparation. The steel portion of this sharpening steel is 12.25" in length. The sharpening steel features a comfortable non-slip white polypropylene handle that is dishwasher safe. The overall dimensions are 17.75" in length x 1" in handle width x 2" in height. This sharpening steel allows the user to keep their knives sharp for every use. Knives can be sharpened on a regular interval depending on their frequency of use. Item 7308 read more


The EverSharp electric knife sharpener provides the easy, automatic way to sharpen most kitchen and sporting knives to a razor sha...rp edge. A professional two-stage sharpening system precision grinds and fine hones the blade for perfect results at home. read more


RUKO C-A3 3" Coarse Grit Synthetic Whetstone with Leather Pouch, a convenient pocket stone for sharpening dull and damaged edges, ...coarse grit does short work of removing burrs and dings, finish off your edge with the RUKO SD-3 3" Medium Grit Genuine Arkansas Whetstone (sold separately) read more


2 Stage Knife Sharpening System Charfer knife sharpening system has been designed to turn any dull or blunt kitchen knife into as as you had it when new, sometimes even sharper! Stage 1 is the coarse sharpening for dull or blunt blades. Run the knife 2-3 three times through here to sharpen almost any straight edged knife. The second stage, fine, smooths the knife edge and adds than final sharpness that any almost chef would be happy with. Never Buy Another Knife Set - In tests, the Charfer Precise has managed to bring even the dullest knives back to life, no need to spend money on a new knife set. The sharpener is easy to use and guaranteed to give your dullest blade a new, sharp finish every time. Beautifully Designed With Attractive Packagin, The Charfer knife sharpener is elegantly designed and comes in an attractive box that would be an ideal gift for someone special in your life. This knife sharpener has been specially designed to only sharpen steel & Ceramic, straight blades for the best performance. Serrated knives and scissors should NOT be used in the sharpener . Easy Grip Non-Slip Base - Ergonomically designed handle with rubber grip that is comfortable to use and the rubber base ensures the sharpener will not slip when sharpening any knives that you have.2 Stage Knife Sharpening System - Charfer knife sharpening system has been designed to turn any dull or blunt kitchen knife into as sharp as you had it when new, sometimes even sharper! Stage 1 is the coarse sharpening for dull or blunt blades. Run the knife 2-3 three times through here to sharpen almost any straight edged knife. The second stage, fine, smooths the knife edge and adds than final sharpness that any almost chef would be happy with. read more

Mercer Culinary

Mercer Cutlery Ceramic Sharpening Rod. Keeping cutlery sharp enables chefs to work easier, faster, safer and more precisely.

Snap-on Official Licensed Product

Snap-On Carbide Knife Sharpener sharpens all knife blades in 4-5 strokes. 4" in length, this sharpener features a protective cap, ...pocket clip and replaceable carbide blades. read more

Chef's Choice

The newest breakthrough in sharpening technology, the 130, presents most of your sharpening options in one compact appliance. It p...rofessionally sharpens, steels or strops most brands and types of knives; straight edge or serrated, kitchen, sports and pocket knives in seconds. Three stages make it possible to obtain a "better than factory" edge quickly and effortlessly. Stage 1, using 100% diamond abrasives, sharpens the edge. Stage 2 is a super-hardened miniature steel that develops a shaving sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, providing a superior edge "bite". In stage 3, a revolutionary flexible stropping disk polishes the edge to hair-splitting sharpness. Using these stages in different combinations produces custom edges, suited to a particular cutting task. Built-in, high precision, user friendly elastomeric angle guides guarantee fool-proof sharpening. Assembled in the U.S.A. Limited 3 year warranty. UL approved read more

Chef's Choice

The new, efficient 3-stage chef's choice 270 diamond hone hybrid knife sharpener is our most advanced hybrid yet, combining our ac...claimed crisscross sharpening technology and electric and manual sharpening stages that provide superior edge geometry and razor sharp edges on both straight edge and serrated knives including household and kitchen knives, sports knives and pocket knives. The chef’s choice crisscross sharpening technology is praised by home cooks and professional chefs for its extremely sharp edge with lots of “bite.” The diamond abrasive wheels sharpen simultaneously “into” and “out-of” the edge for a superior burr-free edge. Featuring elegant and durable brushed stainless steel knife guides, stages 1 and 2 are electric using 100-percent diamond abrasives for fast and easy edge shaping and sharpening. Stage 3 uses ultra-fine diamond abrasive wheels for a polished, razor-sharp, arch-shaped edge that is stronger and more durable. Stage 3 also sharpens serrated edges. One year limited warranty. Engineered and assembled in the u.s.a. read more


The new Chef's Choice Trizor XV Sharpener is another breakthrough from the world's leading manufacturer of quality knife sharpener...s. With ultra-sharp EdgeSelect technology and the stability of a triple bevel (Trizor) edge, you can hone your knives to a high performance 15 degree angle. The three stage process and efficient flexible stropping disks sharpen the edge with minimal metal removal, helping to extend the life of fine knives. Diamond abrasives on the conical disks in Stage 1 create extremely fine micro- grooves (for more bite), while simultaneously creating the first major bevel of the arch shaped edge. Stage 2 uses even finer diamond abrasives on conical disks which shape the second, smaller bevel with finer microgrooves. Stage 3 uses the patented flexible abrasive stropping disk system to create a microscopically smooth, sharp edge. It creates the third and final bevel while polishing the micro-grooves formed in stages 1 and 2. Stage 3 is also used to sharpen serrated knives, as it straightens and sharpens each tooth. read more


FireStone Knife Sharpeners are made with fired ceramic stones that sharpen and hone knives to a hollow ground edge. With FireStone..., knves have never been so sharp and sharpening has never been so easy. Pocket sized for convenience. read more


Keep knives precision sharp with the crossed steel blades and ceramic honing rods in this safe and easy to use 2-stage sharpener. ...Soft grip ergonomic handle. Coarse carbide steel blades for sharpening. Handle with non-skid base. Ceramic rods for honing. read more

Mac Knife

At 250 grit, this sharpener works on almost any straight edge knife. For use on extremely dull blades. Sharpener should be soaked water for 2 minutes before use. Mac knives are Known as some of the sharpest knives, They have razor-like edges for effortless slicing, they are hard so they stay sharp longer, One slice with MAC knives and you will experience for yourself a new definition of sharpness, nicely balanced and are a good value. read more


The perfect complement to your Komachi HD photo knives, is the Kai Pull-Through Knife Sharpener. Pure Komachi HD Photo knife blade...s are hand-sharpened on a whetstone to achieve their ultra-sharp 16-degree blade angle and keeping that factory sharpness is much easier with the pull-through sharpener. To use, simply place the sharpener on a flat surface, push the handle down to lock the suction cup in place. Place the knife inside the sharpener at the heel of the blade and with gentle, firm pressure, pull blade through to sharpen. Blades are sharpened to a factory-like angle edge. From Kai USA, a leading knife company whose mission is to continue to provide their customers with the very best products by maintaining their strengths: the quality of their products, state-of-the-art technology and a dedication to innovation. read more


The Tri-Angle sharpmaker set includes: toe medium-grit triangle stones (brown) two fine grit (white) an ABS plastic base with lid ...two brass safety rods an instructional booklet and an instructional DVD.ATTRIBUTES Includes: One Pair Medium Grit Triangle Stones One Pair Fine Grit Triangle Stones Abs Plastic Base Pair Of Brass Safety Rods Special Features: Instructional DVD Storage: Base with Snap Lid read more


Double sided water stone from one of the finest manufacturers of sharpening stones in Japan, Suehiro. The coarse 240 grit side is ...for removing nicks, while the fine 1000 grit side is for finishing. Proper maintenance of a knife is very important. A sharp, well honed edge is essential for a clean cut. There are a number of ways to sharpen a knife, but water stones are the preferred method, because the user has absolute control during the sharpening process. Japanese whetstones in particular are said to produce a finer edge than North American stones due to the unique bonding process of the stone during the manufacturing process. read more


Creates an ultra sharp edge. Restore a sharp edge to all fine cutlery. Features ceramic for optimum sharpening ability. Hand wash ...only. read more


The Messermeister Pull Through Sharpener has become the honing (alignment) tool of choice for millions of Americans. One of the wo...rst things people can do is pull a knife blade edge through a fixed V or set of cross rods because it is the same as scraping the sides of the edge against any fixed object. Messermeister introduces their Pull Through Sharpener with moving wheels, which lessens the scraping effect. The 2 stage honing and sharpening tool has a fine diamond wheel (for fine sharpening) and a ceramic wheel (for fine honing). Both wheels provide the least abrasive resistance and therefore are kinder and gentler to the knife edge. Available in our Messermeister blue. (Not recommended on our fine edge elite knives or our Japanese knives.). read more

Buck Knives

This Great hunting blade sharpener is used for the outdoors. This is a product of the company Buck the item dimensions are length ...(in) 1.5 width (in) 1 height (in) 5.5 read more


The Shun Classic Honing Steel is the perfect complement to your entire Shun Classic knife selection. Made of high-quality steel, t...his honing steel is designed to keep your blades in peak cutting condition between professional sharpening. It features two opposing sides that are grooved (for honing) and 2 opposing sides that are smooth (for polishing). The honing steel is very easy to use. To hone, place steel tip down on a sturdy surface and gently pull blade down from heel to tip 3-4 times on the grooved sides; repeat on the other side. To polish, repeat the process on the smooth sides. This is a must-have for anyone who owns Shun Classic knives. read more

Work Sharp

Sharpen Every Knife You Own Using Wide, Flexible Abrasive Belts, And Adjustable Precision Sharpening Guide, And Variable Speed. Qu...ickly And Easily Makes Your Blades Sharper Than Ever. Work Sharp Engineered, Ken Onion Designed, You Get The Best Of Both Worlds - Spend More Time Working And Less Time Sharpening. Works On Knives, Serrated Blades, Gut Hooks, Scissors, And Tools; Adjustable Sharpening Guide Moves From 15° To 30°. Please Note: Due To The High Incident Of Fraudulent Transactions With Orders Containing Power Tools, Orders For This Item Must Ship To The Billing Address. read more

Mercer Culinary

Mercer Cutlery Ceramic Sharpening Rod. Keeping cutlery sharp enables chefs to work easier, faster, safer and more precisely.


The sharpening device for long lasting sharpness. This application requires no training or previous experience. The two-stage grin...ding sharpens dull blades easily and efficiently. In the first stage, two diamond-coated carbide wheels ensure the blade is at the perfect angle. The second stage consists of fine grinding ceramic wheels, for a long lasting polish. Also features a stable, non-slip base. Length: 7 7/8". Width: 2 3/8". Height: 2 1/2". Weight: 6 oz. read more

Chef's Choice

Create an incredibly like-new sharp edge with this electric multi-stage knife sharpener. Safe for use with high-quality knives, th...e unit can restore a 15-degree edge for Asian-style knives and a 20-degree edge for European- and American-style knives. It can also sharpen fine-edge or serrated blades, sports knives, pocketknives, and Santuko and traditional Japanese-style single-bevel edges, including the thicker Deba-style blades, as well as double-bevel blades. Its three-stage system produces a perfect edge. Precise knife guides automatically position the knife for foolproof operation, while 100-percent diamond abrasives and patented flexible stropping and polishing discs sharpen, hone, and deliver a microscopically polished edge. Other highlights include a simple on/off switch, stabilizing feet, and durable construction. Assembled in the USA, the knife sharpener measures 12 by 6-1/5 by 6-2/5 inches and carries a three-year limited warranty. read more

Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon, Dual Sharpener 6" (black), Swiss design, color and style combined with high-quality, ultra-sharp steel. Playful, pract...ical and wildly popular. read more

Chef's Choice

Chef's Choice Diamond Hone Angle Select Model 1520 is the world's most versatile sharpener designed to sharpen Asian, European and... American style knives. It is engineered to provide astonishingly sharp edges using highly precise knife guides that automatically position the knife. The multi-stage sharpening system features 100% diamond abrasives and patented flexible stropping polishing discs that create a gothic arch edge structure recognized for incredible sharpness and durability. This advanced electric sharpener can restore and recreate both a 20 degree edge for European and American style knives and a 15 degree edge for Asian style knives. It will quickly sharpen fine edge or serrated blades; Santuko and traditional Japanese style single bevel edges including thicker Deba style blades; as well as sports knives, pocket knives and serrated edges. read more

Chef's Choice

Elegant and contemporary styling is combined with chef's choice technology to provide a compact, 2-stage sharpener with precision ...angle control for razor sharp edges every time. This budget-friendly manual knife sharpener applies an incredibly sharp edge on kitchen, santoku, light sports and pocket knives. Using a separate sharpening and honing stage, the m478 creates a super sharp edge that stays sharp longer. It preserves quality knives by using 100-percent diamond abrasives in both stages for the fastest manual sharpening with minimal metal removal. The model 478 is easy to use and can be easily stored in any kitchen drawer, tackle or tool box. Designed for right or left handed use. Safe for quality knives. One year limited warranty. Engineered and assembled in the u.s.a. read more


Modern, functional, compact design for sharpening fine edge knives. Built in hand guard with carbide and ceramic devices and a non... slip base. read more


It's a double sided diamond whetstone with two grit combination. It has excellent Sharpening performance. It has a molded plastic ...base with non-slip feet for safety. read more


Firm Grip, Aladdin knife sharpener utensil is patented, with ergonomic soft grip handle. The non-slip grip provides comfort and sa...fety. Individually carded for merchandising and dishwasher safe. read more


A set of long lasting sturdy barbecue tools . Reinforced nylon wallet. Quality stainless steel blades. Riveted wood handle. A Degl...on product. read more

Cooks Standard

What's in box: Cooks Standard Professional Ceramic Knife Sharpener 12-inch/30cm,This professional sharpening rod is made of high q...uality ceramic consist of Alumina, which is much harder than regular steel, so, ceramic is wear resistant, light in weight and will never rust. read more


RUKO SMT4W/OIL Medium Grit Arkansas Whetstone Honing Oil; 4"x1" Medium Whetstone with 1 oz Superior Honing Oil; Supplied with Ceda...r Wood Base for convenient sharpening of Knives and Tools; Made in the USA with Genuine Arkansas Whetstones; Weight: 6.10 oz; Lifetime Warranty read more


FireStone Knife Sharpeners are made with fired ceramic stones that sharpen and hone knives to a hollow ground edge. With FireStone..., knves have never been so sharp and sharpening has never been so easy. 2-Stage sharpener-- tan stones sharpen to a hollow ground edge, and the white stones give a final polish to the blade. White handle. read more


SMITHS CONSUMER PRODUCTS INC CCKS 2 Step Knife Sharpener Features 2 Tungsten Carbide Blades With Pre-Set Angles To Ensure The Perf...ect Edge Every Time, 3 Or 4 Strokes Through The Carbide Sharpening Slots Will Restore The Edge On A Very Dull Knife, 2 Crossed Ceramic Rods Also Have Pre-Set Angles and Provide A Smooth Finished Edge To Already Sharp Knives, Lightweight, Portable, Comes With A Lanyard Hole and Has No Slip Rubber Feet For Added Safety. read more

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