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Celestial Arts

This handy pocket-size cookbook will satisfy any chocolate lover’s cravings and makes a great little gift. Indulge in Devil’s Food... Cupcakes, Double Chocolate Macaroons, Truffle Squares, and many other totally chocolate recipes. These decadent treats are sure to bring out the chocoholic in everyone. read more


You collect a cupboard full of beautiful cookbooks, thousands of recipes, but use only two or three out of every book. Why? Becaus...e life is busy and you don't have time for hours experimenting. And while pretty pictures of exotic entrées are interesting to look at, many recipes are either too complicated, or require ingredients so unusual that you just don't bother. What good is a recipe if you don't use it? When you serve a meal for family, friends, neighbors, clients, or your boss— you want to prepare something that you know is a sure winner. You rely on familiar favorites. Every recipe in this book will become one of those favorites— guaranteed. You don't have to be a veteran chef to make an elegant Beef Stroganoff, Crabmeat Bisque, or Bruschetta. Let your family guess what culinary school you snuck off to and learned how to prepare Cavatappi Salsiccia, Remoulade, and Raspberry Chipotle. Invite the neighbors to stay for dinner after they get a whiff of your Cedar Plank Salmon, Bourbon Street Ribeye, and Smokin' Good Ribs on the grill. And then show off a little and explain how to make a roux and velouté so they can copy your Spinach and Artichoke Dip. It's your secret how easy all of these are to prepare. And we didn't even get to dessert yet. Clean out the cupboard and donate all of those unused cookbooks to the library because even if you've never cooked a meal in your life, you can use the easy to follow recipes, tips, and tricks to produce 5-star results-- and have a lot of fun while you're doing it. read more

Robert Irvine

Robert Irvine "Blend Anything Machine Recipes" Cookbook You've got your amazing Blend Anything Machine. You know it's incredibly v...ersatile and can help you make just about anything, but where do you start? How about with this cookbook? It's jam-packed with recipes specifically for your Blend Anything, including salmon burgers, chicken tacos, French toast — even ice cream. With a little help from Robert, every meal is a breeze. What You Get Blend Anything Machine Recipes cookbook by Robert Irvine read more


Char-Broil Everybody Grills! Cookbook Ever feel like everyone is grilling but you? Get out of doors and on the barbecue bandwagon ...with the help of this griller's manifesto. It's loaded with 200 succulent recipes for appetizers, main courses, sides and desserts. Plenty of grilling techniques and tips are provided to help novices and cookout masters alike. When it comes to getting good on the grates, Char-Broil won't stop until Everybody Grills! What You Get Char-Broil Everybody Grills! cookbook Good to Know read more

Jamie Gwen

Jamie Gwen Entertaining In Style Triple Burner Buffet Set Cookbook Open up the possibilities for your parties with Jamie Gwen's co...okbook designed for and inspired by the Infusion Collection Triple Burner Buffet Set. With over one hundred recipes to choose from, you'll delight and entice with the most scrumptious soirees. Signed by the chef, this cookbook is sure to take you — and your parties — to a whole new level. read more

Gooseberry Patch
$16.95 $11.30

With work, school, play and everythingelse, moms know it's a real challenge to serve up home-cooked meals.You may already have a s...ecret weapon in the cupboard, though...atrusty slow cooker! Bring it out and start slow-cooking hearty mealsfor every occasion. In Busy-Day Slow Cooking you'llfind delicious recipes shared bycooks just like you.Fill up the slow cooker overnight, then serve OvernightBlueberry French Toast for breakfast...what a day brightener! Forlunch and casual suppers, tummy-warming Gram's Loaded Baked PotatoSoup and Creamy Chicken & Macaroni Soup are sure to be welcome onchilly days. Root Beer Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Carol's BBQ for aCrowd and other savory meals-on-a-bun will make your next tailgatingparty a big success.Twobig chapters of main-dish recipes will meet all your dinnertimeneeds. On busy weeknights, you'll love serving your familyHelp-Yourself Hamburger Casserole, Creamy DreamyChicken and Kickin' Pork Chops...even meatless choices like ChiliSans Carne. For church potluck or special get-together? CheesyChicken Spaghetti, Cowboy Beans and Best-Ever Pineapple & BrownSugar Ham aresure to please.We've included tasty snacks like HotArtichoke & Spinach Dip and Kielbasa Cocktail Appetizer toshare...even Hot Fudge Peanut Butter Cake, Easy Cherry Cobbler andother ooey-gooey desserts. With familiar ingredients and simpledirections, it's easy to fix these recipes. You'll find plenty ofhandy tips too. So, pull out that slow cooker and put it to work... read more

Great American Publishers

Alabama Hometown Cookbook dishes up a double helping of local, tried and true recipes and fun-filled facts about hometowns all ove...r The Heart of Dixie. From mountain hiking in North Alabama to white sandy beaches in the south, to the culture and excitement of Central Alabama, there is something for everyone to love... especially the food. This cookbook captures favorite recipes from hometown cooks all over the state... from Famous Alabama Fried Chicken to Charred Sweet Corn Pudding to Mamaw's Banana Pudding. From Sunday Sausage Breakfast Casserole to Mountain Apple Dumplings, Crabmeat Bacon Rolls to Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Coffee Frosting, these 300 hand-selected favorites bring you home to Alabama where hospitality and southern cooking are a way of life. In addition to the outstanding recipes, Alabama's favorite food-related festivals are profiled throughout the book with fun stories and beautiful full color pictures. From the Cullman Strawberry Festival to the Grand Bay Watermelon Festival, Chilton County Peach Festival to Alabama Pecan Festival in Mobile, Orange Beach Seafood Festival to Scottsboro's Catfish Festival there is an event to suit every taste. Have a seat at Alabama's table where great cooking is always on the menu. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Cozy mystery book lovers have been treated to a steady diet of scrumptious Angie Amalfi culinary mysteries since the mid-1990's. T...he books are a banquet of mostly Italian entrees and desserts, as befitting Angie Amalfi's heritage. In this cookbook, you'll find fifty fabulous dessert recipes, including an easy tiramisu, a simple cannoli, lots of biscotti, as well as a number of non-Italian but still mouth-watering recipes such as almond praline meringue cake, linzer torte, and even some French macarons. The recipes and the whimsical watercolors that go along with them are derived from family favorites of the cookbook's author (the award-winning USA Today bestselling author of the Angie Amalfi mysteries) and its illustrator (an award-winning watercolor artist), who happen to be sisters. They hope this unique and easy-to-use cookbook will become a permanent part of any cookbook collection. read more

Greenwood Products

The first cookbook to present the dishes of more than 120 ethnic groups now in America, The American Ethinic Cookbook for Students... illustrates how those dishes have changed throughout the years. This cookbook contains more than 300 recies plus references to ethnography, food history, culture, and the history of American immigration. A bibliography at the end of each ethnic group section is included. Covering the cooking of Native American tribes, old-stock settlers, old immigrants from 1840-1920, and the new immigrants, no other cookbook describes so many different ethnic groups or focuses on the American ethnic experience. Arranged alphabetically by ethnic group, each chapter consists of a brief introduction to the ethnic group, its food history and ethnogaphy, followed by recipes, with step-by-step instructions, techniques hints, and equipment information. Among the 120 ethnic groups included are: Amish-Mennonites, Arcadians, Cugans, Dutch, Cajuns, Eskimos, Hopi, Hungarians, Jamaicans, Jews, Palestinians, Serbs, Sioux, Turks, and Vietnamese. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

HEALTHY COOKBOOK RECIPES EQUAL A HEALTHY BODY The recipes in this healthy cookbook are based on research into the healthiest diets... in the world. The recipes will dramatically improve your health, heal various diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, increase your energy levels, and help you achieve your ideal weight. We already know that a proper, balanced diet is one of the essential keys to good health, the ideal weight, and the prevention of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, dental disease, and osteoporosis. The problem is that an overwhelming amount of information exists about what constitutes a healthy diet. For any person who reads a lot or listens to health gurus and experts, knowing how to eat healthy can be confusing. There are many diets: vegetarian, low fat, raw, alkaline, vegan, blood type, high protein, low carb, ketogenic, macrobiotic, Mediterranean, Paleo, heart healthy, and gluten free to name just a few. The healthy recipes in this book are based on the most extensive health and diet research examining the healthiest people in the world who are free of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes and maintain an ideal weight. A healthy eating cookbook, healthy cookbook, healthy cooking, eating healthy cookbook, cookbook healthy, easy healthy cookbook, easy healthy recipes, healthy recipes, healthy recipes cookbook, healthy recipe book, healthy recipe book dieting, weight loss cookbook, lose weight cookbook, fat loss cookbook, belly fat cookbook, heart healthy cookbook, heart healthy diet, heart healthy recipes, cure cancer, cure cancer naturally, diabetic cookbook, hypertension cookbook, cure tooth decay, cure diabetes, cure diabetes naturally, cure diabetes book, gluten free cookbook, diabetes cookbooks, lose weight fast, lose weight, lose weight fast for women, lose weight fast for men, cancer cookbook, low carb cookbook, low carb recipe book, low fat cookbook, low cholesterol cookbook, high protein cookbook, diet cookbooks, paleo cookbook, medditeranian diet, mediterranean diet, mediterranean diet cookbook, mediterranean cookbook, mediterranean paleo cooking, macrobiotic cookbook, alkaline cookbook, raw food cookbook, vegetarian cookbook, osteoporosis books, ketogenic cookbook, vegetarian cookbook, osteoporosis, osteoporosis diet book, osteoporosis cookbook, alzheimers books, weston price cookbook, healthy diet, healthy diet cookbook, healthy diet book. read more

W&P Design

We all dream of being the effortless host (think Martha Stewart). Inch a step closer with Host, a handbook that makes feeding frie...nds a lot less scary. With 4 seasonal menus dispersed among dozens of recipes, this is real-people entertaining. From the 10 bottles of booze you need for your at-home bar to the platters to have on hand, to how to build a cheese board, Host sets you up for a wildly successful dinner, brunch, or grill-out. The recipes keep gathering in mind—ones that allow you to be part of the party, instead of stuck in the kitchen. The spring brings Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steaks with Charred-Ramp Chimichurri on the grill, Spicy Mustard Green with Roasted Carrots and Buttermilk Dressing, and a fresh cocktail with cucumber, lime, and mint. Summer sings with Diver Scallops with Charred Sweet Corn and Peach and Blueberry Cobbler. Fall has all manner of things roasty, maple-y, and whiskey based. And Winter is all about cozy brunch dishes like Slow-Cooked Eggs with Aged Cheddar. Get those invites out—your next party is gonna be a hit. The Walnut Serving Board is the perfect starter piece for the aspiring host—begging for a roast, hunks of cheese, or delicately-topped crostini. It’s a space-saver, too: it also works as a cutting board. You can get the board or the book on their own, or get both in a gift set! Host Cookbook Size: 8.5" W x 10.5" H. Length: 240 Pages. Author: Eric Prum and Josh Williams. Walnut Board Made in: United States. Made of: American Walnut. Size: 18.5"L x 13.5"W x 1.25"H. Gift set includes (1) Host cookbook and (1) Walnut Board. read more

William Morrow Cookbooks
$19.99 $8.92

Few people would dispute the old Florentine proverb "Even a bedroom slipper tastes good when it's fried," but many try to stay awa...y from deep-fried foods because of the at foods absorb during cooking.When the technique has been mastered, however, deep-fried foods can -- and should -- be crisp, light, and delectably nongreasy. As fryers gain popularity, it's even easier to deep-fry at home, and now Phyllis Kohn shows you how to achieve flawless frying feats every time.The Best Fryer Cookbook Ever delves into the hows and whys of deep-frying: the best (and potentially healthiest) oils to use, correct temperatures and frying times (shorter cooking ensures less greasiness), technical tips for using your deep fryer, and safety guidelines.Your kids won't eat vegetables? Try French-Fried Sweet Potato Sticks andFried Okra. Think doughnuts only come from a store? An entire chapter is devoted to making perfect versions of these beloved goodies at home, from old-Fashioned Cake Doughnuts to Beignets, jelly Doughnuts, and Orange Crullers. All the classics are here, including such popular favorites as Buffalo Wings, Chicken-Fried Steak, Hush Puppies, and Popcorn Shrimp. From unusual fried breads, such as sweet Churros and indian Pappadums, to fried desserts, such as Mexican Buenuelos with Anise Sugar and Chinese Candied Apples, Kohn brings the world of deep frying into your kitchen. read more

Brand: Gooseberry Patch
$16.95 $15.25

The most-asked question has finally been answered! What's for Dinner? cookbook has scrumptious recipes for casseroles, slow cookin...g, grilling, meatless meals, dinner for 2 and more, like horseradish pot roast, shepherd's pie, zesty macaroni & cheese, spinach-Swiss pie, garlic ranch chicken, crustless coconut pie and punch bowl cake. You'll love the tips for easy prep and simple substitutions for lighter fare too. Hardcover cookbook, 224 pages. (9-1/4" x 6-1/2") read more

Brand: Cookbook Resources(TX)

"Texas Peppers" - the Jalapeño cookbook, includes over 100 quality, tested recipes using the Jalapeño pepper. There are many that ...are 4 and 5 ingredients and easy to prepare. Included in this book is a list of Festivals around the state of Texas that include a celebration of the Jalapeño, a chart comparing the "Heat" of different types of peppers and history of the Jalapeño pepper. There are many, many recipes to be found that include these peppers; these are the best of the best for any occasion. read more

Nitty Gritty Cookbooks

Fondue is a great winter dessert. But think of how wonderful a peanut butter fondue on fresh apples would be in the fall; or a lemon cream fondue with strawberries and angle food cake would be in the summer; or a creamy white chocolate fondue to finish a spring holiday menu. Here is a cookbook devoted to the wonder of dessert fondues, from creamy- and chocolate-based fondues, to every variety of dipper. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Julie Day, author of "The Amazing Power of Food©", comes to the rescue with a cookbook that offers easy-to-make, low-fat recipes d...esigned to spark your interest in choosing the healthy, but equally delicious alternative to high fat holiday favorites. read more

Hippocrene Books
$16.95 $11.63

Features a celebration of the food and culture of the US-Mexico border region. This book contains over 250 recipes - from, quesadillas, and margaritas to more exotic delights like Cactus Salad (Ensalada de Nopalitos), Lobster and Tequila (Langosta y Tequila), and Watermelon Sorbet. It also includes sections that relate popular legends. read more

Gooseberry Patch

Gooseberry Patch Quick Country Favorites Cookbook Short on time but still want to prepare a delicious, home-style meal? Life's bus...y with school and work but toss in soccer, music lessons, the gym, and it can lead to a what-should-we-do-for-dinner whirlwind. Don't fret; turn to the Country Quick and Easy to deliver mealtime magic.   What You Get   Country Quick and Easy: Fast Family Favorites and Nothing-to-It Meals That Are Simple, Satisfying and Delicious cookbook read more

Bon Apptit

Bon Appetit Definitive Grilling Cookbook It's kind of like a rite of passage. The glowing embers, the sizzle of a well-marbled rib... eye, the colorful coleslaw and the taste of perfectly browned kernels of sweet corn. The experience is sensuous, leading many to grab tongs in one hand and a bag of charcoal in the other and partake in the consecrated art of barbecuing. Great for summer-seasoned veterans as well as gridiron rookies, this book from the experts at Bon Appetit stands as the ultimate summertime grilling companion, featuring full-color photographs, how-to guides and tips to make grilling simple. What You Get The Grilling Book: The Definitive Guide From Bon Appetit cookbook read more

Gooseberry Patch

Gooseberry Patch 5 Ingredients or Less Cookbook We all try to do a lot with a little. Whether its stretching a dollar or getting t...he most from what's on hand. This cookbook will further your frugality with simple, scrumptious meals that require five or fewer ingredients. It's a go-to when you have just the essentials or the cupboards are a little bare and also offers handy, crafty ideas to create table settings apart from the rest.   What You Get  5 Ingredients or Less: Fresh Recipes for Every Season, plus Clever Tips for Celebrating Every Day cookbook read more


Pasta Night Cookbook Need some fresh inspiration for your dinner menu? This solution-oriented cookbook will deliver up meals that as perfectly for busy weeknights as they do for a relaxed weekend dinner party. From homemade sauces to jazzing up the store-bought variety, from pasta fresh from your own hands to seasonal salads, you'll find more than fifty recipes to take your pasta night from "mm, thanks " to "Mangia! Mangia!" read more

Nitty Gritty Cookbooks

Everything you can make in a fondue pot is found in this book, including cheese fondues, hot dips, meat fondues and confections. E...thnic variations and unique ideas augment the classics. read more

Brand: Absolute Press
$40.00 $25.17

A collated edition of some of the best recipes from the popular series of storecupboard cookbooks, featuring recipes made from a w...onderful host of British condiments, namely: Marmite, HP Sauce, Colman's Mustard, Lyle's Golden Syrup, Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire Sauce and Bovril. A bumper edition featuring 60 full-colour photographs. read more

Nitty Gritty Cookbooks

Everybody loves ice cream, and when you make it at home, you know you're getting the best: frozen treats made with the freshest, m...ost delicious ingredients possible. Ice cream makers are convenient, versatile and lots of fun. With this book you can prepare spectacular desserts, traditional recipes, and new favorites easily and often. read more

Ming Tsai

Simply Ming Air Fryer Healthy and Simple Cookbook Ever wish you could enjoy all those deliciously fried foods with less fat? Thank...s to Ming, now you can! Filled with delectable recipes and designed specially for use with your Simply Ming Air Fryer, this cookbook will help you create simple, healthier fried dishes with a fraction of the fat of deep-fried food. Whip up crispy potato chips and mozzarella sticks, then try your hand at something a little more creative like fruit pockets! From appetizers to desserts, you're gonna love the delightful dishes you bring to the table. What You Get Simply Ming Air Fryer Cookbook by Ming Tsai Good to Know  Designed specially for use with the Simply Ming Air Fryer, but can be adaptable to other air fryers. read more


Naturally, Delicious Healthy Eats Cookbook  Who says cooking has to be a chore? Naturally, editor-in-chief Danny Seo presents a mo...dern and stylish take on green living and healthy eating. By following Seo's emphasis on clever kitchen tricks, efficient cooking strategies and eye-catching presentations, readers will be able to create simple, delicious meals with minimal effort and time everyday. What You Get Naturally, Delicious cookbook  read more


Authored by Lisa Bradford affectionately known as Precious . It Contains Easy Wizzy Never Greasy Recipes for DaBayou Cajun Cooking... read more

$19.99 $8.99

Keep a low GI diet with delicious and simple recipes Using the glycemic index is not only a proven method of losing and maintainin...g weight safely and quickly, it's also an effective way to prevent the most common diseases of affluence, such as coronary... read more


This book was compiled from the recipes the author has grown to love as her small family of two sons grew up. She went from knowin...g how to bake a pone of cornbread (and that was all) when she married to being able to prepare many tasty dishes of country f read more


Chef Jay has created a masterpiece All of his flare as an Executive Chef from his home state of Connecticut comes through the page...s in the form of delicious recipes and his own personal views on gentlemanly behaviour in both personal and professional set read more


Eva Thorne, Vienna born and bred, has put together over 100 delicious recipes in this easy to read and use pocket sized cookbook. ...There are separate sections for Soups, Vegetables, Meat and Vegetarian Dishes, plus Desserts, Cakes and Biscuits. All the fam read more


Slow Cookers are seeing resurgence in popularity, they're no longer seen as an old fashioned cooking method, however until now the... recipes have left something to be desired... This book contains over 60 delicious & modern slow cooker recipes to revamp you read more

$17.00 $10.07

A cookbook and guidebook from the chef behind East Village restaurant, Hearthラand its amazingly popular takeout window, Brodoラfeat...ures cleanses and recipes that use his restorative and tasty bone broths. read more

$22.95 $21.68

Are you looking to spice up your cooking with some new recipes? Are you searching for vegan dishes that are packed with flavor? If... so, check out "Healthful Living Cookbook: Caribbean Style" by Carolle Walker, a dietitian/nutrition educator who enjoys teac read more


Our Lebanese Family Cookbook is a wonderful collection of easy, delicious Lebanese and Mediterranean food recipes which are truly ...authentic, traditional, and passed down through generations of Lebanese families to your kitchen Includes recipes for appeti read more


Packed with over 300 Belgian recipes for stews, soups, meat and veal dishes, puddings and more, this cookbook is sure to the the chef and home cook alike. Mrs Luck's recipes have stood the test of time, with 2015 being the one hundred year anniver read more


This cookbook is feminist because the names of its recipes use the names of feminist goals, so that those who read the book will b...e reminded of those goals. read more

$12.95 $8.63

The popularity of Mason jar mixes is taking the country by storm These beautifully decorated jars are filled with attractive layer...s of ingredients for making a variety of scrumptious kitchen creations. Topped with an eye-catching square of fabric that... read more


Paperback, Createspace, 2015, ISBN13 9781511808620, ISBN10 1511808624

$24.99 $11.15

The first cookbook from Jenny Flake, the mom-blogger behind Picky Palate On-the-go moms like Jenny Flake know how tough it is to k...eep family meals interesting day-in and day-out, so she did something about it. On her blog, Picky Palate, she serves up f read more


Table of Contents Introduction Types of Multipurpose Food Processors How to Work with a Multipurpose Food Processor Appetizers Pat...e de foie a la Creme Quiche au Roquefort Pastry Shell Cheese Wafers Ham and Cheese Snacks Crunchy Garden Vegetable Dip Salmon read more


A large amount of individuals with special needs benefit from following individualized diet plans. The appropriate diet plan can b...e prepared to prevent allergic reactions, ease the chewing and swallowing, treat a chronic condition such as renal failure, h read more

Brand: Nitty Gritty Cookbooks

Not just recipes for bread and meat loaf, but patés, salad loaves and terrines, poultry and seafood loaves, vegetable and grain lo...aves, pasta loaves and desserts. read more

Spring Arbor/Ingram
$24.99 $19.34

While including no new recipes, this most recent printing is refreshed with a new introduction and detailed statistics including u...pdated nutritional and pricing information for a new generation.This is a new edition of Herald Press's all-time best-selling cookbook, helping thousands of families establish a climate of joy and concern for others at mealtime.The late author's introductory chapters have been edited and revised for today's cooks. Statistics and nutritional information have been updated to reflect current American and Canadian eating habits, health issues, and diet guidelines. The new U.S. food chart My Plate was slipped in at the last minute and placed alongside Canada's Food Guide. But the message has changed little from the one that Doris Janzen Longacre promoted in 1976, when the first edition of this cookbook was released. In many ways she was ahead of her time in advocating for people to eat more whole grains and more vegetables and fruits, with less meat, saturated fat, and sugars.This book is part of the World Community Cookbook series that is published in cooperation with Mennonite Central Committee, a worldwide ministry of relief, development, and peace.Mennonites are widely recognized as good cooks. But Mennonites are also a people who care about the world's hungry. —Doris Janzen Longacre read more

Brand: Absolute Press
$13.00 $12.24

Author Paul Hartley has found a world that goes way beyond the mere spreading onto toast, or squeezing into sandwiches--for Marmit...e, Colman's Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce, Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Lyle's Golden Syrup--and now HP Sauce. So here are casseroles with clout, suprisingly rich gravies, a brown Bloody Mary and meat marinading ideas galore--these are recipes we all want to cook, created in surprisingly easy and tasty new ways. The book is beautifully packaged with fun fillings of history and lore and stunning archive imagery from over 100 years of the popular brown sauce. read more

JKC Publishing

This collection of mouth-watering recipes containing breast milk will leave you anxiously wanting more. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, ...desserts, smoothies, and cocktails, The Mother's Milk Cookbook has recipes the entire family can enjoy. This cookbook is designed to appeal to your eyes and your stomach. No matter what your palate, these simple recipes will be easy on your eyes, and yummy in your tummy. read more

Rockridge Press
$16.99 $10.56

More Than a Kidney Cookbook: Your 28-Day Action Plan to Kick-Start a Kidney-Healthy Diet “Susan has done a masterful job in patients about their disease, explaining why watching your diet is important, and offering meal plans and recipes that encourage compliance and fun. - John Wigneswaran, MD, VP Clinical Affairs DaVita Healthcare PartnersWhile a kidney disease diagnosis can be overwhelming, you’re not alone. Nearly 26 million adults are affected by chronic kidney disease. But there is hope. Your diet. In the Renal Diet Cookbook, renal dietician Susan Zogheib, MHS, RD, LDN provides a 28-day plan to establish long-term dietary changes to slow the progression of kidney disease. She knows it can be confusing to figure out which foods to eat and which to avoid. In her comprehensive renal diet cookbook, she details weekly meal plans featuring recipes that keep your potassium, sodium, and phosphorous levels in check.This kidney cookbook removes the mystery and stress of figuring out what foods to eat, with:Targeted weekly meal plans to preserve your kidney health.Recipe modifications for dialysis patients.Helpful FAQs about managing chronic kidney disease.Arm yourself with all the knowledge you need with the Renal Diet Cookbook. read more

Geoffrey Zakarian

"My Perfect Pantry" Handsigned Cookbook  Find perfection in your pantry. Acclaimed chef Geoffrey Zakarian shows you how to use ord...inary pantry essentials to lead, rather than just support, the creation of magnificent culinary masterpieces. So stock up your pantry and let ordinary ingredients take your meals to extraordinary places.  What You Get "My Perfect Pantry" cookbook Good to Know read more


Romertopf Clay Roaster "Classic Recipes" Cookbook It's fun; it's healthful; it's easy. This cookbook is a guide for the German rom...ertopf. The full-color, softcover cookbook comes with instructions and tips for caring for your clay roaster. Recipes run the gamut from preparing meats, such as beef and pork to cooking casseroles. You might even try a scrumptious dessert or a delightful bread — all prepared using your romertopf clay roaster. What You Get Cookbook read more

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