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Ideal for cooking fresh, gourmet pasta, as well as one to two servings of dried pasta, the Perfetto Pasta Cooker provides a unique... alternative to the traditional pasta cooking method. The Perfetto Pasta Cooker allows for convenience in the kitchen because there is no need to stir or monitor the pasta while cooking (in contrast to traditional cooking) and there is no risk of the water boiling over while cooking. To use, simply place pasta into the Perfetto Pasta Cooker canister, add boiling water, cover with the provided lid and minutes later, the pasta is done! Only one liter of water (slightly more than one quart or 32 fluid ounces) is needed. Up to 70 percent of energy and up to 50 percent of water can be conserved by using the Perfetto Pasta Cooker instead of a traditional pot. The Perfetto Pasta Cooker is an attractive storage solution for pasta when not in use. read more

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