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Whether you want to enjoy fried rice or steamed vegetables, a wok is a useful pan to include in your cooking arsenal. Woks, commonly made of stainless steel or cast iron, come in a wide range of sizes to suit any need. Woks with flatter bottoms work better on most stoves than round-bottom designs. Also a wok with one long handle makes the wok easy to transfer.
Le Creuset
$269.95 $390.00

Add a variety of international cuisines to your favorites collection. This reliably quick-cooking wok helps seal in flavors and nu...trients for healthier meals prepared in just minutes. Stir fry chicken and vegetables, braise pork tenderloins, boil jumbo shrimp or deep-fry bananas. This smooth enameled cast iron wok may soon become your go-to pan in the kitchen. Includes a wide sampling of scrumptious recipes. The mainstay of French chefs for nearly a century, Le Creuset cookware features bold and bright colors in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any culinary need. Each enameled cast iron piece is skillfully finished by hand. Imported. 4 3/4-quart. 12 lbs. 17" dia. x 6 1/2"H including handles and lid. Product Features? Molded of cast iron with an expertly enameled glossy porcelain coating ? Versatile for stovetop, oven and broiler ? Highest quality porcelain enamel coating is impermeable to odors and stains ? Foods will not react with the enameled finish ? Easy-clean enamel surfaces are scratch-resistant ? Superior conduction of heat promotes faster cooking times ? Even distribution and retention of heat ensures cookware stays hot longer ? Heavy, tight-fitting glass lid seals in moisture and flavors - food self-bastes ? Sure-grip handles make lifting and food transfer easy ? Wok without lid is safe for oven or broiler up to 400 F ? Suited for stovetops including electric, gas, ceramic, induction and halogen top ? Bright color choices coordinate with virtually any home décor ? Includes care and use instruction booklet with 26 recipes for stir frying, braising, boiling and deep frying ? Dishwasher-safe, but hand-washing is recommended read more

Le Creuset

The Le Creuset Stir Fry Pan will have you thinking of new vegetables to add to the pan every night. Peppers and onions or snow pea...s and baby carrots, the pan is large enough to make dinner for the entire family. The pan features hard-anodized construction with a triple-coated non-stick interior that means cooking requires less fat or oil. Held by a cast-stainless handle that is ergonomically shaped, the stir fry pan is easy to maneuver to keep the vegetables and meat flipping. The rounded pan shape facilitates in flipping foods as well. Make stir fry dishes that are colorful, flavorful and healthy in the Le Creuset Stir Fry Pan. Le Creuset Stainless Steel cookware has a core of aluminum for high performance and even heat distribution. The cooking surface is hard and durable stainless steel, and the exterior of the pan is brushed stainless steel with a polished band as an elegant highlight. Durable and ergonomic stay cool handles are securely riveted to the cookware body and allow for use on all cooking surfaces (including magnetic induction), the oven and the broiler. Some other nice design features of the Le Creuset stainless steel cookware include "precision pour" rims for easy pouring, capacity markings on pot walls in standard and metric units, and the side handles double as lid rests for the pan. Measures 12 inches in diameter. read more

Le Creuset

The Le Creuset Wok has always been a popular item in the line, now it has been updated with a glass lid. The Le Creuset wok so well due to it's core of cast iron, while cleanup is easier with the enamel coating inside and out. 14 1/4" diameter. 4 3/4 Qt. capacity. read more

Le Creuset

Although it's ideal for stir frying, this Le Creuset 14.25-in. Enamel Cast Iron Covered Wok offers so much more. It is also the id...eal choice for use when deep frying, steaming or even braising, so it's versatile enough to use with an array of your favorite recipes. This Asian-style wok is made from long-lasting, high-performing cast iron that provides excellent heat retention and even distribution of heat for optimal results, whether you're making a rice and vegetable dish or chicken stir fry. It has a black enameled interior that doesn't require any seasoning, and its flat base allows it to achieve solid contact with your heat source, whether that's an electric stovetop or induction cooktop. It has a snugly fitting tempered glass lid that allows you to watch your food as it cooks inside while also retaining moisture and heat for the most flavorful dishes ever. This large wok holds 4.75 quarts, so it is big enough for the whole family. It is equipped with side handles that make it easy to get it onto the stovetop and back off again, and it is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is fast and simple. As a bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Features: Asian-style wok is crafted from cast iron for excellent heat retention and even distribution of heat across the entire pan Two handles make it easy to transport this wok The clear tempered glass lid allows you to easily see the progress of your food as it cooks inside read more

Le Creuset

Toss, sear or fry your favorite foods in the Le Creuset 14.25-in. Enamel Cast-Iron Covered Wok. The Asian-inspired wok's ample cur...ved interior has a 4.75-quart capacity, providing plenty of space for preparing stir-fry, vegetables and rice dishes that will feed your entire family. The heavy-duty wok distributes heat evenly regardless of which heat source you use. Whether you're cooking on an electric or gas range using low or high heat, you'll get optimal results each time. The tempered glass lid fits snugly, allowing you to keep an eye on your meals while retaining their flavor and moisture. It's also oven safe up to 450 degrees F, and moving the wok from stovetop to oven is easy thanks to its stylish curved handles. The wok's satin enamel finish gives it a beautiful look that's sure to draw compliments whenever you're entertaining guests. It's dishwasher safe to ensure easy cleaning, and thanks to its durable construction, this wok will be in your family for countless years. Best Used For: Pull this cast-iron wok out of the cabinet when making Asian-inspired stir-fry meals or healthy quick-cooked vegetable medleys. Features: Cast-iron construction ensures exceptional heat retention and distribution Asian-inspired curved design enhances its visual appeal Durable handles on each end make it easy to transport Clear glass lid locks in flavors and lets you view your food's progress as it cooks Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup read more

Le Creuset
$269.99 $425.00
at JC Penney

Le Creuset® enameled cast iron wok is designed to cook evenly, quickly and to retain heat. Woks are ideal for stir frying, steamin...g, deep frying, stewing or simmering. 4¾-quart capacity extremely durable material porcelain enamel interior for easy clean-up curved shape provides large cooking surface Hand wash. read more

Le Creuset
at Amazon

<div class="aplus"><!-- A+DIY for ASIN: B001BEFBIA --> <!-- Created by: Todd Densley --> <!-- Email: --> <!...-- Coded with Kuramoto@ A+DIY Tool --> <h4>Le Creuset Forged Hard-Anodized 11 3/4-Inch Nonstick Stir-Fry Pan</h4> <h5>From Fluffy omelettes to perfectly seared meats, Le Creuset forged hard-anodized pans deliver non-stick performance with a seamless reinforced coating that will never chip or flake. The hot-forging process forms a strong bond between the pan and its nonstick coating, creating a pan that will stand up to years of use.</h5> <div class="leftImage"><img alt="Lifestyle Shot" src="" /> <div class="imageCaption"></div> </div> <ul> <li>Hot-forging manufacturing process ensures pans will never warp</li> <li>An induction compatible, magnetic stainless steel base ensures superior performance on any cooktop</li> <li>Pans are oven-safe up to 500 degrees F (tempered glass lids are oven-safe up to 425 degrees F)</li> <li>Hollow, stay-cool cast stainless steel handles minimize heat transfer and fit comfortably in hand</li> <li>Side handles and assist handles feature stainless steel rivets for durability</li> <li>Nonstick coating is reinforced and safe for dishwashers</li> <li>A convenient side handle hole allows for hanging storage</li> </ul> <div class="rightImage"><img alt="Lifestyle Shot " src="" /> <div class="imageCaption"></div> </div> <p>Each Forged Hard-Anodized (FHA) pan is made from a heavy-gauge forged aluminum with a strong, durable finish that will withstand the demands of everyday use. Each pan absorbs and distributes heat evenly and efficiently, so there are no hot-spots during cooking. The specially-constructed base incorporates a magnetic stainless steel disk that gives extra strength and stability to the pan.</p> <p>Le Creuset FHA is completely multi-functional. Use it with any stovetop or under any broiler, or use in any conventional, induction or fan-assisted oven. As with any metal product, this material is not suitable for use in microwave ovens.</p> <p>Le Creuset's manufacturing process and the pan's internally reinforced nonstick surface combine to create a uniquely durable finish for extra strength and superb cooking results.</p> <h5>Heat recommendations</h5> <p>Use medium and low heat settings for the majority of cooking on all heat sources, and allow the pan to heat gradually and evenly.</p> <p>When searing meat, poultry or fish, a medium high heat can be used initially, but once the pan is hot and the food added, the heat should be lowered.</p> <p>The pan should never be used on the highest heat setting for either preheating or cooking. Excessive surface temperatures will damage the nonstick cooking surface. See section on details of misuse.</p> <p>Always use a stovetop burner that is similar in size to the base of the pan. Gas flames must always be confined to the base area and never extend up the sidewalls of the pan.</p> <p>On any glass-topped stove always lift the pan to move it. Never slide the pan, as this may cause damage to the stovetop or the base of the pan.</p> <p>The maximum safe temperature for oven use is 500 degrees F / 260 degrees C. When used under a hot broiler there should be a minimum distance of two inches (5cm) between the heat source and the top rim of the pan.</p> <h5>Cleaning and care</h5> <p>Cool the pan for a few minutes before cleaning. Do not plunge a hot pan into cold water.</p> <p>Only recommended nonstick cleaning pads should be used on the nonstick surfaces. Do not use any metal or abrasive pads or abrasive cleaning agents on any of the surfaces.</p> <p>The pan is dishwasher-safe, but washing by hand is recommended. Simply wash with hot, soapy water, and rinse and dry thoroughly. If the pan is regularly washed in the dishwasher some darkening of the rivets and outer ring of the base may occur, or a powdery white deposit may form. This is normal and will not affect the performance of the pan. The surface dulling or white deposits can be removed by carefully cleaning the affected areas with a gentle nylon pad and detergent. After cleaning, rinse and dry thoroughly.</p> <p>Each time the pan is cleaned in the dishwasher, the cooking surface should be re-conditioned with vegetable or corn oil before the next use.</p> <h5>Le Creuset Heat-Resistant Glass Lids</h5> <p>Add another dimension to cooking with a Le Creuset Forged Hard-Anodized pan by using a Le Creuset heat-resistant glass lid. The tempered glass lid allows you to check the recipe without disturbing the cooking progress or temperature. It retains moisture and flavor and converts the pan to one for poaching, braising or casseroling. The lids are oven-safe up to 325 degrees F.</p> </div> read more

Le Creuset
$270.00 $390.00
at Williams-Sonoma

This cast-iron pan conducts heat superbly and sustains the high temperatures needed for stir-frying, so ingredients cook quickly a...nd evenly. Made in France, it has substantial weight to provide stability on the stovetop. Cast iron coated with durable porcelain enamel distributes high heat evenly. Easy-clean nonreactive interior does not require seasoning. Wide, angled shape allows you to stir and toss ingredients without spilling. Offering a clear view of the cooking process, the glass lid is useful for steaming and braising. Ideal for use on any cooktop, including induction. Vibrant, colorful exterior for stove-to-table presentation. 14" diam., 3 3/4" high. 12 lb. with lid. Made in France. read more

Le Creuset

This beautiful Asian-style cookware piece with easy-sloping sides boasts durable cast iron construction for even heat distribution... and excellent heat retention. Perfect for stir-frying, but also suitable for braising, steaming and stewing. read more

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