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The rustic beauty and remarkable performance of professional grade carbon steel cookware is yours with the Mauviel Cookware M'Stee...l Collection. With a concept design like that of traditional cast iron cookware pieces, this Mauviel M'Steel Wok is built to take the punishing heat of the highest temperatures, while resisting odors and allowing for longer preheat times. The black color is created due to exposure to heat over time in the final manufacturing process. Natural non-stick qualities are added to this wok as part of the proper pan seasoning provided before and after use. This is a similar process to the care and conditioning of cast iron. The range of Asian cooking techniques can be used with this wok including, poaching, boiling, searing, stewing, deep frying, steaming, and of course stir frying. Less typical uses can also be found for this wonderful wok like scrambling eggs which cook instantly, toasting nuts without having them burn, combining sauces into pasta before serving with plenty of room for tossing, and more. This wok pan will do all the heavy duty work, and go from stove-top to oven perfectly. The Mauviel Cookware M'Steel Wok is safe for all cook tops and metal utensils can be used freely. Commercial grade durability and Mauviel superior construction are yours to enjoy with the M'Steel Carbon Steel Wok. Mauviel Cookware - 11.8" M'Steel Wok Features: Excellent heat conductivity Designed in concept like traditional cast iron cookware pieces Black carbon steel wok High density steel to resist odors, withstand high temperatures, and allows longer preheating Fantastic searing qualities to seal in nutrients and flavors Black finished steel as part of final heat process of manufacturing, color changes due to heating over time Natural non-stick qualities after proper seasoning Safe with very high temperatures and metal utensils Lighter weight than any cast iron Mauviel cookware wok with commercial grade durability Hand-wash only - use hot water immediately after use, wipe clean immediately with paper towel, store in a dry place Safe for all cook tops including induction Finish the foods in the oven Perfect for all kinds of Asian style cooking Also performs many useful applications outside Asian style - scrambling eggs, toasting nuts, and more Carbon steel wok diameter - 11.8"/30 cm. NSF approved Mauviel cookware made in France Oil wok with paper toweling prior storage Handles stay cooler than traditional metal handles while used on stove tops All handles get extremely hot during oven use Do not bleach black carbon steel wok Mauviel M'Steel Wok - 11.8" Diameter How to Season Mauviel Cookware - M'Steel Wok: Before first use or after intensive cleaning - After purchase, remove beeswax protective coating with very hot soapy water. Wipe interior of pan with paper toweling with any kind flavorless cooking oil. Heat oiled pan for 10 minutes while empty till oil liquefies for 10 minutes. At this point turn heat off and allow to cool completely. Repeat this process a second time for completed seasoning. To See More Selections of Mauviel Cookware, CLICK HERE Please! "What the French Mamas Use, Instead of Cast Iron" Mauviel has been manufacturing premium quality cookware of made of copper since 1830. Starting in the marketplaces of hotels and restaurants in France,professional chefs became enamored with Mauviel cookware quality, design, and performance. As years passed, stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum constructions were added to their collections of products. Now, household cooks have the same access to the elegant style and superior characteristics of Mauviel cookware. A 7th generation family business, Mauviel is still privately-owned and committed to manufa read more

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Mauviel, the renowned copper cookware manufacturer in France, presents M'steel. M'steel is a collection of frying pans, saute pans..., woks and crepe pans made of extra thick Black Steel with riveted steel handles. The Black Steel, carbon steel, is an excellent heat conductor and extremely durable. The steel withstands high temperatures allowing for longer preheating and thus excellent searing. M'steel is designed to work on all cooktops including induction and metal utensils are safe to use. Prior to first use, clean the pan with very hot water to remove the beeswax from the entire pan. The beeswax is used to prevent the pan from rusting and to save time when seasoning. If at first use, you notice any wax residue, use a paper towel to wipe your hot pan clean. For seasoning, cover the bottom of the pan with flavorless oil and heat for 5 minutes. Let the pan cool before draining the oil, and then wipe clean with paper towels. Repeat the process a second time and your pan is ready for use. After this process, the pan will acquire a natural nonstick property. After cooking, wash the pan in hot water, wipe with a soft sponge and dry thoroughly. Do not use dish soap and do not remove the black layer that forms at the bottom of the pan, it will make a solid film and create a non-stick surface. Dry thoroughly to prevent resulting and store in a dry area. The pan will darken with use, creating a naturally nonstick surface. Made in France. read more


Mauviel, who make some of our favorite copper pieces, are searing their way into our hearts once again with their M’steel line o...f carbon steel cookware basics. The extra-thick (but surprisingly lightweight) carbon steel has excellent heat conduction, withstands very high temperatures, and becomes naturally nonstick after seasoning. Think of it as a lighter weight version of your cast iron (and, as Mauviel says, "what French mamas use instead"). These are professional grade pieces that work on all cooktops (including induction), great for serious and beginner cooks alike. The handsome industrial look is just an added bonus. The M’steel wok’s curved sides and wider base make it more manageable than your average wok. The carbon steel feels sturdy, but will heat up real quick. And the high temperature retention ensures your prepped veggies will be stir fried in a flash. Note that the pan will come with a thin layer of beeswax to protect the pan from rusting and assist with seasoning. See Care & Notes for instructions on how to remove the coating (and check out this helpful video from Mauviel. On induction cooktops, use at only 2/3 max heat. The pan will become extremely hot at this temperature and higher temps are not needed. On induction, maximum heat has the potential to burn the pan. Made in: France. Made of: Carbon steel. Size: 11.8" in diameter x 20.9" L (including handle) x 3.8" H, holds 7.2 quarts, weighs 6.2 pounds.. read more

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