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This Recipe Card Set comes with 25 recipes cards (image on top) and a bonus decorative cover card (image on bottom) that you put i...n the front of your acrylic recipe box to act as a design. read more

Mothers of Sons Inc

From Baseball Mitts To Oven Mitts - A Mothers of Sons Cookbook is a compilation of easy recipes with simple ingredients for males ...18-35+ to learn the basics of cooking and navigating the kitchen. With introductory chapters on setting up an easy culinary workspace and full pantry, this book includes colorful illustrations and useful tips on every page – everything a novice needs to prepare delicious meals. Dedicated to her sons, Friedman’s cookbook creates a literal keepsake for mothers to present to their sons, sparking appealing and open communication with each other through a universal love of food. read more

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Start Cooking Classic American Dishes For Your Family & Friends, Using Just a Slow Cooker!This book holds 100 easy and delicious A...merican recipes for you to try at home, using your slow cooker. Slow cookers are a great kitchen tool, because they allow you to imbue your food with a home-cooked, worked-over-a-hot-stove-all-day flavor, with very little work. Every recipe you will find in this book is delicious and sure to impress your friends and family, and all you need is ingredients and a slow cooker!This cookbook contains a combination of the best classic American:Breakfast mealsEntreesSides & VegetablesSoups & StewsDesserts & Baked GoodsScroll Up & Order a Copy Now so You Can Spice up Your Food Life and Start Cooking Exciting American Meals Today! read more


Hungry Campers Cookbook brings together the fun of family camping holidays with fresh, healthy, gourmet yet simple recipes. Author... Katy Holder has combined her many years of food writing with her love of camping, to produce this cookbook for anyone... read more

Fox Run
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Love trying out new recipes? Easily follow step-by-step instructions, messy-hands-free! Fox Run's Rolling Pin Recipe Card Holder i...s perfect for bakers and chefs alike. Made of solid rubberwood with red painted handles, this adorable, unique piece looks and feels just like a wooden rolling pin! The convenient slot will hold your recipe card upright at the just the right angle for easy reading. A charming decoration when not being used, this holder is also great for keeping your to-do lists handy (just use a 4x6 card!). Keep your favorite recipe cards neat and clean, for years of use. read more

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The Most Delicious Recipes! Great Variety of Recipes Suitable For Everyone. Simple and Easy! Free PDF file with photos available a...t the end of the book Pressure Cooking: Tasty One-Pot Recipes Pressure cooker brings a real culinary Renaissance to us, the old-fashioned cooking adapted for the modern family and the pace of modern life. Actually, the pressure cooker was a 17th century invention. It has been around for a long time. A stovetop pressure cooker has become popular twenty years ago. However, modern-day pressure cooker has become trendy because of its great improvement such as lots of digital functions and backup safety system. If you’d like to cook the homey soups, the hearty stews, sophisticated braised meat and other five-star recipes, pressure cooker is the great choice. If you like one-pot meals, the pressure cooker is the right solution for you. The pressure cooker is one of the most versatile kitchen tools. You will enjoy different cooking methods such as browning, sautéing, deglazing, and frying without another skillet or pan. Using a pressure cooker isn’t just about quicker and easier cooking; it’s about better and healthier cooking, too. If you have been wondering how to make meals like grandma used to make, give some of your favorite recipes a try in the pressure cooker. The benefits of pressure cooking are numerous: Your food retains most of its valuable nutrients so your meals are healthier and better. Pressure cooker prepares your food quickly, with very little fat and water. A number of studies have shown that pressure cooking can help to preserve nutrients in food better than any other cooking technique. You will significantly save time and energy in preparing meals. The pressure cooker is an efficient kitchen device because it cooks meals seventy percent faster than conventional cooking methods. The food from the pressure cooker tastes great. It can be used to preserve food as well. We have got 250 recipes ahead: a terrific oatmeal to bread puddings, awesome casseroles to easy chilies, cold appetizers to holiday desserts. Add some wow factor to your everyday cooking. Make amazing holiday dinner for your family and friends. Enjoy! read more

Washington Cookbook
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The Washington Cookbook is a timeless collection of over 650 recipes gathered from all around the state of Washington. First publi...shed in 1982, this beautiful 30th Anniversary Edition is hardbound with a high quality library binding to lay flat, as cookbooks should. The Washington Cookbook offers more than recipes. It is the kind of cookbook you can sit and just enjoy reading. There are various anecdotes and interesting comments about the history of some of the recipes, as well as a bit of humor. There are 14 sections of recipes; they include Seafoods, Wild Game, Breads (with sourdough starter), Desserts and Apples, Main Dishes, Other Lands, Vegetables, On The Trail (camping), Pioneer (old time), Wild Foods, Soups and Salads, Homemade Wine, Kitchen Sink and Methods of Cooking. Also included are cooking and freezing charts, recipes for homemade herb dressings, kitchen tips and instructions for drying fruits and vegetables. The book is unique in that there really are no traditional recipe sections. For example, The Pioneer section has vegetable, main dishes and desserts. There are main dishes in the Other Lands section, vegetable dishes in the On The Trail section, and herb dressing recipes in the Methods of Cooking section. It features quite a variety of recipes and cooking information. For people who enjoy western art, each recipe section is introduced with an original western drawing done by some of Washington's most talented artists, including Don Crook and Dan Jordan. The book is a perfect fit for those with a newly found interest in farmer's markets, eating good nutritious food and enjoying it more at home with family. We are strong supporters of the organic and natural foods movement. read more

Ove Glove
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Oven rack shield is heat resitant upto 540 degrees farenheit. It Protects from forearm burns when reaching into your oven. Made the same material in the Ove Glove. read more

Katya Johansson

This Bundle Includes 3 Great Books: Camping Cookbook - 35 Camping Recipes Foil Packet Cooking BBQ Cookbook Get It Now!

Nitty Gritty Cookbooks

The first edition of The Bread Machine Cookbook was the first, best, and by far the best-selling cookbook for automatic bread mach...ines. This colorful take on the classic cookbook contains recipes for white and whole grain breads, croissants, and allergy-sensitive breads alongside old favorites, all of which have been tested on a variety of automatic bread machines. If you only want one bread machine cookbook, this is it! read more

Brand: Nitty Gritty Cookbooks
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This is a bright, modern update of the best-selling "Bristol" title. The toaster oven is enjoying renewed interest and sales, and ...this revised edition brings you more special techniques and safety tips, more basic instructional advice, and more great recipes! Use the "Toaster Oven Cookbook" to bake, roast, toast and broil with less time, electricity and cleanup. You'll find appetisers and snacks; vegetables and side dishes; meat, poultry and seafood entrees; sandwiches; and even quick and yeast breads - a breeze to prepare in a toaster oven. It's great for 1- or 2-person meals. As an Amazon customer says, this is "a very helpful book". read more

Brand: Nitty Gritty Cookbooks

This book transforms a good cook into a GREAT cook! The Simple Substitutions Cookbook demonstrates how a recipe can be varied to s...uit your tastes using available ingredients. By changing just one or two items in a recipe, you can create your own signature dishes. It's just that easy. Switching ingredients is the path to new and exciting creations. read more

Nitty Gritty Cookbooks
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Use the Toaster Oven Cookbook to bake, roast, toast and broil with less time, electricity, and cleanup. You'll find special techni...ques and safety tips alongside recipes for appetizers and snacks; meat, poultry, and seafood entrees; sandwiches, and even quick and yeast breads—all a breeze to prepare in a toaster oven. read more


Learn smoke cooking tips and techniques Packed with delicious recipes192 pagesThis \"Webers Smoke: A Guide to Smoke Cooking for Ev...eryone and Any Grill'' Cookbook by Jamie Purviance is packed with the recipes, tips and techniques you need to master the... read more

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Use These Guidelines Of Super Healthy Instant Pot Vegan Recipes, China Study Recipes And Start Treating Your Body How It Deserves ...Today! Are you the owner of an Instant Pot? Are you crazy about the conventional cooking methods it provides and all the creative outlets it offers? Are you dying to explore what you can do with your pot from the get-go? Do you try to live a health-conscious lifestyle by eating vegan-based foods? Download your cookbook today and discover the many recipes that you can use with your Instant Pot. This cookbook includes recipes of all sorts: AppetizersBreakfastSidesDishesSoupsDessertsAnd many ways that you can make these recipes your own and fit them to your own desired tastes Take the time to learn what you are capable of with your Instant Pot today! If you are ready to put your new best kitchen accessory to work, learn the many ways you can create savory meals and treats for your friends and family. Discover the tasty side of a vegan-friendly diet that your body and taste buds will thank you for. Make use of your new best friend in the kitchen today and learn how to cook healthy meals in a fast, clean, and fun way. Find ways to make great use of the accessories included with your Instant Pot. Owning an Instant Pot gives you endless meal possibilities and ideas to incorporate into any craving you might have. Explore your talents with your conventional helper in the kitchen by cutting your cooking times in half or even less, using less energy for your electric bill and yourself. Imagine a life where your waistline is the last thing on your mind. You’re skinny, you feel good, and you look phenomenal. All of this is possible through the secrets that exist within this book, The China Diet Study Cookbook: Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes for Every Taste! This book contains proven secrets to living a longer, healthier and more prosperous life. If you’ve tried other diets in the past and have walked away feeling unfilled or as if you were right back at your starting weight months after discontinuing the diet, this book is for you. The basis of any successful diet is to implement changes that result in a lifestyle change. The change that you need and deserve can be easily found by purchasing this book. What more could you ask for? Especially in America, the idea of leading a healthy and fit lifestyle can sometimes seem like a dream and nightmare all at the same time. On the one hand, there are multiple diets that you can try and are popular at any given point in time, but often these diets seem like a fad. What’s more, sometimes these diets don’t even work, and you end up right back where you started. The China study diet is different. After learning about the principles of the China study diet, you’ll be given amazingly simple and delicious recipes that you can begin to integrate into your own life. What more could you ask for? You are guaranteed to learn: What the China Study Diet is and how you can benefit from it How the China Study Diet can be exactly the lifestyle change that your life needs Breakfast RecipesLunch RecipesDinner RecipesDessertsAnd many ways that you can make these recipes your own and fit them to your own desired tastes Do Not Wait Any Longer And Get This Book For Only $20.99! read more

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Use These Guidelines Of Super Healthy Instant Pot Vegan And Non-Vegan Recipes And Start Treating Your Body How It Deserves Today! ...Are you the owner of an Instant Pot? Are you crazy about the conventional cooking methods it provides and all the creative outlets it offers? Are you dying to explore what you can do with your pot from the get-go? Do you try to live a health-conscious lifestyle by eating vegan-based foods? Download your cookbook today and discover the many recipes that you can use with your Instant Pot. This cookbook includes recipes of all sorts: AppetizersBreakfastSidesDishesSoupsDessertsAnd many ways that you can make these recipes your own and fit them to your own desired tastes Take the time to learn what you are capable of with your Instant Pot today! If you are ready to put your new best kitchen accessory to work, learn the many ways you can create savory meals and treats for your friends and family. Discover the tasty side of a vegan-friendly diet that your body and taste buds will thank you for. Make use of your new best friend in the kitchen today and learn how to cook healthy meals in a fast, clean, and fun way. Find ways to make great use of the accessories included with your Instant Pot. Owning an Instant Pot gives you endless meal possibilities and ideas to incorporate into any craving you might have. Explore your talents with your conventional helper in the kitchen by cutting your cooking times in half or even less, using less energy for your electric bill and yourself. Do Not Wait Any Longer And Get This Book For Only $20.99! read more


Put your slow cooker to good use with this beautifully illustrated Crock-Pot slow cooker recipe book. features a collection of ove...r 100 recipes durable, heavy stock cover for kitchen-friendly use Paper. Measures 7.1x9.3"H. Made in America. read more

Philipp Feldheim
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Get this year's best-selling Kosher cookbook - 50,000 already sold!Much more than just another kosher cookbook, this unique cookbo...ok is a first of its kind, containing a wealth of information.200 original recipes with stunning, full color photographyA personal brocha and challah recipe from Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky a"hA pictorial history of Sara Schneirer and the Bais Yaakov movementComprehensive section of Halachos of cooking in the kitchenGuide to complex brachos situationsColor guide to checking fruits and vegetables Tips on shopping for, preparing, and serving gourmet mealsComprehensive guide to shopping for meat, wine, cookware, etc.This special cookbook belongs in the kitchen of every kosher home! read more

Quadrille Publishing
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This collection of over 100 mouthwatering recipes inspired by the traditions of the farmhouse kitchen—with a modern twist—captures... the true taste of today's country cooking and brings the fresh ingredients and seasonal flavors of a farmhouse kitchen into your own home. Stuffed full of details on selecting the best ingredients, eating seasonally, and foraging, this book is an invaluable source of information as well as a celebration of modern country living and how to get involved with the land and the food you eat. read more

Penguin Books

The Essential Marathi Cookbook, a modern, easy-to-use introduction to several Marathi sub-cuisines, travels across the regions and... religions of Maharashtra to bring out the most authentic and appetizing recipes from the state. Journalist and chef Kaumudi Marathe presents a varied and nuanced selection ranging from the delectable entrees long associated with Maharashtra, to appetizing and unusual side dishes, and a plethora of desserts, as well as, lesser-known but equally tantalizing family and regional specialties which have never before appeared in an English-language cookbook. The comprehensive introduction describes Marathi cooking basics, ingredients and techniques and also explains the special spices used in Marathi kitchens along with the methods for their best use in seasonings. Packed with personal anecdotes and food memories from the author and other contributors to the book, The Essential Marathi Cookbook is the definitive guide to Marathi food and customs. Recipes include: Pithla-Bhat (zesty gram flour sauce with hot rice), Shiryachi Poli (sweet semolina-stuffed bread), Ambyacha Loncha (green mango-mustard pickle), Spicy Kolhapuri mutton, Suranachi Koshimbir (elephant s foot yam salad), Kelphulachi Bhaji (banana blossom stir-fry), Pach Dalinchi Amti (five lentil stew), Mugache Kadhan (Konkan lentil-coconut pudding), Bol Marie (East Indian coconut pie), Pathare-Prabhu baked karanjis (coconut crescents), Kharvas (first-milk custard), Khudi (sautéed East Indian-style chicken), Ukad Shengule (sorghum pasta), Kaumudi s grandmother s Lettuce Salad read more

Fletchers Mill

Keep your recipes in sight with this Fletcher's Mill rolling pin recipe card holder. Made of solid hardwood, this recipe card features red handles. This essential kitchen accessory rests securely on a flat base and holds your recipe cards... read more

Gibbs Smith

From bestselling children's cookbook author Barbara Beery comes a delightful new cookbook created just for aspiring sprites, elves..., gnomes and nymphs! Fairies Cookbook brings a bit of fantasy and magic to everyday snacks and treats, while teaching valuable cooking skills and encouraging kids to develop a love for creating their own food. Fairies Cookbook transforms everyday fare into mystical treats for birthday parties, sleepovers, and special occasions-and these recipes are easy enough to use everyday! Fairies Cookbook offers recipes such as Cookie Fairie Masks, Fairie Fruit Wands, Sugar Cone Fairie Hats, Fruity Fairie Castles, Raindrop Punch, and many more. Children's cooking expert Beery also includes dozens of tips and ideas for creating a variety of enchanting fairie-themed parties. Book Details:Format: PaperbackPublication Date: 7/16/2007Pages: 64 read more

Random House

In Koreatowns across America, from L.A. to Atlanta to Chicago, you can count on finding a spicy, sweet, savory, umami-packed mealâ...€”with a side (or a few) of something fermented. Chef Deuki Hong and writer Matt Rodbard spent more than two years eating and researching their way through the country’s Koreatowns and gave us a book filled with stories, profiles of chefs and business owners, and recipes we want to make over and over. There are beloved classics like bulgogi and kalbi, of course, but we love how much Hong and Rodbard nerd out over more obscure aspects of Korean food, drink, and culture, too. Koreatown is a 2017 Piglet finalist! See how it does here. Size: 10.3" L x 8.3" W x 0.88" H. Length: 272 pages. Author: Deuki Hong, Matt Rodbard. read more


Sicily has long been a global crossroads, its cuisine marked by the different conquering groups drawn to its natural riches. The f...ood is in essence Italian, but accented with exotic Mediterranean touches: think pesto punched up with capers, gelato made with pistachios and pasta laced with saffron, as well as a penchant for sweet-and-sour preparations like caponata and strong flavors like wild fennel and oregano. Sicily tells the wonderful histories behind the classic dishes, and it also shows how contemporary chefs and home cooks are reinvigorating recipes in modern ways.The product of years of careful research, Sicily gives a tour of the land’s culinary treasures, from the couscous of Lo Capo and the vines of Mt. Etna to the sea salt of Trapani and the black pigs of Mirto. The book gives foolproof instructions for all the cardinal dishes such as Arancini, Pasta with Sardines and Swordfish Involtini—and there are also plenty of delicious contemporary recipes, such as Eggplant Parmigiana in a Glass, Butternut Squash Caponata and Cannoli Millefoglie. Complete with travel notes and addresses to plan a trip, Sicily is sure to enchant readers everywhere. read more


Dishes so good, they're likely to leave you singing. Take a seat at Trisha's Table and enjoy entrees like dairy-free Angel-Hair Pa...sta with Avocado Pesto, low-calorie Billie's Houdini Chicken Salad, and vegetarian Smashed Sweet Pea Burgers. The tasty, balanced flavors hit all the right notes to satisfy just about any appetite. read more


Watch movies or shows, play music, enjoy your favorite apps and more from anywhere with the Xpack Claw Universal smartphone mount.... Mount Your Smartphone Anywhere Featuring a unique clamp design, the Xpack Claw can attach to any shaped surface while...... read more

Jane Biondi

Italian Cookbook full of Healthy Pasta Recipes. 45 Quick & Easy, Tasty Healthy Pasta Recipes, Pasta Salads, Cookies and Cupcake Re...cipes!! Would You Like To Know More? Download and start getting healthier today. Scroll to the top of the page and select... read more

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The Cereal Killer Café Cookbook is the perfect gift for any cereal lover, bringing the brilliance of London’s The Cereal Killer Ca...fé into your home with inventive cereal recipes, great cereal stories, nostalgia, party facts, games, and humor. Learn the important rules of cereal eating—slurp all you want, make sure you choose a deep bowl to avoid spillage on the way to the sofa—and get creative with recipes using all your breakfast favorites, like Cocoa Pop Brownies, Corn Flake Chicken, Sausage-stuffed Shredded Wheat, and No-bake Crunchy Nut Cluster Cake. Resplendent with 1980’s and early 1990’s pop culture references, photos, and comic-strip illustrations, The Cereal Killer Café will remind you of happy days when cereal boxes came with toys inside and free games came on the back of the box. read more

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Lobster has long been considered a staple of haute cuisine and a dish of indulgence, something that only a true expert in the kitc...hen can perfectly execute.From Matt Dean Pettit, chef and owner of Rock Lobster Food Co., comes a collection of more than 100 simple and delicious recipes showing how fun, easy and stress-free cooking with lobster can be.The Great Lobster Cookbook includes more than 100 of Matt?s best recipes—from the famous Rock Lobster Roll and the Classic Lobster Boil to Lobster Eggs Benny, Lobster Poutine and even a mouthwatering recipe for Vanilla Bean Lobster Ice Cream. Star chefs such as Mark McEwan and Roger Mooking also share their favorite lobster dishes. read more


Over 100 delicious Austrian recipes, in English. Arranged in six sections, including Soups and Starters, Meat dishes, Vegetarian D...ishes, Sweets, Cakes and Biscuits. read more

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Air fryers are revolutionary kitchen appliances that use superheated air to fry, bake, grill and steam without the added calories ...and mess of traditional cooking methods. Fast and fuss-free, they cook food uniformly and seal in natural juices.Discover how easy it is to enjoy delicious breakfasts, vegetables, sides, main dishes and even desserts.These flavorful recipes will work with every size and style of air fryer, and you can also prepare them with induction air cooking. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, this book will inspire you to cook healthy, balanced meals that your whole family will love. read more

Saharan Press

Heralded as the ultimate and most comprehensive Gambian cookbook, "The Gambian Cookbook" brings together the traditions, flavours ...and love of many families all over the smiling coast. Having spent their formative childhood years in The Gambia, the authors developed a passion for friends, family and good food. This book brings together that love in an attempt to share it with the world. Summary: A cookbook collection of typical recipes and authors' favourites from The Gambia, West Africa. read more

Ebury Press
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Oh! Calcutta, the quintessential Bengali restaurant, is reminiscent of the grand old Calcutta a city dotted with Victorian, gentlemen smoking in horse- drawn buggies, elegant ladies twirling dainty parasols, and murmuring clubs. Besides the colonial charm, this much-loved institution brings delectable Bengali food Daab Chingri, Bhetki Machher Paturi, Kosha Mangsho, Smoked Bhetki, and the famous Ilish right to your dinner table. Every dish features inimitable ingredients such as shorshe, kasundi, panch phoron, and poshto, to make unique and modern versions of classic fare. With tips and techniques and notes on easy cooking, Oh! Calcutta is a fascinating culinary journey into the inscrutable Bengali kitchen. read more

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Jane Austen wrote her novels in the midst of a large and sociable family. Brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, friends and ac...quaintances were always coming and going, and eating and drinking. Fortunately one of Jane's dearest friends, Martha Lloyd, lived with the family for many years and recorded in her "Household Book" over 100 recipes enjoyed by the Austens. This family fare, tested and modernized for today's cooks, is reproduced here, together with some of the more sophisticated dishes which Jane and her characters would have enjoyed at balls, picnics and supper parties. The introduction discusses Jane's own interest in food, as shown both in the novels and in her letters, and the importance of mealtimes and entertaining in the social life of her period (1775-1817), with the complete contents of Martha Lloyd's "Household Book" and the history of the manuscript, now in Jane Austen's House at Chawton, Hampshire. Delightful line drawings, prints and watercolours from contemporary sources illustrate the book. read more

Asociatia Culinara Transilvania

"100 recipes from my childhood in the heart of Transylvania" The first ever english translated Transylvanian recipes seriously edi...ted book in both european and american metric units. read more


This cookbook covers not only Cajun-style cooking but has many old Southern recipes as well. There are even some special spicy rec...ipes from around the world. The amounts of spicy seasoning have been measured for average hot taste. If you like it hotter, all you do is increase the amount of seasoning. If it is too hot, then cut back on the seasoning the next time you make it. Crawfish, often called "Mud-Bugs" because of where they are normally found, are used in many dishes. They can be added to any dish that has seafood in it. They can be substituted for shrimp or crab meat. Once they have been boiled and the heads removed, they can be used whole or the meat can be removed from the shell and placed in the recipe. Once the crawfish is boiled, the REAL MUD-BUG LOVER will take the head, turn it around and "Suck- the-Head" to get that special flavor only GOURMETS love. read more


For many years now, people have been able to buy cookbooks on specific foods or for certain ethnicities. Now finally, here's a spe...cialty cookbook for both a specific food and group of people: brains for zombies! This cookbook offers a wide range of recipes from simple to elegant for hungry zombies everywhere. Make a few of them or make them all, but enjoy every juicy morsel of brain you eat! Bon appétit! read more


One of the most lauded restaurants in New York (and the first modern restaurant to get a 4-star review from The New York Times!), ...Del Posto's reputation precedes itself. One of famed chef Mario Batali's many ventures, Del Posto has been a fixture in fine dining since its opening in 2005. Executive Chef Mark Ladner has created a sophisticated style of American-Italian cuisine (that he called Cucina New Yorkese, and shares it in this stunning collection of recipes. You'll peek inside his brain—as layer after layer of restaurant life is peeled away. The back-of-house, the service, and above all, the food! The recipes might intimidate a beginner home cook, but the challenge will reap great rewards. Treat your friends to the most luxurious spread imaginable: Seared Scallops, Sunchoke Puree with Puntarelle, and Grapefruit with Black Truffle Vinaigrette, Egg Yolk Gnudi with Asparagus, and Pecorino Cake with Honey-Vinegar and Caramelized Pears. We think we just fainted. Comes with a signed bookplate. Size: 9" L x 1.2" W x 11" H. Length: 272 pages. Author: Mark Lander, Mario Batali. read more


Pages: 96, Paperback, AuthorHouse


This is a cookbook my son put together in his senior year, he has added a twist, additional pages for you to change and add to the... recipes as you like. A way to not need recipe cards. All funds from this cookbook will go to help pay his way through college. Enjoy. read more

Himalayan Academy Publications

A tasteful arrangement of South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes perfected in homes and temples as offerings to the Lord. Indian serve the finest cruelty-free meals enjoyed anywhere, and the monks at Kauai's Hindu Monastery carry on that 6,000-year-old tradition. Believing that good food is humankind's best medicine, they are sharing their secret collection of recipes gathered over the years. Includes a comprehensive introduction to ayurveda as it applies to nutrition and health, including the values of spices and herbs and their effects on the body. This cookbook has top quality Wire-O, spiral bounding so that it can be opened flat on your kitchen counter and still stand up to years of use. The covers are laminated and cleanable with a damp sponge. read more

Xlibris, Corp.
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Executive Chefs from famous restaurants and resorts have sent in their most wanted recipes. B&B’s have shared their homemade favor...ites. The community of Saratoga Springs and the surrounding counties sent in award winning recipes. It’s all here throughout the pages of this extraordinary cookbook; Saratoga Grazing! As you begin to read and prepare the delicious recipes, you may well experience a taste of history in Saratoga Grazing. The author’s mission is to take the readers back to the nineteenth century and introduce them to the chefs, their secret cooking techniques, their claims to fame, and the extravagant manner in which the cuisine was prepared for the blue bloods of the racing society, movie stars, politicians and high-ranking officers. How did the Travers Stakes get its name? What filly won the first race? What colt won the first Travers? The author could not resist listing the horses that grazed, ran, and won the Travers stakes; while incorporating intriguing history of the racetrack and the three turf experts who formed a racing association and made the first racetrack in America what it is today; a Saratoga institution, the oldest stakes race in America! Tricia O’Hara will take you through the Gay Nineties, Saratoga’s golden years. Part of Saratoga’s legend was the quality of its dinners and the famous people who came to Saratoga to dine and play. These personalities are in the book. How does the author bring you back to the present? Take this fascinating journey, read and enjoy Saratoga Grazing! read more


Learn how to cook delicious, traditional Newfoundland meals and recipes. You'll discover how to make everything from the famous "N...ewfoundland Jiggs Dinner" to unique treats such as "Toutons and Bankers", and delicious Homemade Bread. Enjoy a taste of Traditional Newfoundland with Bonita's Kitchen! read more

Brand: Gooseberry Patch
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Make simple meals special and special meals simple...that's what Come on Over is all about! It's filled with recipes and tips for ...easy, come-as-you-are dining from morning 'til nighttime. Try cooking up some overnight coffee cake, sweet berry popover, spicy buffalo bites, pizza by the scoop, Dutch oven stew, herb biscuits supreme, Cheddar ziti bake, Santa Fe sandwiches, 4-layer cookie bars and red velvet cake. It's loaded with helpful ideas for memorable gatherings too. Hardcover, 224 pages. (9-1/4" x 6-1/2") read more

Great American Publishers
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Georgia Hometown Cookbook dishes up a double-helping of local, tried and true recipes and fun-filled facts about hometowns all-ove...r the state. From metropolitan Atlanta to the Southern grace of Savannah, from the soaring beauty of mountains to the sun-kissed Atlantic coast, Georgia is rich with recipes handed down through the generations. Kent Whitaker and Sheila Simmons bring you more than 300 of these all-time favorite recipes. From Georgia's Favorite Brunswick Stew to Drunk as a Skunk Georgia Pecans, Vidalia Onion Farm Fresh Salsa to Sweet Georgia Brown Pecan Pie, Fried Green Tomatoes to Fresh-Baked Homestyle Peach Pie, there are delicious, hometown recipes to please everyone... especially the cook becasue every recipe is easy-to-follow and uses ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. For those that confess to reading their cookbooks like novels (you know who you are) you will enjoy interesting food facts and stories about fun food festivals around the state such The Georgia Strawberry Festival in Reynolds which brings Big Mama s Deep Dish Strawberry Cobbler Pie with Strawberry Whipped Cream first-place prize winner in the 2007 pie division. When it comes to Georgia hometown cooking, there's something for everyone to love. And this book brings you the BEST that Georgia has to offer! read more

William Morrow Cookbooks
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Choice is what it's all about: Choosing your favorite flavor, favorite topping or swirl-in, favorite frozen dessert. For no matter... what kind of ice cream maker you own -- an inexpensive canister or a top-of-the-line electric freezer -- there's an extra special treat here for you.Exciting flavors include an assortment of vanillas of varying degrees of richness, several great chocolates, Butter Pecan, Sensational Strawberry, Peaches 'n' Cream, Utterly Peanut Butter and Double Ginger to mention only a sampling. For an extra flourish, there's a collection of ice creams with add-ons -- swirls and twirls, sauces and toppings. There is even an entire chapter of great reduced-fat light ice creams and nonfat frozen yogurts with names like Creamy Banana, Cappuccino, Date Rum and Maple Crunch.Many completely fat-free frozen delights are covered in the chapter called "Sorbets, Granitas and Other Ices." Enticing and refreshing, they come in flavors such as Kiwi-Lime, Mango Margarita, Spiced Rasberry and Strawberry Daquiri. And for showstopping, truly fabulous desserts, made completely in advance, turn to the last chapter, which contains ice cream cakes, pies and other frozen desserts. read more

Siegel, Helene/ Gillingham, Karen
$5.95 $5.93

Mochas and frappes, cookies and cakes, and even sauces and meat – no matter your preference, there are plenty of ways for coffee-l...overs to get their fix in this handy pocket-size cookbook. Totally Coffee Cookbook will fill your kitchen with the comforting aroma of freshly baked cookies and muffins, the caffeinated kick of brewing coffee, or the spicy scent of Mexican mole. read more

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